The Detox Market, Feelunique And More Retailers Reveal Captivating Products From IBE NY 2019

The power of indie beauty was on full display last week when Indie Beauty Expo touched down at the 88,000-square-foot Manhattan venue Pier 94. The nearly 250 brands presenting merchandise at the trade show demonstrated they’re steering beauty trends, responding to the demands of various demographic groups and adjusting to the realities of distribution today. To build their businesses, retailers explored the brands’ offerings for items to fuel incremental sales and broaden their customer reach. We checked in with six—The Detox Market, Marjani, Feelunique, Ivy Wild, WTHN and Pretty Well Beauty—to learn about products they believe stood out from the pack at IBE.

Rachel Mulcahy of Ivy Wild
Rachel Mulcahy, founder of Ivy Wild

Rachel Mulcahy of Ivy Wild

  1. Quim Happy Clam Everyday Oil

“The DNA of this brand is so present in every detail that I immediately wondered where it’s been all my life. In a sea of women’s personal care products, I was immediately drawn to the gals over at Quim who are elevating vaginal care with a frank, irreverent point of view that makes it easy to get on board. The Happy Clam Everyday Oil or, as they call it, an eye cream for your vagina is an everyday cure-all for all your vaginal woes: morning-after irritation, random dryness and even post-labor healing.”

  1. Saalt Soft Menstrual Cup

“This isn’t your mom’s Diva Cup. This nontoxic, thoughtfully-designed (no irritating seams!) menstrual cup comes in three sizes for different flows. Not only can I totally envision myself leaving tampons behind for Saalt’s cute cups, but I also feel good about supporting a B Corp that’s leading a period poverty initiative this fall.”

  1. Browluxe The Precision Brow Pencil

“I appreciate a brand that is focused on doing one thing like brows very well. Typically, these are the products that end up being the staples of my makeup bag. The founder Giovanna [Minenna] gave us a brow tutorial with her precision pencil while explaining her product development process. This is a cleanly formulated and well-edited line at an accessible price point.”

  1. Codex Bia Skin Superfood

“There’s limited regulation in clean beauty, so it’s a full-time job to keep myself educated on science and data behind trends. Codex is a skincare line with a focus on transparency and clinical data, which makes things much easier for me. The Codex Beauty Code adheres to the highest standards in ingredient sourcing, quality production, sustainability and innovation, producing a product that resonates with my passion for efficacy in clean formulas.”

  1. Winged Happiness Soft Gels

“I’ve been searching high and low for not just another CBD product. This female-focused nutritional supplement combines CBD with the ingredients uniquely targeted to address a woman’s hormonal fluctuations. The Happiness gels pair CBD with evening primrose oil, chaste tree berry and black cohosh for hormonal balance plus 5 HTP and L-Dopa for a mood boost.”

Kimberly Smith, founder of Marjani and co-founder of The Brown Beauty Co-Op
Tearra Vaughn, founder of Reimage Beauty, chats with Kimberly Smith, founder of Marjani and co-founder of The Brown Beauty Co-Op, during IBE NY.

Kimberly Smith of Marjani and The Brown Beauty Co-Op

  1. Visha Skincare Mommy Brightener

“This serum is made specifically to address hyperpigmentation resulting from hormonal changes during and after pregnancy. I love that it is a brightening product that is safe enough for both expecting and nursing mommies.”

  1. Biophile Bio-shroom Rejuvenating Serum

“I am a sucker for a great serum. This particular serum is chock-full of intentional, powerful ingredients to help your skin appear smoother, calmer and more radiant.”

  1. Gypsy Secrets Persian Renew Eye Cream

“Our customers are always looking for eye creams. So, I went to IBE on a hunt for an eye cream to add to our current catalog. Enter Gypsy Secrets Persian Renew Eye cream, which boasts exotic and effective Persian botanical extracts. Saffron helps to brighten, soften and tone skin, and black tea is believed to help treat dark circles.”

  1. Intoxicating Beauty Craft Body Brew Body Butter

“This skincare line is inspired by wine, spirits, sake and craft brew. The Craft Brew Body Butter is a deeply hydrating hop-infused formula, which uses the power of beer and a blend of nourishing botanical oils to penetrate the skin’s surface to soften and tone while simultaneously protecting it from the damaging free radicals found in your everyday environment. It is infused with IB’s intoxicating, signature citrus IPA natural fragrance.”

