Nomaterra Founder Aggie Burnett Shares The Steps She Took To Win Over Sephora
Like budding baseball players dream of hitting grand slams to win the World Series, wannabe beauty entrepreneurs aspire to see their brands on display at Sephora. Nomaterra founder Aggie Burnett was definitely shooting for the specialty beauty retailer long before her fragrance brand took shape. “I was a big fan since I ...
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For voracious beauty shoppers, subscription boxes are unparalleled vehicles to sample brands they may not run across during their usual trips to stores or virtual visits to sites. For brands, gaining access to those shoppers can be a growth goldmine. However, getting into boxes isn’t as easy as receiving them. There are
How To Select Locations, Teach Staff And Sell In The Spa Market
In our plugged-in, anxiety-ridden society, spas beckon us to chill out and pay attention to personal maintenance. Perhaps because their roles seem so critical today, spas are poised for growth. According to research firm IBISWorld, the health and wellness spa sector grew at an annual rate of 2.9% from 2011 ...
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How To Prepare For And Secure Salon Distribution
There’s no better ambassador for your brand than a trusted hairdresser, but breaking into salons isn’t as straightforward as booking an appointment for a trim. If you want to sell your goods at salons, you almost always have to obtain a contract with a manufacturer’s representative or a professional product distributor. Today, these gatekeepers ...