How Indie Beauty Brands Predict They’ll Do This Holiday Season

Earlier this month, we prodded beauty analysts and investors for holiday sales forecasts. They expressed optimism laced with concern about the state of the economy and the appetite for spending. “The season may be healthy, but not all ships will rise as consumers become increasingly discerning,” said Manola Soler, senior director in the consumer and retail group at consulting firm Alvarez & Marsal.

Now, we turn to beauty executives and entrepreneurs whose businesses depend on productive fourth quarters. For this edition of our ongoing series posing questions relevant to indie beauty, we asked 44 of them the following questions: What’s your brand’s forecast for the holiday season? What product of yours do you think will be the most popular holiday gift?

Asher Hardt Director Of Operations, Skin Gym

We are expecting to see revenue increase by ~200% for the months leading up to holiday. This is based on some historical data. We don’t anticipate there being a letdown in customer demand this holiday.

We are especially excited about our offerings at Ulta during the holiday season. We expect our LED tools, our WrinkLit LED mask and ZitLit LED Acne Fighting Stick to do quite well during Q4. We have a very exciting sale offering for Black Friday at Ulta: 30% off the in-store assortment, and Cyber Monday will be 30% off the entire brand on dot-com.

We expect this sale to boost our sales at Ulta, with our WrinkLit LED mask leading the way and our Cryo Chill Ice Beaded Face Mask a close second. I personally love the Cryo Chill Ice Beaded Face Mask. It’s like doing a cold plunge, but for your face only.

Julian Addo Founder and CEO, Adwoa Beauty

We plan to 3X to 4X our sales this holiday season with our two newest and most popular products, our Melonberry Hair Milk and Smoothing Gel. We've put together a really cute holiday kit with a new hot accessory that’s perfect for the festive season as a plus. We're excited to debut it in a few weeks.

Stephanie G-M Founder and CEO, Ouli's Ointment

We are looking to 3X our sales from last season. Our bestsellers over the holidays are our balms, multiuse oil and candle. We have expanded our candle range this year.

I'm looking to do more in-person events and see that having a price range for stocking stuffers to full gifting bundle with free holiday wrapping is a great upsell for customers.

I'm also going to be adding products by other female founders on our site. It's a little pivot to help ourselves and other brand founders through the holidays.

Kate Assaraf Founder, Dip

Dip is going into the holiday season feeling very strong. This year, we are in more than double the doors we were in last year, so we hope to at least double last year's sales. Dip is still a very young company and will only be two years old at the end of October 2023, but, if the last two holiday seasons taught us anything, it's that giftability is one of Dip's strongest assets.

Our Double Dip bundle in Coconut & Almond is hands down our most popular item, and in the spirit of Small Business Saturday on November 25th, we hope that our customers shop in person in the boutiques, salons, zero waste stores and surf shops that carry our products and make their communities cool rather than online.

Beauty Independent has written so much about indie retailers closing. It’s Dip's mission to encourage people to shop for our products in person. That way they can get to know their local store owners and learn why they invested in Dip's product line and put it on their shelves.

Jeff Lee Co-Founder and CEO, DIBS

We expect this holiday to be another strong one for DIBS, despite the uncertainty in the broader retail environment. Our customers are buying smarter—looking for more functions and value in the products they choose. That's why we expect our Duos and Duets, which offer multiple blush/bronzer colors and functions in one package, to continue to outperform.

Our Duo Brush 15, which attracted a 58,000-plus waitlist, is still an explosive seller, and the keystone to our holiday strategy. The brush pairs a cream side with a power head. It's an incredible value. Customers know it's highly sought after, so they don't hesitate to add it to cart whenever it becomes available, and we've now opened up an additional universe of applications with our new baked powder offerings.

For the holidays, we expect a lot of our customers to take advantage of sets that pair the Brush with our Duos/Duets. It's all about taking the fun of makeup—combining colors and formats to transform yourself the way you want to—and making it achievable in the flick of a wrist.

DIBS has really worked hand-in-hand with Revolve to take advantage of our complementary brand partners and customer profiles as well as Revolve's mastery of two-day shipping. In looking for a partnership fit, indie brands really need to find alignment in the customer demographic, and they also need to go narrow and deep. Our products are bestsellers on Revolve because both teams put serious time and effort into all elements of the retail relationship.

