Five Social Media Developments This Week That Had Nothing To Do With Twitter

The news was all atwitter this week about President Donald Trump’s executive order to review federal laws shielding social media companies from liability. It’s unclear whether the executive order will produce real change. Meanwhile, as digital platforms evolve amid the pandemic, there were plenty of other social media developments that didn’t make as many headlines and could produce real change for businesses. Here are five we ran across that brands should check out.


Recent data from Pinterest shows pinners are optimistically planning for the future. The planning marks a change from their activity when the pandemic hit, when they were searching for information on topics such as “pantry recipes” and “how to entertain bored kids” to provide immediate help. Now, they’re interested in travel, summer outfits and events. As they shift, advertisers remain behind. Pinterest asserts they’re looking for inspiration, and companies can supply it. For brands looking to tap into Pinterest’s over 320 million active monthly users, consider joining its Verified Merchant Program. Unsure where to get started? On May 11, the social media network introduced the Pinterest Business Community platform for brands to share success stories and offer advice.



If you’re tired of Zoom, Instagram has introduced an alternative. Its new free video call feature Messenger Rooms has a capacity of up to 50 people and doesn’t have a time limit. Participants in its calls don’t need Facebook or Instagram accounts to join. All they need is a link from the host to join. Later Media demonstrates how to start a Messenger Rooms call and join one here. Additionally, Instagram is testing tools to help video creators to make money, including badges that viewers can purchase during Instagram Live videos and IGTV ads. Learn more via TechCrunch here.


Content has become arguably the most valuable marketing tool of 2020 as people are turning to companies for guidance and relief. To assist businesses with building effective content amid the current crisis, Steve Kearns, a marketing manager at LinkedIn, doles out tips and highlights valuable articles by fellow content marketing experts. Learn more here.

4. Getting Giphy with it

Here’s a surprising fact: Giphy is the second largest search engine in the world by total searches. GIF search engine optimization is a real thing and shouldn’t be ignored. Carrie Rose, co-founder and creative director of SEO agency Rise at Seven, shares insights about Giphy and how to market with it by becoming a verified Giphy brand channelRead more here.


In test mode since April, YouTube has officially rolled out Video Chapters, a feature allowing viewers to easily jump forward to specific sections and rewatch portions of videos. According to TechCrunch, “The feature could even increase user engagement with some videos as viewers won’t get frustrated by having to scroll through parts they don’t want to watch, give up, then exit the video in search of a different one that’s easier to navigate. On the flip side, it could decrease total watch times, as viewers only watch particular sections of videos instead of the video’s full content.” There’s only one way to find out if it lifts engagement or abandonment, test it out. Learn more here.