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We are a specialty ingredient supplier to the Beauty and Personal Care industry. With a rich history of supporting and supplying Independent brands, we don’t discriminate on who we work with based on business size.


Our three main brands, Croda, Sederma, and Crodarom, continuously invest in research and development with a constant focus on the changes that are happening in consumer routines and behaviors to remain market relevant. Always a step ahead when it comes to innovation, we are recognized for creative solutions to meet the demands of today's consumers and future trends in the cosmetics and beauty market.


Croda has a broad offering of efficacious ingredients including emulsifiers, emollients, inorganic UV filters, conditioning agents, specialized actives from Sederma, and botanical extracts from Crodarom. These synergistically combine to deliver any customer’s product needs and wishes.


Beyond cosmetic ingredients, we are experts in formulation development, claims substantiation, market analysis, and industry regulations.  Our knowledge provides customers with immediate access to essential support for successful beauty and personal care product development and implementation. From lab scientists to product specialists and customer care agents, the Croda team is excited to offer their assistance.


Sustainability is integral to everything we do. From the sourcing of our raw materials to the way we implement them, we take responsibility in all aspects of production. Our approach to sustainability evolves with the world around us, and it remains a central element of the way we do business.


Our extensive portfolio provides market-leading actives, innovation in effect-driven ingredients and a strong heritage portfolio of formulation aids to build a total formulation.



  • Custom Formulation
  • Supplier- Core Formulation Ingredients
  • Supplier- Essential Oils
  • Supplier- Plant Extracts

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