Pooja Johari Founder, 7e Wellness

We are anticipating a 100% YoY growth. The holiday season is the strongest season for us as it relates to our at-home DIY facial toning devices.

Add to that we have some exciting new launches planned: new features for the smart app, new day and night follow-along skincare protocols, new accessories and products like the gua sha probes and vitamin c serums and some exclusive holiday-time only bundles. We also feel some of our strong brand partnerships and social media influencer partners will further amplify this year’s holiday sales.

The Myolift QT Plus is the perfect holiday gift for self-care across all ages and experience levels.

Nadine Ramos Founder, Blessed Bananas

This holiday season, Blessed Bananas has an incredible forecast ahead. We're thrilled to announce that our highly anticipated bundle kit featuring a heavenly set of shampoo, conditioner, three hair masks and a scalp serum is expected to sell over 30% of its stock. The real holiday magic lies in the fact that this bundle includes a new addition to our brand, our astonishingly effective shampoo, conditioner and scalp serum.

Brittany Lo Founder, Beia

Last year, a third of our annual revenue came from Q4 during the holiday season, and we predict a similar ratio of this year's sales to be from our holiday promotions as well.

Last year, we found that our bundles with our branded sweatshirts and duo mists performed the best as they served as a great gift. The sweatshirts were a great lifestyle product that our customers love wearing in the cold weather and the mists are perfect for traveling over the holidays.

This year, we have a few exclusive sets that we are excited to release in retail and on our DTC website that will perfect gift-ready options.

Kristin Moore Founder and Creative Director, Satva Botanicals

Based on our sales history, the holiday season tends to be the busiest for us, as it is for many brands. We have the added influence of working directly with spas, providing backbar products to support their offerings. You may be surprised to know the uptick of spa visitors treating themselves and others during the holiday season. We see the greatest number of spa treatments featuring Satva being sold in the month of December.

Last year was record breaking for our largest spa client. This season, for our retail, we expect to see two of our products being the most popular holiday gifts: our top-selling Temple Body Elixir, which is a luxurious body oil that smells and feels incredible, and our Desert Skincare Ritual kits, which are a really nice way to get acquainted with the facial care line and to create a mini at-home facial. The kit offers nourishment to delicate or dry skin in the harsh winter months.

Amy Chou Granger Co-Founder and President, M2U NYC

We're excited about the holiday season ahead and anticipate it will surpass last year's performance. With consumers holding back on spending earlier this year, we believe they'll be eager to make the holiday season special by treating themselves and their loved ones, not to mention that makeup is the ideal choice for those seeking smaller ticket items during the holiday season.

Based on our sales trends and data from the previous year, we expect our Tubing Mascara, Luminizer, and both our Matte and Metallic liquid lip products to be particularly popular as holiday gifts. A hallmark of our brand is our unwavering commitment to offering luxury quality makeup at prices accessible to all.

With each of our products priced between $5 and $12, customers can indulge in premium makeup without any worries about their budget. The size of our products also makes them perfectly suited for stocking stuffers, making it effortless for customers to infuse a dash of beauty into their holiday gift-giving.

Kristi Moe Founder, Zodica Perfumery

Holiday 2023 will be bustling for Zodica products. Consumers have been paring back spending on non-essentials, so I anticipate we will see pent-up demand on discretionary spending, especially gifts. Shoppers are showing resiliency, and they’re continuing to spend. Unemployment is low, wages are at or above inflation, and inflation is cooling. If people are generating income, they’re going to go out and spend.

In Optimove’s 2023 Holiday Survey, 35% of respondents said they plan to spend more on holiday gifts compared to the previous year. We know that consumers are spending earlier, so we are launching our new holiday gift item, our Zodiac Perfume Palette, in late September. The launch involves a press and influencer event, with additional influencer outreach through October, and retail rollouts in October and November.

The perfume palette is a gift that can also be shared and used like a game, ideal for family and friend get-togethers. The interactive feature of this item will be what makes it different on shelf compared to any other gift set. We’re essentially gamifying perfume.

Eric Delapenha Founder, Strands Hair Care And The Hair Lab By Strands

We expect a 130% increase in retail sales during the holiday season compared to the year before.

