Can Beauty Move The Future Forward? A Cosmic Guide For January 2021

At the beginning of 2020, our top goals seemed aligned. We had set expectations for the year. Then, it was nothing like we expected. The main themes of 2020 were disruptive awakenings and extensive limitations. Increasingly, our understanding of time became distorted. Our senses became attuned to large events outside of ourselves. The importance of the digital world was emphasized, often to the detriment of the beauty community that relies on physicality. It has been a trying period for entrepreneurs who have continuously proven they can innovate. In this new era, science, virtual technology and remote communication will be compelling signifiers of what’s to come. As entrepreneurs, there are important questions ahead. How can healing and creating beauty evolve for what is needed? Can beauty move the future forward? As we seek answers, I invite you to look into the stars and the beauty within you. 

Important Dates:

Dec 21 – Winter Solstice sun moves into Capricorn
Duality can bring clarity. Areas of long term objectives can be realized.

Dec 21 – Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius (0°)
A dawn of a new era with expansive intellectual properties. Prepare an outline or preliminary stages of 2021 brand growth plan that involves system updates, technology and network expansion.

Dec 29 – Full Moon in Cancer
Observe and nurture the culmination of all your accomplishments.

Jan 06 – Mars moves into Taurus
Take action in resources/financial movements 

Jan 08 – Venus moves into Capricorn
Give prestige to your beauty and creativity.

Jan 08 – Mercury moves into Aquarius
Strategize your brand’s future expansion.

Jan 13 – New Moon in Capricorn
Set high level intentions.

A dream opportunity awaits

2020 provoked your sense of urgency and energy in personal resources. Aries, you made some moves this year, quite literally so. In fact, you and your fellow Aries may have experienced changes in finance, home/place and material values. Your forward-thinking perception will come into play in the coming year. Working on your social media presence and networking will be critical throughout 2021 and understanding how to grow concretely will have special meaning. Learn how to be your own PR. Find energetic vitality in building a creative and strategic foundation. In January, your emboldened self-image is sure to make an impression in social networking. Spend the rest of the month putting more action into funding and budgeting. Ultimately, your task will be bravely answering, “How does this benefit all?” 

An urge for a groundbreaking future

While all Taureans have been going through a radical change in personal self-image over the years, 2020 was undoubtedly a reckoning. Now until mid-January, you might feel you’re regressing backwards in some ways, but prepare for a gear shift toward the second half of the month as there will be more electric momentum. Change can certainly be uneasy and destabilizing, but also necessary as you will be able to find energy to execute more persistence and domination in your immediate surroundings. Expanding and solidifying your executive role will be a theme throughout the year and will be the focus of your attention. If you find yourself unable to utilize your usual creative expression, the love and camaraderie you cultivate within your core team will have more rewarding benefits.  

A new world beyond imagination

The end of 2020 marks an important reset in your partnerships, dear Gemini. Make time for one-on-one meetings in early January to carry over creative strategies from last year and see if they stir up more hidden resources and ideas to exhilarate your brand’s finances. 2020 proved to be a lesson in managing other people’s resources and regenerating your brand’s influential legacy, which will remain priorities in January. Much of the theme of 2021 will be expanding your philosophical boundaries. It would be good to take online classes or to seek knowledge from international associations or tech companies. Practice patience within your core team. New levels of wisdom are achievable this year as you embrace more imagination and karmic lessons as a leader. 

A passage toward generational influence

The end of 2020 through the beginning of the new year will be a time of recalibrating staff members and recuperation of the health of your brand, dear Cancer. This past year was a challenging period to your adversaries while also a test of your brand’s legacy. Lessons from the year will extend into 2021, and there is an expansive opportunity to emerge as a more mature and transformed entity. Much of this metamorphosis will involve technological advancements. By taking action in executing societal values and aspirations into your platform, 2021 can bring hope in creative strategy and revitalizing your partnerships. Online congregations will continue to be a theme as international barriers seemingly dissolve. Instead of protecting past conventions, be prepared to nurture this new era. 

A newfound relationship with the future

You’ve focused a lot of energy soul-searching this year, dear Leo. As you enter 2021, be conscious to receive a new sense of inspired romance in your work. Take a spiritual retreat if your schedule allows. 2021 is the year that your relationship with technology goes through enthusiastic growth. Applying the lessons of how 2020 impacted your specialized role in your job sector will help carry you on through the year. In mid-January, you may assume a more action-oriented executive position and pick up where you left off last year with your fellow co-workers. Sustaining resourceful leadership while building public-facing innovation and mindfulness of personal partnerships may have you feeling stuck in a corner, but channeling your creativity and awareness of a higher transcendence will help navigate you during this strong period of development. Execute with great authority.  

