What Indie Beauty Brand Creators Would Do If They Were In Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding Glam Squad

In this edition of Beauty Independent’s ongoing series posing questions to beauty entrepreneurs, we ask 19 founders and executives: What wedding-day beauty looks or products would you recommend for Meghan Markle or Prince Harry?

Leila Aalam Founder, Beuti Skincare

There has been so much press on Meghan’s hair, and it seems that she often wears it down. I think it would look classy and elegant up in a chignon of some sort. As for her makeup, it always looks natural and classy and, if press reports are anything to go by, she will be doing her own makeup. It is reported that she loves to show her freckles, which I absolutely love.

Her makeup needs staying power on such a big day so she should stick with her favorite foundation by Armani. I would personally opt for a niche fragrance, something a little different or classic, another of her favorites Jo Malone or Floris.

Nails have to be classic and not overdone, which she always adheres to, maybe Essie's pink shade in Ballet Slippers, the Queen’s favorite shade, would suit. Whichever she decides she will look amazing. Of course, she should use Beauty Sleep Elixir as a great pre-wedding night treatment.

Geneva Fong Executive Creative Director, Dome Beauty

Meghan has beautiful features, and I’d love to highlight her eyes for her wedding look. She brings with her a new, modern era to the royal family, and I’d love to bridge that with this modern classical look.

For eyes, start with Amber Legend Diamond Shadow all over the lid and blend well. Next, blend Siena Stone Diamond Shadow on the other corners to create a V shape. This will elongate her eyes a bit for that modern yet classic shadow cat eye. Tap on Chocolate Diamond on the center of the lid for a hint of luminescence. Our Black Out Eyeliner on the top and bottom lash line are great for extra definition.

Finally, blend Black Onyx Diamond Shadow along the top and bottom lash lines to smoke out the look. Apply two coats of Magnetic Mascara to lashes for royally luscious lashes. Cheers to the royal couple.

Ashley Prange Founder, Au Naturale Cosmetics

I imagine Meghan will wear hues of pink lilac in her makeup scheme with focus on the eye and a simple pink lip. Lilac pinks are trend forward for spring and an elegant splash of color for a royal wedding.

Brandi Leifso Founder and CEO, Evio Beauty Group

Meghan Markle follows trends, but breaks protocol. We can expect Markle to do Markle, and that’s what makes her so beautiful. We predict soft, muted tones for the wedding makeup. Meghan, the understated princess-to-be, is incredibly stylish, adding her own spin to hairstyles and trends (see: messy bun done right). I see her doing a soft tone on her skin with a heavy liner and dewy, glowy all around.

Evelyn Iona's natural and organic black mascara would wake up her eyes for the most exciting day of her life, topped off with the silky touch of the Susan lip gloss. We say this because we would dieee to see this rule-breaking, big-hearted and fierce woman wearing our makeup on her big day. Also, we can't wait to see what color she'll have on her lips when she kisses Harry for the first time as an official royal.

Angel del Solar Co-Founder, 18.21 Man Made

For Prince Harry, I would go more tame on the sides of his hair than normal for him, to the point it lays flatter. On the top, I will keep it true to his look, a little more wild using 18.21 Man Made CLAY to thicken the hair with a natural, less shiny look, finishing it with 18.21 hairspray to guarantee the same look all day and in every picture. A clean shave will be a must, some 18.21 Man Made will do the job and give his face moisture and a great scent. I have that day open, and I guarantee a great look, just saying.

Lauren Berkovitz CEO, Lauren B. Beauty

For Meghan Markles’s big day, I predict that she will keep the focus on her natural beauty, her dress and all of the royal details. I would recommend keeping nails shorter, classically-shaped, simple and well-groomed. Sheer, barely-there shades are refreshing and foolproof, and will accentuate her hands and ring nicely. Light pink, sheer colors work perfectly with a pale wedding gown and add a glow that’s clean and chic. You can never go wrong with a light, tender blush pink like my Love polish, Parade of Peonies or Blushing Bridesmaids.

Kristin Voss Owner, K.Voss

I think a lot of makeup actually makes women look worse. Looking and feeling naturally beautiful starts with taking care of your skin, a little something I call, “what I've devoted my life to,” so it's always my recommendation to try go the au natural route. Less is more. Definitely.