We currently do not sell specific holiday bundles for The Hair Lab in retail or online for two primary reasons. The first is that our brand caters to an incredibly diverse range of consumers that all have different scalp types, hair types, treat their hair differently, live in different environments and, as a result, have different formula needs. This makes using shelf space for predefined bundles during the holiday season difficult for our customizable brand.

The second is that bundling is inherent to The Hair Lab. Each time a shopper interacts with The Hair Lab, they build their own custom routine bundle of five SKUs: one shampoo base based on their Scalp Type, one conditioner base based on their Hair Texture (thickness), and three doses based on their environment, hair condition and needs.

Instead of bundling, we focus on the regional spikes in sales of doses attributed to solving hair needs stemming from seasonal changes during the holidays like Anti-frizz, Moisture Boost and Rebuild Boost.

We also see a significant spike in sales for Strands— our other upmarket customized haircare brand. Our Hair Test Kit Bundle, which includes a Free Test Kit as the entry point to receiving custom shampoo and conditioner, is the perfect stocking stuffer for those wanting to give a physical, novel gift and get introduced to lab-formulated products based on your hair biology.

Amanda McIntosh Founder, Take My Face Off 

We’re expecting to do a little better this holiday season than in previous years, mostly because we’re adding a new value-priced gift. We always see an increase in new customers over the holidays, probably thanks to press placements. New customers are more willing to try lower-priced items first. Our perennial Mitty Snowman two-piece set and the new single-pack Mitty Snowflake will certainly be our bestsellers.

Debi Theis President, Henry Rose

Our forecast for the upcoming holiday shopping season is bright. We have a very optimistic outlook and believe our customers will love the newness, gift sets and promotions that we have planned.

Our holiday season is comprised of a new fragrance launch, which will be the twelfth in our collection, The Slumber Party, which is a gift set featuring 10 milliliters of all 12 of our fragrances, a Body Spray mini set and a votive candle set.

It’s hard to say which one will be the most popular because there is really something for everyone and at a variety of price points. Plus, we’re offering promotions. For Thanksgiving/Black Friday, customers receive a 10-ml. fragrance with a $65-plus purchase, and on Cyber Monday, Travel Sprays will be two for $40.

Christina Kao Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Le Mini Macaron

We have been hearing from our agency and retail partners that holiday sales (and BFCM sales) will be starting much earlier this year. Consumers will be shopping earlier and getting their holiday shopping done by November.

Holiday gifting messages will start going out earlier (in October) as well. Our mini gel manicure kits will continue to be our bestselling item. Holiday is always one of our biggest seasons.

We also have our limited-edition (gel nail) advent calendar (for the second year in a row!), which we expect to sell out early. This is a really unique item as there aren’t too many nail advents out there.

Some of our retailers asked us to list this SKU online starting in September to help extend the selling season. We’re really excited to see what’s to come. It’s definitely going to be a different and more extended shopping season than years past!

Dina Rosenbloom CMO, Hairstory

This holiday season, we're basing our forecasts on spend strategies and flexibility to hone in on efficiency and capitalize on our investments. We believe that being prepared for all scenarios will make us most successful this holiday.

We are launching a New Wash Trial Set that includes a 3-oz. sample of New Wash in the brand’s signature pouch, a 3-oz. tin to put the New Wash in and a Scalp Brush to be used when washing hair.

This is the ideal experience for anyone who is curious about New Wash, and we are excited to have a lower barrier entry point for new customers to get introduced to the brand and try the product in the proper way, and hopefully return to buy a larger size. It will retail for $20, so holiday was the perfect time to debut it.

Cedar Carter CEO, The Good Patch

We are forecasting another strong holiday season this year, fueled by expanded distribution at some of our top retailers as well as growth in the e-commerce channel. Year after year, Q4 continues to be our strongest quarter here at The Good Patch.

Our wearable wellness patches are highly giftable. They make great stocking stuffers and can even be tucked inside a holiday card. Many of our top sellers such as B12 Awake, Dream and Rescue, tend to be the top sellers during the holidays as well due to their universal nature.

Couldn’t we all use a little boost, more sleep or help bouncing back from all the holiday parties? But the holidays can also be a stressful time of year, causing consumers to turn to wellness products for themselves. For that reason, our Relax and Be Calm patches are also very popular during the holidays.

Ian Baek Founder, Orgaid

Our forecast for the holiday season is quite positive. As many consumers gift skincare products during this time, we anticipate a significant increase in sales thanks to our beautiful gift packaging.

