A Cosmic Guide To September 2021: Horoscopes For Beauty Entrepreneurs

Virgo season highlights our health, hygiene and routine. However, with so many unsolicited opinions circulating, it may be hard to stave off the confusion and fatigue this month brings. Luckily, there remains a collective initiative to seek balance and engage in diplomatic exchanges as societal and environmental ailments seem to have no clear ends. Education is essential to our growth. The knowledge that helps to enhance our relationships with our bodies can be instrumental in inspiring practical solutions. Beauty and wellness entrepreneurs are not only educators, but stewards of science and natural remedies. This month, stay critical of misinformation while being open to teach others proven truths.

Important Dates:

Aug. 30 – Mercury enters Libra
Beautiful words can bring much needed peace.

Sept. 6 – New Moon in Virgo
Analyze the healthy routines you wish to adopt.

Sept. 10 – Venus enters Scorpio
Deeper subjects that provoke others may rise above the surface.

Sept. 14 – Mars enters Libra
The struggle of resistance can leave us exhausted.

Sept. 20 – Full Moon in Pisces
Emphasize the importance of meditation and spiritual health.

Sept. 22 – Sun enters Libra/Autumn Equinox
Seek to harmonize with yourself and others.






New Development

You’ve grown in ways you might not realize, Aries. This month, it’s imperative to acknowledge that even small progress is still progress. While it may be difficult to escape the noise of the world, it’s best to stick to your list of tasks as best as you can, and delve more into your work. It’s a good time to scale your ultimate career ambitions. Take notes on what needs editing or clarification. Diffusing conflict will make negotiations bode well for you as you’re able to see things with more objectivity and less ego. Personal and professional relationships are favored overall this month, especially with women. You might be attracted to innovative or unconventional ingredients from these interactions, sparking new activity in your customer base.

Feasible goals

Don’t dismiss your creative pursuits this month, Taurus. Ideas come from conversations with friends, networking and even your dreams. You feel lighter as you find healing through play and physical activity. The progress of projects can be deduced now with better hindsight. Move forward with what’s working and leave behind what isn’t. Practicality takes precedence. Your mind becomes enriched from what you learn, even if it’s not your intention to discover something novel. Discussions about health and how it intersects with your brand can occur. There may be an ignition of the will to express yourself with loud declaration. Be willing to reach resolution as your interpersonal relationships go through a metamorphosis.

practical foundationS

This month asks for a personal touch that only you can deliver, Gemini. As you evaluate consequences of past decisions, your work family requires more of your attention. Fortifying material structures is a particular focus. In order for a desired outcome to occur, something may have to give. You can accomplish a great deal this month, but you could be tested along the way. While the process may create some irritation, the second half of the month leads to better compromise. Your mental agility is noticeably sharper. Be sure that your sense of humor doesn’t come across as insensitive. You may wish to channel your energy to pursue research, perhaps involving social issues or human relations. Seek authenticity instead of hyperbole.

CONSCIOUS Compartmentalization 

Clear away the unnecessary chatter, Cancer. This month, you may find yourself surrounded by many opinionated and seemingly nit-picking voices trying to inform your creative viewpoint. Though you’re in the position to accomplish quite a few feats for your brand, it’ll take some fine-tuning and controlling the urge to engage in battles of wit, especially in male-dominated spaces. It can be a moment to learn from a different belief system, even if you don’t agree with it fully. Withdrawal periods should not be seen as a sign of defeat, but rather a way to release tension and gain equilibrium. There is beauty in giving yourself privacy. Parse through wounds of the past that block your ability to be present. You deserve fairness and stability.


The support of your followers through thick and thin is immeasurable, Leo. Your birthday season may have ended, but social engagements and fortuitous discussions continue to stimulate you. The people around you can be good resources and may provide the help you need. Don’t hesitate to reach out as important conversations may come into your inbox. Though your tone may seem aggressive to some, others take notice and admire your honesty. Bargaining is in your favor as you take greater control of what you value. It’s a propitious time to get your assets in order. Attention to making your home a sanctuary allows you to find peace even if the rest of your daily schedule remains busy. Above all else, your well-being is a nonnegotiable.


