KraveBeauty Is Challenging The Beauty Industry To Take On Hyperconsumerism

Last year, KraveBeauty launched zero products. The lack of releases wasn’t due to pandemic supply chain issues or the beauty equivalent of writer’s block on the part of the skincare brand’s founder Liah Yoo, the YouTuber-turned-entrepreneur....

After Launching At Sephora, Golde Introduces Its Ingestible Products To Mass-Market Shoppers In Target Stores

Last year, as Black Lives Matter protests spread globally in the wake of the killing of George Floyd and the beauty industry grappled with persistent discriminatory practices, engaged couple Trinity Mouzon Wofford’s and Issey Kobori’s ingestible brand

Are Beauty Brands Getting The ROI They Want From Digital Advertising?

In this edition of Beauty Independent’s ongoing series posing questions to beauty entrepreneurs, we ask 26 brand founders and executives: What digital advertising have you tried, and have you gotten the return on investment you expected from it?

Digital Destination Well Defined Wants To Help The Wellness Industry Take Better Care Of Itself

The protracted pandemic has caused even marginally wellness-minded consumers to dive deep into the vast concept looking for support from supplements to boost immunity and face yoga to relieve jaw tension caused by stress-induced clenching. Ironically,...

Move Over Skincare. Incubators Look To Other Categories To Grow Their Portfolios

Skincare, you’ve had a good run. As beauty incubators and investors eye the product landscape, they single out masstige body care, supplements and prestige haircare as big opportunities in 2021. During Beauty Independent’s In Conversation webinar last Wednesday,...