Pietro Simone Brings His New Skincare Range And Coveted Facial Technique To The US

After a spring launch in Europe, aesthetician and spa owner Pietro Simone is bringing his eponymous luxury skincare line to the United States.

The eight-product range is full of dramatic flourishes. Each product is referred to as an “act,” inspired by his Simone’s skincare philosophy that “our skin is the theater of life.” The assortment encompasses a comprehensive skincare regimen from Act 1, the Revitalising Cleanser, to Act 8, the Retexurizing Mask. Prices range from $70 for Balancing Toner to $200 for The Serum.

The 35-year-old Simone is a 16-year veteran of the luxury beauty and wellness industry. In 2016, he founded the Pietro Simone Skin Clinic in London, where he offers an array of face and body treatments combining high-tech devices with Pietro Simone Skincare, and custom massage and product application techniques. The four-room clinic, where treatments exceed $2,000 for a Fibroblast non-surgical lift treatment, draws a high-profile clientele from Germany, Austria, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Italy, Simone’s home country.

Clients convinced Simone that a leap to the U.S. market would be a good idea. Many Americans that patronized Pietro Simone Skin Clinic over the years told him, “We need this kind of technique in the USA.’ The marriage between products and techniques made the [case]. Plus, I love the USA.”

Pietro Simone, founder and CEO of Pietro Simone Skincare
Pietro Simone, founder and CEO of Pietro Simone Skincare

The founder and CEO drew inspiration for his skincare line from his homeland’s culture of luxury and craftsmanship. “Italy is a country known for high-end fashion, jewelry and automobiles,” he says. “Our mission is to bring that same quality to skincare and beauty.”

Simone hunted for a melange of active ingredients from across Italy to be the foundation of his line’s formulations. Dubbed the Italian Bella Complex by Simone, these ingredients include cold-pressed tomato seed oil lipoactive from Puglia, edelweiss cell cultures sourced from the Northern Italian Alps, annurca apple from Vesuvio’s volcanic region and Tuscan grapeseed oil.

“Meticulous research and development was undertaken throughout Italy, blending biotechnology, scientific and natural active ingredients along with the continuous discovery of new advancements in line with our brand ethos,” says Simone, noting it took seven years to perfect the formulations. 

“Italy is a country known for high-end fashion, jewelry and automobiles. Our mission is to bring that same quality to skincare and beauty.”

Currently, Pietro Simone Skincare products are available in the U.S. exclusively at the Greenwich Hotel’s Shibui Spa in downtown Manhattan. Simone has also created a trio of facial treatments for the upscale spa.  Priced at $410 for a 90-minute treatment, the Pietro Simone Prestige Signature treatment is the second-most expensive facial at the location.

Other exclusive brand-specific treatments at Shibui include an In Fiore facial and a series of treatments featuring luxury spa staple Natura Bisse. While Simone is considering other partners to grow his brand in the U.S., he says that he aims to do so “slowly and with spas and resorts that cater to a sophisticated audience.”

Simone covered the costs of creating his skincare brand with funds from his skin clinic, but declined to disclose how much it cost to develop it. He likes not having the pressure of an external investor telling him what to do with the products. Simone is continually reinvesting in his business to grow it the way he wants. He muses, “My vision is to spearhead a positive global evolution in how we approach beauty and anti-aging.”