TikTok-Loved Clean Luxury Fragrance Brand And Beacon Award Winner Eauso Vert Gets Retail Lift

Clean luxury fragrance brand Eauso Vert is riding a welcome consumer and press reception into retailers.

It’s entered Moda Operandi and Bergdorf Goodman, where Salvia Salvia, a savory skin musk fragrance, has made its exclusive store debut. Faye Harris, who founded Eauso Vert with Tanya Gonzalez, a fellow former influencer marketer at Estée Lauder-owned Too Faced, says, “They’re both very aligned with this idea of conscious luxury that we’re all about.”

Eauso Vert kicked off in 2022 with five fragrances. One of those fragrances, Vanilla Embers, received a Beacon Award for best home and fragrance product launch from Beauty Independent. A second, Purple Noon, snagged an Allure Best of Beauty award for best floral fragrance. “We were always hopeful, but the response has far exceeded all of our expectations,” says Gonzalez.

An additional highlight: Eauso Vert sold out of the Purple Noon fragrance and discovery sets, the latter of which included sample sizes of the five initial scents. “It happened due to an organic TikTok video that went viral in February of last year,” recalls Harris. “We’ve done zero paid advertising and zero paid marketing. Everything has been organic.”

The TikTok video captioned, “The scent really has a chokehold on everyone in Los Angeles,” was posted by user brittytok last year and has racked up over 400,000 views. In it, she explains that a waiter in Los Angeles along with “Uber drivers, vintage store owners, bookstore owners, people on the street and people at the mall” have been stopping her to ask about the scent she’s wearing.

“If I go out wearing this perfume, I am talking to no less than two people about it,” she says, revealing the scent to be Eauso Vert’s Purple Noon at the end of the video.

Eauso Vert founders Tanya Gonzalez and Faye Harris

“Eauso Vert Fragrance” boasts over 60 million views on TikTok, with everyone from micro-influencers to big-name creators showcasing the brand’s products. Harris says, “It’s been so cool to see these really dedicated perfume enthusiasts and fragrance collectors share their opinions on our scents and has definitely led to our rise in popularity.”

The demand for Eauso Vert was evident at Allure’s live Best of Beauty event in October last year. Lines wrapped around the event space, according to Gonzalez. It was one of the first times that customers could test out and smell the brand’s fragrances scents in person. Gonzalez says, “Seeing that response was just another reminder that we needed to bring our fragrances to people in person.”

Beyond Bergdorf Goodman and Moda Operandi, Eauso Vert has partnered with Scentbird, the fragrance subscription service allowing consumers to test drive perfume samples before purchasing the full sizes. Harris says, “We’ve been able to deliver samples to over 30,000 people through that platform alone and are adding different ways to offer samples on our own website, which has been really great in terms of giving people the opportunity to try before they buy.”

Up until recently, Harris and Gonzalez spearheaded ingredient transparency at Eauso Vert via blockchain technology. Now, the brand has teamed up with ingredient information resource ClearForMe. Harris says, “It’s a clickable tool where anyone buying on our website can get more education around the ingredients and our products, so it’s something we’re really excited about.”

Eauso Vert adheres to standards for fragrance ingredients set by the retailer Credo, the European Union and the International Fragrance Association. The brand describes its formulas as being 97.7% to 99% biodegradable, vegan, cruelty-free and free of pesticides and genetically modified organisms and containing 100% organic sugarcane.

Developed after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Eauso Vert’s inaugural fragrance collection was rooted in escapism and wanderlust. Its second collection focuses on connecting with Gonazlez’s Latin heritage. The brand has collaborated with Mexican-born perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux on the collection.

Salvia Salvia, the second launch from Eauso Vert’s new collection, made its exclusive retail debut at Bergdorf Goodman.

“It’s inspired by the places and experiences that have made us who we are,” says Gonazlez. “We viewed this as an opportunity to bring the Latin experience to the luxury space, which is not something that is traditionally done.”

Eauso Vert’s latest launch Fruto Oscuro, named for the words for “dark” and “fruit” in Spanish, features Mexican cherries. Gonzalez characterizes it as “rich and decadent scent, but also musky.” She says Salvia Salvia, also in the second collection, “is really different from the other fragrances that we’ve released so far…It’s a very porous, wet scent that has mineral undertones and smells really beautiful on the skin.” The third fragrance in the collection will come to market in October.

Eauso Vert plans to expand into home and candles soon. Harris and Gonzalez are preparing to fundraise for the brand as well. They didn’t disclose how much they aim to raise. To date, Eauso Vert hasn’t received institutional funding, but it ran a Kickstarter campaign in 2022 that brought in $32,899 from 178 backers.

“We’re really looking forward to the next six to 12 months,” says Harris. “There are so many exciting things to come.”