Beauty Brands Share Their Most Successful Mother’s Day Promotions

In this edition of Beauty Independent’s ongoing series posing questions to beauty entrepreneurs, we ask 11 founders and executives: What Mother’s Day promotion was particularly successful for you?

Alissa Bayer Founder, Milk + Honey

One thing we’ve done that has really resonated with our customers is ask them to submit a short essay on why their mom deserves to be pampered. We promote the contest in our newsletter and through social media. We get hundreds of responses, and they are some of the most thoughtful, heartwarming and emotional tributes to moms out there. Our staff actually fight to be on the team tasked with reading them because there’s usually not a dry eye afterwards.

We’ve got stories about moms who’ve battled cancer, single moms and those that sacrificed it all. The testimonials are moving and profound. We love them all, but we choose two standout winners and their moms get a full day at the spa getting everything from massages, facials and mani/pedis to blowouts and makeup applications. They also go home with a bag of our organic, hyper-clean Milk + Honey products. We give this gift to the moms because our brand is all about gratitude and giving back.

Susie Yoon Founder/CEO, Skinesque

Last year, we asked our Instagram followers to post three amazing and admirable characteristics of their mother. One winner received a special Mother's Day Gift Set for herself and her mom to enjoy. It is always a sweet reminder to reflect on how special our mothers are.

Shaffali Miglani Founder, Shaffali

In the past, something that’s connected with our customers on Mother’s Day is the meditation aspect of our skincare line. All of our promotion is centered less around gifts and flowers, and more around connecting with our moms by actually engaging in the practice and doing the rituals together.  

Debi Williams Founder, Hummingbird Farms

Years ago, I created a box for Mother’s Day centered around my mom’s personal favorites from my collection. It was a way of sharing more of myself with my customers. Since we have a lot of mom bloggers, which I’m extremely grateful for, I decided to expand on that idea and include them.

I created two custom boxes based off The Big Mama Blog and BooMama, which features their favorites, too. Both ladies have been extremely supportive of the brand, so I wanted to spread the love and make our Mother’s Day offering more personal within the community they’ve helped me build through their words and my products.  

Christelle Dossous Owner, Onaturell

One year, we collaborated with other brands and created a beauty box. It was kind of like a subscription box just for Mother’s Day. We also partnered with a spa and included a $100 gift certificate. Partnering with other brands and a spa to create the ultimate mom gift differentiated our promotional offer.

Kate Delgado Co-Founder, Isola

One thing we did that worked really well in the past was offering free gift wrapping for Mother’s Day purchases. The products were presented beautifully and arrived like ready-made gifts.

Nick Arrojo Founder, Arrojo American Wave

In the past, we’ve offered a Mother’s Day makeover package, where mom and daughter/son could come into the salon and be pampered with haircuts and color, depending on which package option they chose. Gifts are great, but experiences are better. No bouquet of flowers replaces time spent together. Besides, what mom doesn’t deserve a makeover?

Julia Teren Founder, Thesis Beauty

The most successful Mother's Day promo happened when we let people create custom gift boxes that they could save. We have moved to another platform since then which doesn’t support this option anymore, so we are going to be even more creative this year.

Joy Ekhator Founder, Lovinah Skincare

Years ago, when I became a mom, I realized that all women are mothers and goddesses. So, this year, we decided to launch a new product just for Mother’s Day, a limited edition Goddess Glow giftset. It was promoted on social media and only available for 24 hours, making it just as special and unique as our moms. From past feedback, I learned that customers have a strong maternal connection, so we wanted to celebrate that.

Jennifer Yen Founder, Purlisse

Bundling products together and discounting them has always been a great promotion for us. Last year, we bundled our Mother's Day Kit and donated $5 for every sale to Look Good Feel Better, an organization helping women dealing with the side effects of cancer feel beautiful about themselves with programs that include lessons on skin and nail care, cosmetics, wigs, and accessories and styling.

Janis Covey Founder, Kosmatology

For the past few years, we have offered a Mother’s Day Gift Box with our Mint Your Feet products. It has been extremely successful because who doesn’t know a mom that never sits down? Whether driving kids to after school activities, chasing toddlers or any of the hundreds of other responsibilities a mom has, what mom couldn’t use some foot TLC?  Peppermint and eucalyptus are cooling and soothing to sore tired feet, and our products are super easy for a busy mom’s schedule.

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