I wouldn't want her to overdo it. If you don’t exude beauty from within, no amount of makeup will be able to cover that up. And she totally does! Keep it simple and natural. To me, this is the sexiest and classiest look.

Keeping in mind she's going to be smiling and taking pictures all day, she should have one of my super hydrating lip balms on hand. I would suggest NAKED Macaroon. And, then, for the honeymoon, she should definitely bring our Love Potion... wink wink.

Michelle Ranavat Founder, Ranavat Botanics

In India, we have a beautiful pre-wedding ceremony called the Haldi ritual, where a few days prior to the big day our friends and family gather around to pamper the bride (or groom) with glow-enhancing herbs like turmeric and sandalwood powder. This event is what inspired Ranavat’s Flawless Veil, a modern version of this ancient combination, so you can feel festive and diffuse a beautiful glow long after your wedding day.

On the actual wedding day, our Jasmine Tonique as a setting spray would be the perfect way to seal in her glowy look on the big day. Jasmine possess a great deal of symbolism and meaning to the Indian culture, especially when it comes to love. Jasmine is a natural aphrodisiac and is worn by Indian women looking to attract a lover, or charm an existing one. Jasmine blooms in the evening, which is when love is often most alive and is the perfect way for Meghan to charm Prince Harry.

Lindsay King Founder, House of Linnic

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are a duo of royal elegance. On their special day, I envision them wearing two of our most popular Eau de Parfums from our En Route .01 collection. Meghan wearing one of our most alluring scents, Blanc. Experience notes of jasmine, amber and balsam. This beautiful scent compliments the poise and natural beauty of Meghan so well. It is fresh and warm with an undertone of deep floral notes.

Harry will be dapper as he walks down the aisle wearing Dune. Men and women absolutely love this scent for its exotic and opulent notes. Experience bulgarian rose, lime and patchouli. This rich and subtly spicy scent compliments the undeniable regalness and buoyancy of Harry extremely well.

When the two lovebirds embrace, the parfum will take on a scent of its own. Worn alone, our unisex eau de parfums are amazing, but, when layered, and two become one, the result is truly spectacular such as Meghan and Harry.

Sarah Zimmer Founder, Naya

Meghan is a natural. She clearly prefers keeping her makeup to a minimum so that she shines through, unafraid to show her freckles. When you think about it, freckles make you seem like a galaxy of stars, just waiting to be explored and loved.

We are wondering what Meghan’s bridal beauty skincare treatment is. Does she really need one? Her beauty seems to come from within. It’s so effortless and natural, and there can be no truer beauty than that.

Christinah Nicolaisen Co-Founder, Eleni & Chris

The trend we’re seeing in bridal season is that overly neat updos that take hours to perfect are officially out. This year, brides-to-be are looking for a more effortless and natural look, messy updos, soft curls and romantic braids.

For the royal wedding and, given that Meghan can be quite the royal rule breaker, we expect to see a look that is relaxed, yet still regally polished. A half-up knot with soft waves and accessories to embellish. This is a style with a fine balance of feeling natural, but also reflecting the royal occasion.

For this look, we would recommend incorporating our Pure Treatment Oil to be used in dry hair for brilliant shine that makes your locks come to life on the big day.

Christine C. Koehler Founder, Flora 1761

Harry and Meghan have chosen to break with tradition in many ways with their upcoming nuptials and also being that she has her own, fabulous sense of style, we’d love to see Meghan with a Scotch Thistle manicure on Saturday. It’s elegant and sophisticated, but has much more personality than a typical wedding color. And what a lovely nod to her new homeland! That being said, we’re likely to see something very subtle like Sheer Camellia, which seems to be an unwritten (or perhaps written?) style rule for the family.

Ida-Sofia Koivuniemi Founder and Owner, Evil Queen

I think Meghan would look stunning in a half-up, half-down hairstyle with simple makeup to accent her natural beauty. I feel like she would be a musky/slightly floral scent lover in terms of perfume, something not too girly. But, most importantly, her look should be her own. She shouldn’t feel pressured to be or look like Kate Middleton. I’m ready to see her rock her own style and, hopefully, it includes a gown made by an American designer.

