Brenda Brock Brings Farmaesthetics’ Kitchen Chemistry To Japan This Spring

Farmaesthetics is significantly expanding its global footprint in the spring when a new distribution partner will introduce the brand to Asia. The plan for Farmaesthetics’ expansion into Japan was born in the treatment room. “My now-partner, Mariko Suzuki,...

Reverie’s Indie Rocker Chic Kicks Natural Hair Care Up A Notch

Reverie founder Garrett Markenson injects an indie rocker sensibility into a natural hair care segment that’s often high on the granola quotient. The brand’s stark black-and-white packaging and single-word product names are so chic that

Beauty And Wellness Pros On The Business Of Beauty Sleep

Businesses are waking up to the potential of beauty sleep. A fitting place to address the topic is mattress company Leesa’s New York showroom, where last Thursday online business community Radiche put together a panel of beauty and...

Alex Thiersch Illuminates The Expanding Med Spa Retail Opportunity

In the Nineties, the Clintons ruled the White House, Victoria Beckham rose to fame as Posh Spice, Al Gore danced to the Macarena, the iPhone was a mere glimmer in Steve Jobs’ eye and Allergan started seducing Americans...

Beauty Entrepreneurs Address Whether Retouched Images Should Come With Warnings

In this edition of Beauty Independent’s ongoing series posing questions to beauty entrepreneurs, we ask nine founders: What do you think of the French law that mandates warning labels on retouched images?