A Cosmic Guide To December 2021: Horoscopes For Beauty Entrepreneurs

Sagittarius season brings a glimmer of hope. While 2021 has been a mixed bag of highs and lows, use the last month of the year to channel what you wish to come in the upcoming year. December begins with a new moon solar eclipse, a chance to establish better faith in ourselves and voice our truths. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, goes retrograde later this month and for most of January, which may cause us to reprioritize our values and assets within the beauty industry. Boundaries are tested, allowing us to establish a higher standard.

Important Dates:

Nov. 24 – Mercury enters Sagittarius
Don’t wait for permission to be outspoken.

Dec. 1 – Neptune stations direct in Pisces
Welcome fantasy back into your life without getting lost in it.

Dec. 4- New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius
Big dreams start small.

Dec. 13 – Mars enters Sagittarius
A drive for truth causes wanderlust.

Dec. 18 – Full Moon in Gemini
Finish up all remaining tasks before the year’s end.

Dec. 19 – Venus retrogrades in Capricorn
Find beauty within as relationship boundaries are challenged.

Dec. 22 – Winter Solstice/Sun enter Capricorn
Turn your attention to achievements.






Fine-tune your elevator pitch

Adopt a new method this month, Aries. With an influx of to-dos as the year wraps up, it might be difficult to stay on top of tasks. Be open to an alternative approach. Even simple and mundane work can be a positive learning experience. Practice tolerance when faced with differing opinions. Take into account what has worked for you in the past and expand upon it. Abstract ideas become more tangible through communication. Approach a mentor or seek professional guidance to elevate your brand to the next stage. Invest time in public relations opportunities. Venus retrograde sheds light on your professional image in relation to your well-being and image of success.

Broaden your perspective and remain optimistic

The deeper the question, the greater the transformation, Taurus. This month may spark an interest in human psychology. Added awareness and sensitivity can contribute to a movement in sales. Identify frivolous spending as the calendar year closes. Use the first half of December to clear the air of any conflict you may have internally or with business partners. Modify your position if it serves to create cooperation. Your ruling planet of Venus begins its retrograde period and affects your need for expansion. Current limitations may frustrate you and get in the way of your vision from being fully realized. Don’t be deterred. Instead, use this time to lay the groundwork for the future.

Join the team

The keyword this month is cohesion, Gemini. Even if you’ve been working effectively alone these past few weeks, work to integrate your efforts with others. If certain projects are approaching a climax, be mindful of becoming complacent. Seek second opinions when possible. Spirited debates and discussions help to ease the fatigue that comes with the season. If launching a new initiative, insight from previous setbacks will be especially helpful in avoiding future pitfalls. You’ve done much to adapt with unforeseen circumstances, but you’ve also learned control can be an illusion. Venus retrograde allows you to examine your investments. Articulate concern if you feel unsupported. Evaluate, don’t speculate.

Remember to have a healthy mindset

The goal may be to finish the year strong, Cancer, but just try to chip away at the tasks at hand without compromising yourself. Use your inquisitive energy to look into old ideas that can be used on current project initiatives. Territory expansion in sales may spark a work-related travel opportunity. It’s a good time to set standards for your physical and mental health. If anxiety sets in, remind yourself that you are not your thoughts. Practice whatever mindfulness practices you’ve studied over the past year to help you stay grounded. During Venus retrograde, review your brand relationship priorities. What contracts have run their course? Let go of what no longer serves you.

Retain faith in your philosophy

You can’t contain a free spirit, Leo. Embrace your need for self-expression this year. The end of the year can make one feel all types of ways, but don’t hold back your true emotions. You may become aware of how many feel the same. What has been working creatively in your professional life? What hasn’t been working? Stretch your playful mind. Communicate newfound philosophies. Research charities. Give back even if you don’t expect a lot in return. Much work can be accomplished from home, but, during the second half of December, it may be harder to maintain discipline. Venus retrograde calls for a detox from work stress. Reflect on how your brand can help create a routine for a healthy mind and body.