  1. Satya+Sage Sun Candle

“This candle is infused with lemon, verbena and tea, and instantly caught my nose’s attention. I’ve been burning it every day since the show.”

Romain Gaillard, founder and CEO of The Detox Market
Romain Gaillard, founder and CEO of The Detox Market

Romain Gaillard of The Detox Market

  1. Erbaviva Baby Sun Stick

“This is a great product that I use on my kids. It’s simple to apply, and I trust Erbaviva to adhere to the highest safety and integrity standards.”

  1. Bija Essence Rejoice 3

“I love the luxurious feel of this body oil and the purity of the ingredients. It has a lovely scent, and feels refreshing and invigorating.”

  1. Allyoos Juice Drench

“The Juice Drench can be used as a mask or a leave-in. It worked so well on both me and my wife.”

  1. Otaci Rose Passion 100% Natural Rose Water Hydrating Tonic

“Sometimes simplicity can be the most powerful thing. This rose water is just beautiful and so practical. I have enjoyed using it while traveling.”

  1. Stamba Travel Superfood Blend

“The office loves this wellness brand, and I swear by the Travel Superfood Blend for combating jet lag.”

  1. Pai Skincare Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil

“The Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil is a hero product at The Detox Market. Pai sets the standard on skincare for sensitive skin.”

Shari Auth, co-founder and chief healing officer of WTHN
Shari Auth, co-founder and chief healing officer of WTHN

Shari Auth of WTHN

  1. Grön Raspberry Lemonade, Peach Bellini and Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts

“We treat a lot of stress and pain at WTHN. CBD calms the nervous system and is a natural anti-inflammatory, so it’s great for both. These CBD edible candies are perfect for little gifts or to keep at your desk to take the edge off.”

  1. Quim Happy Clam Everyday Oil

“We have a section of our wellness boutique at WTHN that is dedicated to women’s health. Happy Clam is made with natural herbal ingredients and CBD to soothe the vagina after sex, when PMS’ing, postpartum or anytime it’s needed.”

  1. Winged CBD Sheet Masks

“Winged is coming out with skincare. CBD is great for skin because it calms irritated, inflamed skin and increases moisture. Winged sheet masks work great, smell great and are well-priced. Our clients are going to love these.”

  1. Blume Cloud 9 and Meltdown

“The [Cloud 9] essential oil blend is specifically designed to help with PMS symptoms. It’s perfect for our women’s health section at WTHN. The [Meltdown] blend of calming skin herbs is the perfect spot treatment for acne and will be a great addition to our natural beauty selection.”

  1. Bootsy Health Chaste Tree Berry Dietary Supplement

“The product interests me because chaste tree has shown in scientific studies to balance hormone levels and help with PMS.”

Nigel Lawmon, commercial director at Feelunique
Nigel Lawmon, commercial director at Feelunique

Nigel Lawmon of Feelunique

  1. Beboe Therapies High Potency CBD Face Serum

“It’s nice to see someone step into the CBD category from a luxury perspective. The product has a raft of really good proven skincare ingredients, which increase in efficiency by adding high-quality CBD. The oil absorbed into my skin so quickly, leaving it super soft and moisturized.  Not only that, but the packaging is beautiful and the backstory is really cute too. Can’t wait to see the long-term effects of this one.”

  1. Black Chicken Remedies Cuprum Tongue Cleaner

“I’ve seen this brand before at IBE and love it. Once again, they have surprised me with a new product in the hot space of mouth health, their copper tongue cleaner. Because it is made of copper, it is far more anti-bacterial and luxurious, which, when you are using internally, makes a huge difference.”

  1. Ethique Hair Sampler

“I love this brand because it is driving toward the elimination of plastic bottles in beauty as all their products are in the form of a bar. I like the hair sampler because, as an e-commerce retailer, reducing the risk of investing in a new product through a trial kit works really well in driving customer recruitment for both brand and retailer. I also travel a lot, and this format is ideal for me.”

  1. Terra & Co. Brilliant Black Dental Floss

“I wholeheartedly applaud the approach of this brand to work toward full sustainability in a category where there is so much unbiodegradable waste. The floss is ingenious and based on charcoal, a now well-known natural ingredient proven to be effective in cleaning teeth. It does the job just as well as traditional alternatives. Plus, I love the founders Amra and Azra [Hajdarevic]. They are so passionate and genuine. One to watch.”