A path of philosophic vision

2020 saw a maturity in the creativity of your brand, dear Virgo. As you settle into 2021, you may be getting acquainted with a new work family, albeit remotely. While it may feel maddening at times not appearing to apply as much intensive physical labor, your mental inner workings will certainly be busy during this coming year. 2021 will influence your brand’s public image and reflect more of your core team values. Pay attention to the ebbs and flows in service technology and artificial intelligence, which will be integral in the technical side of your responsibilities. Apply extra attention to your brand’s health and customer base as you embrace more inspired ways of communication during the month of January and continue to bring more imagination into your partnerships. Harnessing your originality will be key.

A world you protect and the world you create

As 2021 begins, you may be inclined to make peace with the rigid tests of 2020, dear Libra. Really take the time to celebrate and recognize all the accomplishments of your team both small and large. The hard lessons that impacted your work family have ultimately strengthened your leadership skills, even though it may have felt like being a rock in a hard place. Fortunately, much of the inner tension felt throughout 2020 will be released into more harmonious avenues that will benefit your personal creativity. The upcoming year will reveal further lessons on how to structure your high enthusiasm into resourceful ingenuity. Use the end of the year to take proactive actions with existing partnerships and reflect on how you’ve nurtured your role as an entrepreneur with a social charisma that transcends borders.  

A start of a new foundation

Your communication style and brand intelligence became more sophisticated in 2020, dear Scorpio. In the coming year, you will move into growing and nurturing your brand’s foundational message and digital following. An alignment with diverse partnerships comes into focus, which will help to expand and reinforce the core backbone of your brand. Renewal in resources received from the year’s end like an updated service or product will contribute to your creative strategy in January. Plan the introduction of a new website design or initiation of remote team member hires. 2021 will ultimately have a transformative effect on your creative leadership. Be conscious how self-image, team values and personal working relationships can all work in tandem.

A stronger voice for the times

You are entering 2021 with a reborn spirit, dear Sagittarius. The year will begin with a new technology vocabulary as connecting virtually continues to trend. While this may feel like a period of growing pains in terms of brand communication, the opportunity to learn from technology has never been more apropos. Responsibilities in this era of your brand will concentrate on perfecting existing techniques while strategizing resources. Use the remaining days of the year for creative focus before shifting energy toward any services you plan to offer in January. Locking in ideas from your core team can seem elusive at times. Facilitating and encouraging ways to explore your brand’s mission statement and modes of communication can provide a better perspective. 

A year for soulful liberation

After a year of hard earned self-growth, you deserve a pat on the back, dear Capricorn. Projects you have been working on behind the scenes will have more opportunities to become fully realized now. While there are still transformative shifts occurring in your brand identity, 2021 will focus largely on exercising and segmenting digital resources to help your brand expansion. Channel inclusivity and compassion in your messaging with more imaginative methods to sustain both your brand’s image and heartfelt creativity. These strategies can have an elevating effect on your brand’s full potential. The month of January will supply an adrenaline rush of creative activity, so make tactical plans for how you will express ideas of your brand’s future.

A beginning of self-revolution

2021 will be a defining and expansive year for you, dear Aquarius, a year that may lead to an evolution of how you see yourself. 2020 was certainly a defining year, but be ready to notice larger signifiers around you that further emphasize themes of innovation and information science. Make sure your core team discusses ways that your current technology is leveling up to adjust to unforeseen circumstances in 2021. Activate all the inventive ideas that have been subconsciously building up over this year. Networking online will be key in preserving your public legacy. Be sure to set a precedence for how you plan to creatively and strategically represent your brand’s response to new societal values. Many will be looking to you for wisdom. 

A bridging of past and present

2020 astounded us all, but you’ve remained resourceful, dear Pisces. In 2021, your brand’s allure will remain attractive, and the year will mark the beginning of a shift in attention from resources and finances to a communication style that can match the sudden changes of this new era. The end of 2020 may have see an emergence of a larger recognition of your brand image, and creative social networking strategies at the beginning of the year may be a focus. Fortifying projects that are in development with technology capabilities for better forecasting will be a theme throughout 2021. How does your brand envision harmonizing scientific advancement and a threatened ecology? Will charitable giving be a continued trend? Perhaps it’s your brand that will be closer to healing the past for a better future.

Meina Naeymirad is The Beauty Astrologer. Melding her experience in the beauty industry and passion for astrology, Naeymirad is creating a space of exploration to discover the beauty of the cosmos around us. Her monthly column is crafted specifically to guide entrepreneurs, and help them decipher and harness cosmic cues to better understand their paths forward.