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Monvera Glass Décor provides unique bottle decoration options that support your brand identity. We specialize in screen printed labels on glass and offer our customers the option of either ceramic or precious metal inks. Screen printing offers many unique and fun design capabilities e.g. 360-degree full wrap, and the technique can be applied across all design styles ranging from the classic and sophisticated to bold and fun. From a brand perspective, screen printing enables your entire bottle to serve as a canvas of visual expression. The decision to screen print is a Marketing and Branding decision. The brand owner is looking to create a certain image, establish prestige, uniqueness etc. While screen printing is often associate with high end packages, it can also be used to create value. A screen-printed label on a moderate to low price point product tells the consumer that they are receiving value for their money with this purchase as compared to similarly priced products that have paper/clear labels. On premium products, it reinforces the prestige of the brand and supports the retail price point. Screen-printing offers practical advantages over types of labels, because it eliminates the cost of label application and is more durable. Your prelabeled bottles arrive at the filling line ready to be filled, eliminating the cost and time required to operate a labeling machine or hand-apply labels. A second practical advantage is the extreme durability of a ceramic screen-printed label. A ceramic label won’t tear, rip or wrinkle during shipping and handling, and it won’t be damaged by product spilling down the side of the bottle. This ensures that your brand always looks its best. It is important to assemble a packaging team early to make sure the design is optimized for the print process. This team should consist of a professional and experienced label designer, the bottle supplier and the decorator. Everyone will need to work together to make sure the label being designed can be applied to the desired bottle and can be printed within a predetermined budget. Collaboration in the early stages can prevent disappointment and lost time and resources later on. Monvera stands ready to work in partnership with your designer and glass supplier. Team collaboration is a hallmark of our customer service. So instead of using paper labels, elevate your brand and have your label screen-printed by Monvera Glass Décor. Whether you want to refresh a current brand or launch a new one, screen printed labels will make your package stand out. It's your alternative to paper labels.


  • Direct to Glass Screen Printing for Primary Packaging
  • Package Design
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