Anne Serrano-McClain Founder, MCMC Fragrances

We would recommend our NOBLE eau de parfum for the royal wedding. We named this fragrance for the noble natural ingredients used: Indian jasmine and smoky Haitian vetiver. The name would serve as a wink to nobility, but, beyond that, the fragrance is perfect for a wedding day. It's subtle and sophisticated and the jasmine absolute is a natural aphrodisiac.

Jessica Blackler Founder, Jecca Makeup

For the much-anticipated wedding, I would recommend Meghan opts for a neutral makeup look, highlighting her natural beauty. This would include her signature daytime smokey eye with a pale pink glossy lip and radiant glowy skin that enhances her natural complexion.

For her hair, I would like to see Meghan wear an elegant updo, much like we have seen her wear time and time again. A classic, side parting, sweeping bun will pair perfectly with a tiara and veil to complete the royal look.

Gautama Swamy Co-Founder, Perfect Locks

Bright, colorful and floral day dresses will be abundant at the royal wedding. Pairing these with a summer hat is a great way for women to complete this look. I think romantic curls would perfectly compliment a fun hat, but, if no hat is worn, add a little flare by creating an intricate updo. Elegant hair clips are timeless and always a plus.

Makeup should be kept natural and simple. Maybe a splash of color on the eyes, but it would probably be best to stay away from bold lip colors. Most importantly, be yourself and enjoy the moment. It will surely be one for the history books.

Randa Fahmy Founder, Makeup America!

The royal wedding has an extra special significance to those of us in the U.S. since Meghan Markle is an American, and we are so proud of her. Since the wedding is scheduled for mid-day, we recommend a subtle makeup look, so as not to draw attention away from the extraordinary event. Makeup America! has a few products that would be perfect for this daytime subtle look: By Dawn’s Early Light Nude Lipstick in cream or matte, Sandy Shores Lip Scrub to prepare your lips, White Stripes nail polish, and Oh Say Can You See clear nail polish. Cheers and congratulations to Meghan and Harry!

Rebecca McKnight Founder, Aromatherapy Mood Shots by Emotiv

My choice of fragrance for the royal wedding this weekend [would] be a feminine and beautiful fragrance full of joyous warmth. [It would be] not just a fragrance, [but] one that also naturally envelops you in the mood-enhancing energy of pure essential oils, something that is sensual and uplifting, yet calming and comforting.

I have the perfect thing. My recommendation is the Aromatherapy Mood Shot Sweet Comfort by Emotiv. Sweet Comfort is just brimming with the steadying warmth of a big hug. The feminine sweetness of the floral notes kissed with precious rose make it a very pretty fragrance to wear as a perfume. Its ethereal aroma [is] enriched by the depth of a resinous heart.

There are three very special ingredients in this Aromatherapy Mood Shot that make it so suitable for such an occasion. Incredibly precious and sensual, rose oil is associated with love for good reason. It takes around fifty whole flower heads to create just one drop of this delicate yet powerful essential oil. Deeply feminine, rose is also known for its nurturing ability to help calm nervous anxiety.

Neroli is one of my personal favorites. Uplifting and gently reassuring, the pretty white blossoms have a hauntingly beautiful aroma that lingers like summer on the breeze. Heavenly! It is in flower now and perfect for a May wedding.

Benzoin brings a sense of steady comfort at emotionally overwhelming times. Its joyous heart offers up a warm sweetness that rounds and softens both mood and aroma. [It’s a] beautifully feminine scent coupled with a calming and reassuring vibe. I would say that combination was a perfect marriage for the royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry this weekend. Wouldn't you?

Melanie Cruickshank Founder, da lish cosmetics

Our products were used on the women in Suits, the TV show Meghan used to act on, since it’s filmed here in Toronto. I don't know what she's using these days, but for the royal wedding I'd suggest BO4 and BO3 bronzer on her cheekbones and a light pink on the apple of her cheeks. Our HO1 highlight will give her that natural glow and EO2 gold metallic eyeshadow for the perfect bronze/neutral lid. Finally, LO1 nude matte long lasting lipstick to last all day with our GO4 berry gloss on top of that perfect hint of colour.

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