  1. Winged Relaxation CBD Gummies

“A really refreshing perspective on CBD with products designed for women. They’ve done an excellent job on the branding, which is fresh, lifestyle and feminine, really capturing the self-empowerment of women. I tried a gummy on the stand, and it tasted really good. What’s not to love, a treat that chills you out!”

Jazmin Alvarez, founder of Pretty Well Beauty
Jazmin Alvarez, founder of Pretty Well Beauty

Jazmin Alvarez of Pretty Well Beauty

  1. Codex Bia Skin Superfood

“This new brand uses incredible and clean ingredients, and their packaging is 100% sustainable, leaving behind zero carbon footprint. I love the Skin Superfood because it protects the skins micro biome through the use of fermented lactobacililus. Also, the packaging is so beautiful, sleek and clean. A lot of my customers are becoming curious about the use of probiotics in skincare, so this could be a great addition to our roster.”

  1. Biophile Bio-shroom Rejuvenating Serum

“Their philosophy and approach was to create something that was beyond clean in the beauty space by utilizing science-backed technology and ultra-clean ingredients, resulting in a range that is effective. Their three products are meant to be layered, but I especially loved the Bio-shroom Rejuvenating Serum. I put some on my hand, and my skin literally bounced after touching it. I also noticed that the tone of my skin immediately appeared more even. I’m having a bit of hormonal flare-ups right now, so I can’t wait to try some on my face. I have a feeling this guy will become a new holy grail product for me and my customers.”

  1. Henua Organics Beautifying Toner

“It was the packaging and brand design that caught my attention first, which is the case for most consumers. It’s simply the most amazing packaging I think I’ve seen in a long time, and they even won an award for it. But the product that captivated me was the Beautifying Toner, which contains birch sap and pine bark. Birch sap is super nourishing for the skin, and pine bark is incredible for boosting collagen and balancing the skin, which is exactly what I look for in a toner. This isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill rose water toner. This is toner for people who are serious about their skin and want to experience real results. That is exactly what my customers expect.”

  1. Beigic Correcting Exfoliator

“Their hero ingredient for the entire brand is coffee, which is really cool. Their facial exfoliator also contains coffee and kaolin clay, so I already know my oily acne prone skin is going to love this product. I haven’t had a chance to try it just yet, but based on the small test I experienced at the expo, I’m already in love. Also, I’m a sucker for chic, clean packaging, which Beigic delivers on. Everything is packaged in glass, making it sustainable as well. Anything that has coffee in it seems to do really well at PWB.”

  1. Anda Hybrid Cleanser

“I have been using this product ever since I got my hands on it. It gently removes everything from my face, leaving it super clean, but soft as well. The use of structured water in one of their other products is what intrigued me the most at first, but the cleanser has me hooked. I think my customer would love this product due to the fact that suits all skin types. You can wash it off and have your skin feel like it doesn’t really need anything else.”

  1. Terra & Co. Brilliant Black Toothpaste

“I heard of Terra & Co. a few months ago, but this was my first time experiencing the brand and the product first hand. The packaging is minimalistic and chic. The toothpaste has activated charcoal, which gently detoxes the mouth, leaving it super clean and fresh. I also love that they donate toothpaste every year to a women’s shelter in LA. Brands that give back hold a special place in my heart, and it’s something I look for when taking on new brand partners. Their goal is to help eliminate as much plastic in our landfills by selling bamboo toothbrushes as well.  Toothpaste sells really well at PWB, so having a brand with such a strong mission behind it will really appeal to my customer.”

  1. Stamba Perform Superfood Powder Blend

“First of all, it tastes amazing! They gave me some mixed into a bit of coconut yogurt, and it was like eating dessert. I spoke with the founder, who is so passionate about the sourcing of the ingredients in every product, especially the maca. They source everything directly from regions that have high standards for sustainability and fair-trade practices, which results in a superior product. All the packaging is reusable as well. They believe beauty starts from within and from the gut, which I wholeheartedly agree with. More and more, people are asking me for superfood blends and probiotics, so this would be a great addition.”