About The Beacon Awards

  • Inspiration

    Group 3
    A beacon is a symbol of possibility, revealing the edges of how far one could go, but daring us to surpass it.
  • What are the
    Beacon Awards?

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    The Beauty Independent Beacon Awards recognize and celebrate those outstanding individuals and organizations who have pushed the beauty industry into uncharted waters, who have set the standard for excellence, and who have demonstrated an unrelenting spirit for innovation. Through Beauty Independent, we seek to bring awareness to the accomplishments of independent beauty entrepreneurs, and through the Beacon Awards we seek to honor their invaluable contributions to the beauty industry.
  • What does it
    mean to win?

    Group 3
    When one sees a beacon, one sees that someone has come before them, has braved the uncharted territory, and now has lit the way for those who follow. To win a Beacon Award is to become a reference against which others can measure their progress. Through commitment to excellence, outstanding innovation, consistency in performance and courage to challenge the norm, these recipients deserve a spotlight.
  • How are winners

    Group 3
    The Beacon Awards leverages the expertise of the Beauty Independent editorial team to determine the most relevant categories, and nominate the individuals and brands that are truly representative of the innovation, diversity and excellence in independent beauty. The nominees are then evaluated by five expert committees, each focused on a specific category. Each expert committee is composed of five independent industry experts who are assigned based on their knowledge and specific skill sets. No expert will be evaluating a category in which they have a pre-existing business relationship with any of the nominees. The Beacon Awards also take into account the insights of the Beauty Independent subscriber community whose support is essential to our success. Beauty Independent paid subscribers can submit testimonials and make their voice heard to the expert committee as part of the decision-making process. This multi-modal approach of the Beauty Independent editorial team, the committee of experts, and the Beauty Independent community assure that Beacon Award winners are chosen by a group with the foremost expertise and a diverse array of perspectives.
  • Who is chosen for the
    expert committee?

    Group 3
    We have gathered the expertise of the foremost investors, retailers, brand founders, editors, and influencers as knowledgeable, unbiased, intellectually honest experts who can fairly and objectively evaluate the nominees.