The most popular holiday gift from Orgaid will likely be our Ultimate Organic Skincare Set. This will include a complete set of our products, including Youth Serum and Sheet Masks. It offers a comprehensive skincare solution in one package, making it an attractive and convenient gift option for our customers.

Michael Marquis CEO, Raw Sugar Living

Our forecast for holiday 2023 is big! Our brand launched at Walmart at the beginning of 2023, and we’re thrilled that we are ending the year with six of our holiday kits on shelves in over 2,500 Walmart doors across the country. That is in addition to our heritage holiday partners such as Nordstrom Rack, Walgreens, Kohl’s and more.

The theme of our Holiday 2023 collection is "Raw Joy," and we hope that these bright, cheerful packages spark joy for recipients. Our big bets include Raw Magic, which includes our top-selling Moisture Smoothie Shampoo and Conditioner and our Healing Power Hair Masque, one of our top sellers at Walmart this year.

Our Raw Radiance and Raw Ritual sets include a Body Wash, Sugar Scrub, and Body Butter in our limited-edition holiday scents, which customers wait for all year. Additionally, our kids' category continues to be a customer favorite so our Raw Fun kit, including our newly launched sensorial body wash product, is sure to be a hit!

GERARD CAMME President and CEO, Element Eight

Since the brand is barely one year old, our mission was to have discovery offerings so that we can continue to recruit new clients. We wanted to ensure the offering showcased our most popular routine. It includes a serum, moisturizer and an eye cream.

It will come in a luxe-quilted pouch with an SRP of $575 and a value of $750 . On our own site, you will be able to choose your own moisturizer within this gift set. For existing customers, our O2 Niacinamide serum will be the winner. Our client has been asking for this this multitasking serum since we launched.

Mundi Gattis Founder, Clean Mundi

Clean Mundi’s forecast has a lot in store for our consumers and potential consumers. We are releasing a highly requested Body Oil in the next few weeks. The Body Oil offers a new product during the biggest shopping season of the year. The aromatic fragrance along with the benefits of the botanical oils and CoQ10 is perfect to release right before the holidays.

We understand that the behaviors of consumers change during the holiday season, and so many brands are trying to get consumers to buy their products. So, we have to be intentional with our consumers by catering and communicating with them to make sure they feel special. We plan to do this with consistent email campaigns and meaningful content, special deals only for our email subscribers and offering a consistent product.

Ada Polla CEO, Alchimie Forever

Over the years, we have expanded our thinking about holiday, from traditional gifting to also include “self-gifting.” Skincare is such a personal and intimate category, we focus a lot on choosing what is right for you with value, specifically our kits and bundles.

For more traditional gifting, our Beauty on the Go kit is always a hit, as is our Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask, which is our hero SKU and very universal (also gifting it does not imply you have wrinkles or sagging skin!). We used to offer gift cards, but this program cost us more to run than we generated in sales, so we discontinued it two holidays ago.

Elena Frankel Co-Founder, Flyte.70

Because makeup is already such a personalized category, we are moving towards offering customized bundles/sets both online and in store and at a value. With the rise of COVID once again, we are preparing for a stronger response to online sales and possibly a pullback on in-store shopping.

Amanda Schuler Founder, Ember Wellness

We are projecting Q4 and the holiday season to be the strongest quarter of the year for Ember Wellness. We are capitalizing on the continued growth of our solid beauty category with the launch of a solid serum bar in October with two active ingredients, an oil soluble vitamin C and acmella.

We expect it to sell well out of the gate for both DTC and our growing retailer network. We have a nice campaign planned for it.

Secondly, we are planning several IRL/pop-up initiatives, one in particular that speaks directly to the sustainability behind our solid beauty formulas that we are really excited about as its quite unique. We feel confident that with these plans in place we will hit our KPIs for this important quarter.

April Gargiulo Founder, Vintner's Daughter

Every holiday season we release our limited-edition bottle of Active Botanical Serum. This year we partnered with artist @StrangeDirt to design the large format bottle.

She, like us, believes that plants have the power to heal, inspire and bring us closer to ourselves. It will launch November 1, and we could not be more excited to share it with our community.