Happy birthday Virgo! One should not doubt what you can accomplish with this cosmic energy. Even if you’ve been fatigued these days, there is a good sense of urgency that keeps tugging at you to create something new and take uncharacteristic risks, especially in the first half of the month. Fully step into your glamorous self. Avoid stagnation and prolonged screen time because it’s time to make moves. Use your intelligence to see through deception and have less fear in your self-assertiveness. Refine your physical brand identity, and reflect on your healthy growth in confidence. Feel free to be frank in your conversations if communication has seemed vague. Service your needs first and foremost. Unearth beauty where others take it for granted.


September is a month to get your point across, Libra. You’ve done much to evaluate past behavioral  patterns and embrace the merits of unconventional wisdom. Perhaps you’ve realized there are areas you’ve been unconsciously neglecting. Now, with increased awareness, you can recognize when you’re being self-defeatist. Take the time to get to the heart of the matter as superficiality concerns you less. Your objective is not to dominate group conversations, but to better facilitate ideas. It might feel like you’re jumping from one mental hoop after another, so make time to travel before summer’s end, even short distances. It’s a great time to make smart investments for yourself and your brand as you approach your own birthday season. A new cycle awaits you.

friendship Maturity 

As much as you should recognize your incredible efforts, Scorpio, we often don’t get to where we are alone. This month is about honoring all of the relationships we’ve made along our entrepreneurial journey. Highlight your professional friendships as your association with others affirms who you are as a leader. You’ve had many revelations over the past year. How will you live up to your own ideals for your brand? You don’t necessarily need to have all the answers, but group discussions can help to crystalize your goals. Any group projects will showcase your effectiveness. It’s a superb time to immerse yourself in research as well as becoming involved in charitable organizations. Coordinating and compromising with others paves the road ahead.

A culmination of leadership

Opportunities to be in the public eye arise this month, Sagittarius. You may be called on to direct an initiative or project based on your expertise. If you’re a parent, this period may highlight your identity as a caregiver. It’s important to be honest with yourself regarding your capacity to provide for others. Certain circumstances can make you feel like energies are working against you when it’s more likely that you’re misreading the motives of colleagues. Be clear with your expectations as you delineate between your goals and goals imposed upon you. It’s important not to skip key development phases. While you may not receive immediate gratification, your efforts now will reap rewards in the future.

obstacle CLEARING

Let yourself explore the possibilities this month, Capricorn. As you continue to come across people of different backgrounds, your business philosophies and thoughts on society at large expand. Any educational undertakings are highly favored, especially if they have a practical application to your work and technique. They may involve areas of law and government regulations. Uncertainties still linger, but you’re able to regulate your stress levels. Check in with your team on company targets in case there’s a need to pivot such as rethinking an ad campaign or certain messaging. Align interests to allow everyone to work both independently and harmoniously. With a strong momentum to achieve, you’re in the position to advance forward.

New growth

Be open to regenerative transformation, Aquarius. This month enhances you creatively and allows you to make the most with what you have. Stay organized as reviewing finances and shared resources can take up most of your time. While there may be ideological conflicts with colleagues, you’ll have the willingness to work through it by clarifying intentions. Try not to force your beliefs onto others. It can be a time to expose yourself to new experiences and come away with intellectually stimulating ideas. Any design work or PR negotiations are highly favored later in the month. Changes that occur may not all be visible. Be sure to check in with yourself every now and then, and recharge when you need to.

Active affirmations

Business partnerships receive more attention this month, Pisces. If you were able to attend to your personal needs last month, one-on-one relationships should bode well in September. Seek advice from outside consultants when creative goals don’t seem to line up. The advice can be very helpful as you examine your position more thoroughly. Recall initiatives that began last year. Compare progress from then to six months ago and the present. What’s changed? If you were able to face challenges successfully, celebrate your advances. If not, praise your ability to experiment, and learn from it. Energy levels may be running low these days, but your supporters can show you the silver lining. Stay on the path you’re walking on.

Meina Naeymirad is The Beauty Astrologer. Melding her experience in the beauty industry and passion for astrology, Naeymirad is creating a space of exploration to discover the beauty of the cosmos around us. Her monthly column is crafted specifically to guide entrepreneurs and help them decipher and harness cosmic cues to better understand their paths forward.