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For Brand Founders

"I desperatelly need help. I just don't have time to find it!"

Sound familiar? As a beauty entrepreneur, you often have to rely on outside vendors to get important work done. But how do you efficiently identify and contact reliable vendors? Uplink is a service marketplace built for indie beauty entrepreneurs, with more than 600 vendors across six major functional categories, that makes it easy to identify and contact reliable solution providers. Uplink offers Choice (hundreds of providers); Trust (indie-attuned Verified Vendors); Confidence (Buying Guides that outline common business practices); and Speed (issue work proposals with Uplink Requests).

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For Solution Providers

Finding new business opportunities in today’s fast-paced, fractured beauty market is the key to growth. But it’s difficult to reach emerging brands.

Enter Uplink. Within each of Uplink’s six Category directories, solution providers can choose to become verified by Beauty Independent and carry the “Verified Vendor” designation. Verified Vendors enjoy several important advantages: Visibility (Verified Vendors always appear at the top of their directory listing, ensuring best visibility); Depth (Verified Vendor company profile pages display logo, company description and client testimonials); and Prospects (Uplink requests are only sent to Verified Vendors).

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A New Way to Connect

Connect faster with customizable digital work orders.

For brands, an Uplink Request is an efficient and easy way to contact trusted solutions providers with your project needs: Identify the deliverables you need to grow your business; Post a request; and Connect with trusted vendors to get the job done. The Uplink Request will be sent to Verified Vendors with expertise in the selected deliverables. For Verified Vendors, Uplink Requests represent a new form of lead generation that helps them partner with the rising stars of indie beauty.

Uplink Requests are only available to Beauty Independent Subscribers and Verified Vendors.

Featured on Uplink

  • Simplicity

    Save months of time searching multiple resources that yield overwhelming and unreliable results. Uplink Concierge simplifies the search process, quickly provides you a shortlist of qualified vendors, and connects you to the right people at the right companies.

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  • Support

    Whether helping you better understand a specific category, conducting the vendor search on your behalf, or making a personal introduction to the right vendor contacts, Uplink Concierge supports you during one of the most lengthy, lonely and frustrating phases of the vendor selection process.

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  • Results

    You can feel confident that the vendors proposed by Uplink Concierge are qualified and eager to work with you. And when it’s time to move on to the negotiation and selection phase, you will be empowered to make the right decision for you and your brand.

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