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Bridge Mentorship is a structured professional development program that connects beauty and wellness entrepreneurs to recognized industry experts, leveraging their know-how and connections to accelerate meaningful personal and business growth.

Bridge Mentorship is a 6-month accelerator program aimed at helping qualified emerging growth brands become “funding ready”, a critical step in a brand’s growth path. Designed, developed, and delivered alongside True Beauty Ventures (TBV), a beauty and wellness focused investor, the program is based on a structured curriculum that provides targeted coaching and feedback via one-on-one and group learning sessions. Participants also gain access to TBV’s extensive ecosystem, which includes trusted service providers, industry thought leaders, media connections and subject matter experts.


Each year, six brands will be selected to participate in the Bridge Mentorship program. Brands will be divided into two cohorts of three. The first cohort will complete the program in the first half of each calendar year (January to June), and the second cohort will complete the program in the second half of each calendar year (July – December). The curriculum will generally touch on multiple topics and focus areas that TBV believes are important to prepare beauty and wellness brands for institutional investment, including (but not limited to) brand positioning, distribution, marketing, product assortment, and organization.

Each cohort will participate in a step-by-step process which includes:

  1. Strategic Analysis – A top-down assessment of the business with a focus on key business pain points
  2. Goal Setting – Prioritizing areas of focus and establishing clear goals moving forward
  3. Action Planning – Developing a concrete plan of action with KPIs to achieve goals
  4. Monitoring – Regular ongoing contact to review progress and address any new issues

At the completion of their program, each cohort will be required to participate in a group webinar with TBV, to be hosted and moderated by Beauty Independent, and share their experience and key learnings with the broader community. Beauty Independent will also publish an article summarizing the webinar, providing participating brands with additional recognition.


Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Based in the U.S. (at this time the program is not open to non-US brands)
  2. Formally launched and on the market for ≥6 months
  3. Generated annualized sales of ≥$250,000
  4. Have marketed products in any of the following categories: fragrance, hair, makeup, nail, personal care, skincare, or wellness

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the program structured?

    Twice a year, a cohort of three brands will be selected for a 6-month mentorship program. The mentorship program for the first cohort will begin and end in the first half (“1H”) of each calendar year (Jan - Jun). The mentorship program for the second cohort will begin and end in the second half (“2H”) of each calendar year (Jul - Dec).
  • What are the requirements for a brand to join the Bridge program?

    Applicants must meet the following requirements:
    • Based in the U.S. (at this time the program is not open to non-US brands)
    • Formally launched and on the market for >6 months
    • Generated annualized sales of >$250,000
    • Have marketed products in any of the following categories: fragrance, hair, makeup, nail, personal care, skincare, wellness or tools, and accessories
  • When can I apply?

    Applications for the 1H 2022 cohort open on November 15 and close on December 1. Applications for the second half of 2022 (2H 2022) open on May 15 and close on June 1. Brands must complete the application form to be considered for the program.
  • When will the candidates accepted into each cohort be announced?

    Applications for the 1H 2022 cohort will be notified in mid-December as to whether or not they have been selected. Brands selected for the 1H 2022 will be announced publicly in early January 2022. Applications for the 2H 2022 cohort will be notified in mid-June as to whether or not they have been selected. Brands selected for the 2H 2022 will be announced publicly in early July 2022.
  • Will there be travel required?

    At present, the program is executed entirely remotely using video conferencing. In the future, and depending on the pandemic environment, in-person meetings may be considered.
  • Is there a cost to apply or to participate?

    There is no cost to apply. All coursework material and time with experts will be provided at no charge to participants. Participants, however, will be required to cover their own costs to attend sessions (e.g. telephone or video conferencing charges) and, should at any point travel be required as part of the program, cover the cost of their own travel, lodging and meals.
  • When will this program be opened to non-US brands?

    At present, there are no plans to open the program to non-US brands in 2022. However, program parameters will be revisited every year and this may change for 2023.

Applications for the first cohort of 2022 are now closed

Stay tuned as we announce the selected brands in early January.

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    From The Founder

    "When I launched Nette in December 2020, I didn’t know how much I didn’t know. Building a brand is one of the greatest (and most rewarding) challenges of my life, and I quickly realized that if I was going to give myself the best chance of succeeding on the scale I envision for Nette, I needed to surround myself with smart, experienced people and advisors that could help guide and nurture the brand alongside me. I can’t think of better partners, mentors, and teachers than the amazing team at True Beauty Ventures. I’ve been keeping in touch with them and following their work for months, so the Bridge Mentorship program was incredibly exciting to me. I can’t wait to get started." Carol Pyle, Founder & CEO

    About The Brand

    Nette is one of the first brands in the luxury home fragrance category with a strong focus on transparency, clean formulations, and sustainable practices. They work with the top master perfumers at leading fragrance house IFF to custom formulate each scent with green chemistry and sustainability top of mind. In an effort to drive home their belief in transparency, they publish 100% of the ingredients in their formulas and make their sustainability data public. Their packaging is both incredibly luxurious and sustainable; it is made of old shoeboxes and shoe parts with plant-based ink used for printing. They also implement handmade vessels that are meant to be kept, reused, and loved. In their first year, they won industry awards from ELLE magazine and Harper's Bazaar UK for their sustainability efforts and have been featured multiple times in Vogue, The Cut, Glamour, Marie Claire, The Evening Standard, and more. Their mission is to help people Take Good Care™, and they believe that everyone deserves to be able to relax into their rituals and the tools that accompany them, knowing that they have been created with the utmost care.

    Learn more at nettenyc.com/

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    From The Founder

    "I am excited to be in the Bridge Mentorship program and learn from industry experts to help Nopalera accelerate its rapid growth. There are many great founders and ideas out there but many lack the resources to help propel them to the next level of growth. I am confident this incredible and intimate opportunity will create long lasting relationships that will not only serve my brand but my entire community." Sandra Velasquez, Founder

    About The Brand

    Nopalera is paving the way for high end Latina bath and body products in the marketplace. They are changing the cultural perception of the value of Latino products in the beauty space through gorgeous branding and positioning. Nopalera is different from its fellow Latinx competitors because they have intentionally built a culture brand that sells products instead of being a skincare company that leans on its ingredients. They’re committed to making high-end products with clean ingredients and celebrating natural beauty and resilience wherever they find it.

    Learn more at nopalera.co/

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    From The Founder

    "I'm so excited to be selected into this program! At Youthforia, we're really trying to innovate by being the first to create fossil fuel free makeup products that act like skincare - as well as creating products that don't currently exist on the market. As a first time beauty founder, I'm really excited to learn from TBV's expertise in the field, especially as we are gearing up for growth in 2022 as well as extending our products." Fiona Chan, CEO

    About The Brand

    What differentiates Youthforia from other beauty brands is that they invent completely new concepts, their customer base trusts the formulations (so much so that non-makeup buyers are now sleeping in their BYO Blush),  they have a captive audience waiting for them to launch additional replenishable products, and they're able to penetrate across several age demographics. Their core demographic is Gen Z who's active on TikTok and surprisingly, baby boomers who love their formulas for their mature skin and still love the youthful branding. They're also leading the sustainability push of not using fossil fuels in their formulas and adopting Green Chemistry principles.

    Learn more at www.youthforia.co