The Brands And Products That Stood Out To Retail Buyers At IBE Berlin

When Indie Beauty Media Group chose Berlin for the location of its second international Indie Beauty Expo, the centrality of the city within Europe was a key deciding factor. IBMG believed the show would draw large swaths of European brands, retailers and members of the press—and it was spot on. More than 150 buyers from retailers across Europe, including German luxury department store KaDeWe, fabled French retailer Le Bon Marché and drugstore giant Boots UK, met with exhibiting brands from over a dozen countries at the 22,000 square foot IBE Berlin venue Station Berlin. Beauty Independent recruited buyers from three European retailers—Amsterdam-based e-commerce shop Beautsy, Milan’s The Beautyaholic’s Shop and London-based beauty e-tail powerhouse Feelunique—to spill details on their favorite product discoveries from the inaugural IBE Berlin.


Jessica Schuddeboom, founder ANd director

Purophi S12 Alter Booster SPF 50

“This is a booster with a serum-like texture that you mix in with your favorite cream or make up to protect your skin from the sun (UVA, UVB, IR, blue light). The texture is super thin, and it doesn’t leave white traces. It is an antioxidant treatment, too. I think this is a must-have product for most women for all year round.”

Purophi Cleansing 4

“This product has multiple purposes. You can use this as a cleanser, make-up remover, eye make-up remover and as a mask. Perfect for the busy woman or the woman who prefers to have a simple beauty routine. I also think this is perfect for traveling.”

Rahua Palo Santo Oil Perfume

“A new product by Rahua is the Palo Santo Oil Perfume roller. The cool thing is it isn’t perfume, but oil infused with palo santo. Perfect for those who can’t handle perfume or prefer a natural alternative. The smell is divine, and it is known for its calming properties and [ability to reduce] negative energy. I can’t wait to wear this perfume.”

Gitti Vegan Nail Color

“This brand launched at IBE [Berlin] with a total new formula for nail polish! I am always on the lookout for clean nail polish, but haven’t found one so far. Gitti’s nail polish is different. [It’s] based on water with natural ingredients instead of chemicals. This nail polish has no smell, [and] is vegan and cruelty-free. The pigments are perfect, and it dries quickly! The founder will keep innovating her formula, so this is a product that will continue developing.”

Aeos Beauty Body Lotion Harmonising

“This brand uses crystal-infused water, where you can choose between rose quartz for self love, or blue crystals for people who do too much and have the desire to find more peace and serenity in their daily life. I love the fact that crystals are back in trend. The brand has a holistic approach, which I found important in the clean beauty scene. The design of their bottles is super cool and definitely stands out from the crowd. I think this brand is Instagram-ready. The body lotion comes in a bottle with a pump, which is convenient, and the smell is incredible. It’s in perfect balance. The body lotion absorbs really quickly which is convenient, so you can get dressed straight away.”

Beautsy founder & director Jessica Schuddeboom chatting with Aeos at IBE Berlin.
Beautsy founder and director Jessica Schuddeboom chatting with the exhibiting brand Aeos at IBE Berlin.

Nooii Organic Hand Cream

“This brand also launched at IBE [Berlin]. I am super impressed with its sustainable story. The labels are made from rock paper. Yes, a paper material derived from rocks, and the lids are made from recycled cell phones from the ’90s. The hand cream is perfect. The texture is incredible as it is light and melts into your skin and absorbs quickly so it isn’t greasy and sticky. The result is hydrated glowing hands, which you can use straight away with a nice clean citrus like scent. I hate hand cream that keeps your hands greasy and sticky for a while. This isn’t one of them.”

Dr. Niedermaier Regulat Pro Hyaluron

“The fountain of youth was something you could not miss at this IBE. Dr Niedermaier’s Regulat Pro Hyaluron is a beauty drink that naturally beautifies your skin, hair and nails. I thought this product has a new approach [to] ingestibles and is very innovative. I can’t wait to try and see the results.”

The Beautyaholic’s Shop

Paola Malaspina, CEO AND founder

Plant Apothecary Be Well Organic Body Wash

“An amazing pack with amazing scents. A joyful solution for the daily body care. I think we’ll introduce Plant Apothecary very soon at our stores.”

Plant Apothecary at IBE Berlin.
Plant Apothecary had its full range on display at IBE Berlin.

Gitti Vegan Nail Color 03

“They were [making] their first appearance, not yet ready to supply a wholesaler, but I found something very newsworthy: a water-based nail polish, totally green, no annoying scents and good performance.”

Herbal Dynamics Beauty CollagenR8 Restorative Q10

“Such a happy brand, amazing colors, lovely smells and good prices. The perfect brand for young but smart people. [This body wash has] a really amazing scent of eucalyptus and bergamot.”

Und Gretel Lipstick

“A makeup with a unique performance, great colors, great, long-lasting texture and few items. A really interesting brand to resell.” 

Los Angeles Cold Press American Beauty

“The brand name is super cool, the taste super good! I’ve tried several cold pressed juices but their taste is really the best. It seems to eat the raw ingredients, very fresh.”


Felicity Rew, buyer

Purophi Alfa Tonic

“I was in love with this product as soon as I tried it. For someone who struggles with their skin, I have been warned off standard toner as it can spread the bacteria around the facial skin. Mists and sprays are a really good alternative for me, and this spray is amazing! It is a really substantial spray. One spray covers the whole face substantially, which I think it is quite unusual for this type of product. Normally, you require quite a few spritz to feel like you have covered the whole face. Also, non-fragranced, which is perfect for my skin. I love the ethos behind the brand as well and the branding!”

RealHer Highlighter

“I am a big fan of a highlighter. This is a beautiful product and both shades are stunning. I love the empowerment messages and amazing product names as well. This is my particular favorite of the brand, but the eye palettes are also right up my street, and I can’t wait to try them! Also love the lipsticks.”

Merci Handy Hand Cleansing Gel

“This entire brand is so fun, but also practical. I always carry around anti-bacterial wipes or gel, so it was a no brainer that I loved the Hand Cleansing Gel. There are so many colors and scents to choose from. I wanted all of them!”

MyTime Minerals Glow Exfoliating Body Mask

“I am always a big fan of Australian brands as I think their branding is always so strong. This is no exception. I fell in love with the Glow Exfoliating Body Mask, and I also think this is quite innovative as we often see exfoliating face masks but not body masks per se. The texture of the product is not as aggressive as you would think for a mineral-based exfoliant, so the overall feel is really beautiful on the skin. Another highlight was the Detox Minerals, which I cannot wait to try!”

Mimitika SPF 50 Sunscreen Body Spray

“This is a really amazing suncare brand, and the product is just as amazing. The products all follow the same principle and the scent, and texture is lovely for a suncare brand. I have personally used the SPF 50 Sunscreen Body Spray, so easy to apply and also does not feel heavy. The girls told me I was a Mimitika babeso happy!”

Fellunique buyer Felicity Rew at IBE Berlin.
Feelunique buyer Felicity Rew tries a product at IBE Berlin.