Understand your growth

Listen to your inner child this month, Virgo. Understand how early influences can affect the ways we cope and interpret our surroundings. Make your home a cozy retreat. Healing can be a private practice. Discuss matters important to you with your immediate circle. Consider another viewpoint. Take in what you’ve learned from past misunderstandings and be clear with your stances. If certain projects are taking a long time to get off the ground, use the next three months to fortify plans. Avoid unproductive cycles. Align with joint projects that fulfill you. Work with what you can as you process mental hurdles. Venus retrograde is an opportunity to balance energy between creative projects and social play. Schedule time for both.

Take stock of the grand and simple

Sometimes we can take our daily routine for granted, Libra. As 2021 concludes, you may start to consider straightforward day-to-day activities more. Casual conversations can lead to profound ideas this month. People close to you may help you understand what you need to see for yourself. If anything has been unclear in your communication, it’s time say what’s on your mind. The holidays can affect our sense of time, but try not to feel rushed into making decisions. Avoid impulse purchases or drastic workplace changes if possible. Your ruling planet Venus retrogrades this month. Assess professional structures and the maturity of your brand. Polish up team dynamics.

Value good language

What possessions spark joy, Scorpio? You may be exploring how physical materials carry a spiritual weight this month. Some are meant to share with loved ones, others are meant just for you. Make the most out of what you have, especially during a holiday period of high spending. Extend your resources to those in need when you can. Try not to cloud yourself with anything that doesn’t serve you creatively. Most of the month allows you to work independently from external decisions. Fight for your interests when it matters. Remain true to your beliefs without pushing them onto others. Venus retrograde is a review of professional communication. Words of kindness can go far.

Rely on your innate knowledge

It’s your birthday and you should be as loud as you want to, Sagittarius! There’s a solar eclipse in your sign this month, a signal that should prompt you to ask yourself, what if everything were on your terms? How would things be different? How do you initiate positive action? Start with words you believe in. The word “karma” is a Sanskrit term for action and a tool for personal development. We all have our own cycle. You can get much accomplished now if you are focused. Find an outlet for your physical energy. Be creative with your living space so it enlightens you. You’ve learned about the value of saving up for rainy days. You’ve also learned the value of pleasure. During Venus retrograde, focus on prioritizing those values.

You owe it to yourself

You feel compelled to explore yourself at a gut level, Capricorn. As you await your birthday season, it’s a good time to see what conditioned behaviors you’ve grown out of in your professional life. You’ve gained the ability to recognize patterns and notice mixed messages you might have sent. Confiding in someone you trust can be cathartic. If you’re comfortable with your truth, keep conversations open. Do research. Make time for yourself. Keep a dream journal. Independent projects or meditation practices can benefit you greatly at this time. Learn to be more conscious of your self-defeating acts. With Venus retrograde in your sign, put your needs on top and give back to yourself. Self-love is self-care.

Cultivate your ideal network

Aim for group effort this month, Aquarius. You’ve spent much of your time working alone and understanding what best works for you. Now, acknowledge your goals as a reflection of your ideals for the future and start to coordinate this with others. You can’t address every fire on your own. Establish roles and accountability in a group. Reach out for assistance where you need it. Friends can play an important part in giving you emotional support. Talk it out. Engage in social discourse. You might take some inspiration from someone junior to you. During Venus retrograde, consider giving back to the community. Sometimes when we try to answer how we satisfy our inner self, the best way can be by helping those in need.

Enlarge your life

Let yourself feel the urge to gas yourself up this month, Pisces. You’ve most likely earned it. As your brand receives more public attention, be sure to not skip over important phases of development. Sort out any legalities. Be authoritative in your decision-making. Communication will be important, especially with invested public relations. The end of the year can be a critical stage, and you’re sure to be very busy during the holiday season. While you may feel tested at times, try not to get so caught up with work that you can’t find moments of joy. Have more empathy with the people you work with. Venus retrograde allows you to recognize the capacity you have to give. Save your energy for the ones who matter most to you.

Meina Naeymirad is The Beauty Astrologer. Melding her experience in the beauty industry and passion for astrology, Naeymirad is creating a space of exploration to discover the beauty of the cosmos around us. Her monthly column is crafted specifically for entrepreneurs to help them decipher and harness cosmic cues to better understand their paths forward.