Elina Wang Co-Founder and CEO, ESW Beauty

For the holiday season, we are launching new winter seasonal masks and holiday sets. The two new masks include our The Blue Dream Moisture Repair Raw Juice Mask and the Cacao Powder Hazelnut Milk Smoothing Plant-Based Milk Mask, which is inspired by an elevated hot chocolate.

Our holiday sets are travel-themed and are packaged in briefcase-style boxes that contain four sheet masks each. The two are the Tropical Island Oasis and Cozy Cabin Getaway.

In addition, we just recently launched our Smoothie Lip Treatments, which are tinted lip treatments that include skincare activities, in August. For the holidays, we will be creating bundles that package all three together, which make a great holiday gift.

The sheet masks traditionally perform very well during the holiday months as they are great stocking stuffers. but the other holiday sets will be strong additions for the gifting season.

Alex McIntosh Co-Founder and CEO, Thrive Natural Care

Thrive Natural Care is gearing up for another spectacular holiday season. The holidays have traditionally been one of our peak selling periods. We find that our customers love to share their secret: Thrive's effective, natural skincare that has a positive impact on the world.

Based on the sales from the last two years, we are expecting to sell more than 5,000 gift sets across all our selling channels. We have gift sets at great price points and with the perfect mix for anyone on your gift list, but our Daily Routine set and our Awaken Deep Clean set are two of our most popular gift sets.

This year, we have added a custom gift build to our website and expect that our customers are going to appreciate being able to put together the perfect product mix for each person on their list.

Jessica Monzalvo Founder, SBJ Esntls

For the upcoming holiday season, SBJ Esntls is enthusiastic about a strong performance driven by two prevailing trends:

Authenticity and Transparency: We expect the demand for authentic and transparent brands to remain high during the holidays. SBJ Esntls' commitment to transparency and inclusivity positions us as a trustworthy choice for holiday shoppers seeking meaningful products and experiences.

Support for Local and Small Businesses: As consumers continue to prioritize local and small businesses, SBJ Esntls, as an indie brand, is well-placed to benefit from this trend. By choosing our products, customers not only receive exceptional gifts but also contribute to the growth of local entrepreneurship.

We will be offering our "Guide to Self-Care" zine as a free gift with purchase as SBJ Esntls is committed to diversifying self-care and building a community of individuals from all walks of life. Our "Guide to Self-Care" zine aligns perfectly with our brand's mission to promote inclusivity and encourages people to prioritize their well-being.

During the holiday season, when people are often reflecting on the past year and setting intentions for the new one, this zine can be a valuable tool for self-discovery and personal growth. Our "Guide to Self-Care" zine complements our skincare products perfectly allowing our customers to create a customized self-care experience.

Theodora Ntovas Founder, Yasou

For the holiday season, I do one gift box that usually consists of a small hydrating body cream aroma free, a vegan hand cream with essential oils and an all-natural bar of soap. I usually offer this holiday gift box at a super good deal, almost 35% off retail prices, because I don’t do many sales during the year and really like the holiday box to be a super savings.

The holiday gift box always does well, and I get repeat customers during the holiday for it as well as companies who do gifts. This year, I’ll be doing a holiday box, but I’d like to switch it up a bit and possibly add a vegan lip elixir to the box instead of the soap or I’ll do both.

Sandra Velasquez Founder, Nopalera

The end of Q3 and beginning of Q4 is our biggest time of the year for several reasons, the holidays being just one part. As a Latina-owned brand, we have Hispanic Heritage Month in September/October. November is our anniversary month, and then it’s Christmas.

We have a very giftable brand already, and it’s just magnified with the holidays. We have new gift sets coming this fall that I think are going to be very popular as well as a new liquid line of products that we are betting big on.

Audrey Gruss Founder, Hope Fragrances

For the upcoming holiday season, we decided to build on the success of the Hope Night franchise by developing a scented candle that could be given or received, shared with friends or with your one and only.

Hope Night Scented Candle performs beautifully in the home. Sophisticated and multilayered, its depth and richness fill any room with a delicious warmth. It not only feels relaxing, but also has a layered release of scents that are sensual and soothing.

This holiday season, with the purchase of any Hope Fragrances products, customers will receive our Hope Night Mini candle as a gift with purchase. It will allow them to experience our new candle the best way they can, in the home.

Our customers and greater community appreciate the continued philanthropic mission of Hope Fragrances: 100% of net profits support depression research.  It is our pursuit to continue to inspire positivity for everyone, every day.

