New Anthology Showcases IBE NYC 2018 (Plus Buyer And Consumer Favorites)

And that’s a wrap. After all the boxes were packed, activations dismantled and rugs rolled up, there was only one thing left to do for Indie Beauty Expo New York 2018: Celebrate it. As IBE does with every show, that means memorializing the event in a special digital lookbook, The Anthology of Independent Beauty. The Anthology is available for reading at the link below, but be warned—you’ll be at risk of experiencing some serious FOMO if you were unable to attend either IBE or the BeautyX Capital Summit that preceded it.

Read: The Anthology of Independent Beauty

For four eventful days, emerging brands held the attention and gained the admiration of some of the biggest names in beauty. Carol Hamilton, group president in charge of acquisitions at L’Oréal, spoke at BeautyX Capital Summit to a rapt crowd. Buyers from major retailers such as Macy’s, HSN, Douglas and Neiman Marcus canvassed the floor at IBE. Jane Iredale, godmother of indie beauty, brought her global brand to exhibit side-by-side with passionate innovators exhibiting at their first-ever trade show. Jessica Richards, owner of Shen beauty and head beauty buyer of Free People, even set up a Shen pop-up shop spotlighting IBE-only brands.

It took months to prepare and seemed to go by in flash like a rainbow and glitter rocket that leaves nothing but smiles in its wake. Thankfully, the Anthology offers a taste of it. Elements of it not only capture the feeling and arc of the events, but also include such essential information as full listings of exhibitors, registered retailers and press outlets. There are recaps of the two days of networking and 360-degree curriculum at BeautyX Capital Summit, complete with schedule, followed by a visual retrospective of IBE.

Sea Buck Switzerland Skincare and Shea Terra Organics are ready for their close-up. The Anthology of Independent Beauty is a chance for brands to see their products in a glamorous light.
Sea Buck Switzerland Skincare and Shea Terra Organics are ready for their close-up. The Anthology of Independent Beauty is a chance for brands to show off their products in a glamorous light.

Best, the layout of the Anthology lends itself to a presentation of content free from the rigidity of web pages. Excerpts from Beauty Independent’s trend report, The Biggest Trends From Indie Beauty Expo 2018, flow into featured presentations of select Anthology brands: Ducalm, Elaine Sterling Skincare, Elate Cosmetics, Enfusia, Jane Iredale, Luk Beautifood, OrganiCup, Sea Buck Skincare Switzerland, Shea Terra Organics, Sunia K. Authentiques, Victorialand Beauty and When Beauty. 

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Congratulations are in order as well. At the end of each expo, the IBE team solicits feedback from attendees. The team then painstakingly sifts through the info to produce two critical lists: The top brands among buyers and the top brands in the eyes of consumers. These belles of the ball are bellwethers for an entire industry. We are proud to announce them here and in the Anthology.

Ten buyer favorite brands:

Elate Cosmetics

Honey Belle


Innersense Organic Beauty

Moon Bath




Saint Cosmetics

Terra Beauty Bars

Ten consumer favorite brands:

18.21 Man Made

Au Naturale Cosmetics

Ayuna Less Is Beauty

Babo Botanicals

Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics

Honey Belle

Innersense Organic Beauty

Luk Beautifood

Undefined Beauty