How Indie Beauty Brands Are Celebrating Black History Month

In this edition of Beauty Independent’s ongoing series posing questions to beauty entrepreneurs, we ask 10 founders and executives: How is your brand participating in Black History Month?

Yve-Car Momperousse Founder, Kreyol Essence

We celebrate black history and culture daily at Kreyol Essence. Haitian history is black history as Haiti led the first successful slave revolt. Black women are unfortunately ignored and underserved within the clean beauty community, so we make it a point to be inclusive and glorify her through our social content and by providing her clean beauty products that work. Black History Month is great because for one month the country is doing so in unison! 

In honor of Black History Month, we are launching our signature Haitian Black Castor Oils on Ulta before our national launch in all Ulta stores on April 12th. We are proud to be featured in Ulta’s Beauty Without Limits campaign discussing beauty in the black community.

As former director of diversity at Cornell University, I have had the privilege of working closely with the Asian, Latino, LGBTQ, Native American, black and the differently-abled community to be recognized and valued for their contributions. Making sure others are seen is part of my life’s purpose through beauty.

Calvin Quallis CEO and Founder, Scotch Porter

Throughout the month, we will be highlighting current and former inventors, leaders and individuals that inspire us to leave our mark and legacy on the world. Also, Scotch Porter launches in select Target stores, and I’ve been tapped to be featured in the retailer's Black Beyond Measure campaign.

Throughout the month of February, Target is shining a spotlight on products from black-owned businesses that are carried in their stores year-round. The Black Beyond Measure campaign was designed to amplify success stories and celebrate blackness from black entrepreneurs and Target team members.

Lauren Napier Founder, Lauren Napier Beauty

I will be a vendor at the Buzzfeed Shop Black pop-up. It’s a great space to meet other founders and share the brand’s story with people who support and consume beauty products. I will add that Lauren Napier Beauty is black history every day. It’s quite the feat to have bootstrapped a business and become a brand with a global footprint. 

I am proud of the brand’s success. I am my ancestor’s wildest dream, and each day I walk into my office, launch a retail location, respond to a social media direct message or receive a piece of faltering press it makes me beam with pride. I know my family here and beyond are proud. I am honored that Lauren Napier Beauty is recognized for our efforts and achievements.

Psyche Terry Founder and CIO, Urban Hydration

We are excited to partner with J.C. Penney Instyle Salon for Black History Month 2020. We are sold in well over 150 of their salons and stores. We are celebrating the history of African-Americans being entrepreneurs and better makers in the beauty industry. We are supporting great deals and opportunities for customers to shop our brand at their store. You’ll find our brand and our family story throughout the store with display images telling our story all month long. We are proud to be black-owned and family-run, and this is exactly what our partnership with the retailers promotes.

Nicole Hawthorne Owner and Founder, NHCO Botanical Bodycare

All month long, we’re sharing historical photos of African-Americans on our Instagram stories. I’m black, and I think it’s important to celebrate black history at any time, but especially during the month we’ve been so fortunate to have designated.

I think people should see photos that we don’t normally see during Black History Month. It’s not just about celebrating the accomplished, but a rich history in general. Recently, I found out that my great-great grandmother was born into slavery, and interviewed in the 1930s as an ex-slave at 90 years old, which has been documented at the Library of Congress. It’s amazing to see my own documented lineage, and it really reinforces gratefulness for the many privileges I enjoy today.

JULISSA PRADO Founder and CEO, Rizos Curls

We are participating in several different events and partnering with different organizations to celebrate black history and bring diversity awareness. Some of the things we are doing are sponsoring events or workshops such as a diversity through hair workshop we are sponsoring at a college in New York.  

Also, we have a large percentage of customers who are Afro-Latina, who identify as both black and Latina, and we are highlighting Afro-Latina leaders and founders on social media. This is something which we have now done annually, and it’s important to highlight this community, which has been marginalized.

MELINDA HERRON Founder, 103 Collection

Being a black-owned brand really makes us proud to share our story with the world. All month, we will be sharing some of our stories with our followers about our journey and how we are so excited to celebrate five years in the beauty industry. We will also be highlighting other black-owned businesses we've partnered with and share why it's important to continue to support small business.

Danielle Gronich Co-Founder, CLEARstem Skincare

We wrote an in-depth blog post specifically for darker skin tones and how to avoid scarring, discoloration and acne. You can find it here.

Akilah Releford Founder and CEO, Mary Louise Cosmetics

We will be at the Tinder headquarters in Los Angeles showcasing our products along with other black-owned brands.

Jamika Martin Founder, Rosen Skincare

We've partnered with Range Beauty and Black Girl Sunscreen to highlight Black female founders in the beauty space. Additionally, we did a shoot with two of our customers to highlight the skincare journey and experiences of black women.

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