Anisha Vinjamuri Founder and CEO, UMM Skincare

This holiday season represents a pivotal moment for our brand as we find ourselves at the confluence of several key trends in the beauty industry. We believe this season will mark a significant turning point for us, given the prevailing currents favoring the modernization of timeless rituals, the emphasis on holistic beauty (addressing skin health from the inside out), and the growing popularity of multi-purpose product portfolios designed for all-over body skincare. Our forecast is based on a careful analysis of consumer behavior trends, comprehensive market research and a dash of anticipation regarding potential supply chain challenges.

Among our product offerings, we are confident that our 24 K Gold line, which includes The Body Oil, The Body Elixir and The Radiance Masque, will emerge as the top choices for holiday gifting. These products stand out due to their versatility, aesthetic appeal and performance-driven qualities, enriched with the luxury of 24 K gold. They make it remarkably easy for individuals to elevate their at-home spa experiences, and we anticipate that this combination of functionality and indulgence will resonate strongly with holiday shoppers.

Jackie Serchuk Founder and CEO, Miribel Naturals

I believe our Protein Trio will be the most popular bundle this holiday season, mainly because it combines our three bestselling products (our flaxseed gel, protein cream and volumizing foam) that usually tackle our ideal customer's curly hair issues. The bundle is also discounted, so with the stacked Black Friday discount, I'm sure it'll be the most desired among customers.

Gwen Salakaia Co-Founder, Senself

Demand has significantly grown for skincare that is for sensitive or sensitized skin types, but at the same time deliver tangible results. As Senself is a brand that bridges gap between clinical and clean, simple skin care with our very potent formulas with encapsulation technology such as our 20% clinical-grade vitamin c serum.  We are anticipating steady growth with our targeted solutions for specific skin concerns for sensitive skin types sorted by skin concern in Senself gift boxes.

Our forecast shows that more and more customers are looking for gentle yet effective, clinical-grade formulas. We check all the boxes for their concerns. We recently launched our new product Triple Shield Cream, which is rich in texture, with ceramides and biotech ingredients to restore skin barrier after a hot summer season. Our hero ingredients plantago and nettle are ideal to sooth and calm skin. I believe that would be the season’s best seller along vitamin C serum to restore skin health.

We will offer three types of value packs targeted for specific skin concerns with highest quality airless glass packaging, which will be a rare deal to find on the market for the price point: Gift box with barrier-restoring Triple Shield Rich Cream with ceramides and Soothing Botanical Serum for ones with compromised skin barrier and sensitized skin; gift box with a light moisturizer and vitamin C serum for ultimate glow and skin brightening; and gift box with moisturizer and Skin ReBound serum for gentle exfoliation and skin renewal.

Eleanor Langston Founder, Paintbox

For holiday season 2023, we are excited to present festive, glittery designs as well as neutral colors with metallic accents contained in a limited edition holiday box that is packaged ready for gift giving.

Box sets like our Paint Box kits + our Press-Ons will be really popular this holiday season. Items that are colorful and already boxed are easy and hassle-free for the buyer to gift. We will be offering bundles to pair Press-Ons with our Cuticle Oil as the perfect gift.

Linda Wang Founder and CEO, Karuna and Avatara

Holiday sets and bundles are always a huge driver for us in Q4, and we’re always looking for ways to up the ante with value through giftable moments. Sheet mask sets do particularly well for us because consumers have the option to try a larger range of products outside of their traditional go-tos or split the self-care love with friends and family. Holiday sets typically do around 10% of our total annual volume.

We often hear consumers say how much they love picking up a few of our mask sets and breaking them out into individual stocking stuffers. This year, we’re introducing three new options to spread some holiday cheer through balanced, youthful-looking complexions: two Karuna holiday sets offered at Whole Foods Market and one Avatara holiday set at Target stores nationwide.

Yve-Car Momperousse Co-Founder and CEO, Kreyol Essence

Our goal is to sell a million dollars’ worth of product. We have been diligently engaging and acquiring new tribe members online, and we are launching our ethical marketplace called Marche (“marketplace” in Kreyol). Marche will allow for customers to give the gift of work to Haitian artisans who make bags, jewelry, shoes and more. These artisans have limited pieces and do not have a way to distribute their products.

Kreyol Essence is one of the few Haitian owned and operated companies that has reached scale in the United States. Thus, we will use our superpower to not only distribute quality scalp care and skincare products, but also high-quality and beautiful fashion-forward items.

Sam Lewkowict Founder and CEO, Black Wolf Nation

Our company is projecting to see 50% growth in Q4 this year over last year despite the challenging economic environment. This holiday season we anticipate seeing unprecedented sales growth in some of our new categories of devices.

Traditionally, we’ve seen lots of skincare products purchased for stocking stuffers, but, based on the trends we’ve seen over the past 12 months, we believe that bundles that include both a Sonic Scrubber Brush and our 1-liter body wash and shampoo will be the biggest hit.

People want a gift to feel substantial. A device makes a more exciting Christmas present than just a face wash or body wash alone.

Erin Kleinberg Founder, Sidia

Naturally, we are forecasting our biggest quarter yet as Sidia is a brand dedicated to gifting little luxuries to others, but more importantly ourselves. Though our classic body care gift sets are our bestsellers, this week we launch the Lil BB's: a collection of three of our classic scented candles that started it all, Braless, Wired, Soaked. These lil beauties are housed in our iconic matte ombré vessels and mirror the biggies in every way.

I think that is special because some brands would not go the extra mile to do that and just do a solid color vessel. However, one of the real draws of this glorious 3-pack is our limited-edition packaging. Coming in three colorways—violet, cerulean, kelly green—we saw the holidays as a moment to have fun, punch up the color, maximalism and breathe new light into our cult status collection of candles.

I also love that we are offering our clients to choose which colorway they would like to purchase or gift on site. We are all about offering optionality and surprise and delight to our community. Many brands these days are still stuck in the minimalism blanding of the past decade, and Sidia is part of a new guard of luxury that can play in a more developed brand world inspired by the great heritage luxury houses of the past.

James Park President, Herbivore Botanicals

We heard from our consumers last holiday that they are looking for universal, giftable products for easy gifting or self-purchase. For Herbivore, our holiday collection features our Coco Rose body polish with new holiday scents of Hot Coco and Coco Mint. We also have a duo of our Brightening Vitamin C serum and eye cream.

Meghan Maupin CEO, OurX

This holiday season, OurX is excited to partner with other like-minded brands who are focused on hair health. We will be offering limited-edition bundles that include OurX haircare products and partner brand accessories such as silk pillowcases and bonnets.

These will be perfect sets for gifting to a loved one (or yourself).  We will also be announcing new, personalized hair coaching programs focused on helping our customers see long-lasting results.

Karen Barner CEO, Cay Skin

Our forecast and outlook for holiday is robust, and we’re anticipating year-over-year growth. We are excited about holiday this year as we are launching our first ever holiday kit—Pout Protection Duo—with our retail partner Sephora, all at an affordable price. This kit includes two of our core lip products that will hydrate and protect your lips against UVA/UVB rays and will make the perfect stocking stuffer for yourself or anyone on your holiday gift list.

Michael Engert Co-Founder and President, Very Good Light

[Our most popular gift] will definitely be our Astral Collection because it's a complete routine with everything you might need to cleanse, tone, moisturize, and protect and restore your skin barrier.

Shirley Powell Founder and CEO, LaJeanell Natural Skincare & Vegan Makeup System

Our forecast for the holiday season is bright! LaJeanell Natural Skincare & Vegan Makeup System creates world-class premium products.  Our Live the LaJeanell Look Collection, and our other popular Skincare & Makeup Set Collections are magnified gifts for the holidays.

Based on trends this holiday season, our vegan makeup for the go-to is ideal for the smaller ticket items, gifts for her and stocking stuffers. LaJeanell is offering two multipurpose vegan lip/cheek/eyeshadow colors that are matte, soothing and deliver intense hydration.

Our berry and red shades are perfect for the winter months and will be trending for 2024 offering a bold pop of color. LaJeanell’s Summer Breeze and LaJeanell’s Winter Holly Berries are the most popular shades for the holidays.

We also are offering a free gift with the purchase of these two holiday shades (Summer Breeze and Winter Holly Berries) as a thank you for our customers. Our vegan and organic dual purpose Dramatic Lashes Black Mascara is a $24.00 value. May your holidays be as bright.

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