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For Brand Founders

"I desperatelly need help. I just don't have time to find it!"

Sound familiar? As a beauty entrepreneur, you often have to rely on outside vendors to get important work done. But how do you efficiently identify and contact reliable vendors? Uplink is a service marketplace built for indie beauty entrepreneurs, with more than 600 vendors across six major functional categories, that makes it easy to identify and contact reliable solution providers. Uplink offers Choice (hundreds of providers); Trust (indie-attuned Verified Vendors); Confidence (Buying Guides that outline common business practices); and Speed (issue work proposals with Uplink Requests).

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For Solution Providers

Finding new business opportunities in today’s fast-paced, fractured beauty market is the key to growth. But it’s difficult to reach emerging brands.

Enter Uplink. Within each of Uplink’s six Category directories, solution providers can choose to become verified by Beauty Independent and carry the “Verified Vendor” designation. Verified Vendors enjoy several important advantages: Visibility (Verified Vendors always appear at the top of their directory listing, ensuring best visibility); Depth (Verified Vendor company profile pages display logo, company description and client testimonials); and Prospects (Uplink requests are only sent to Verified Vendors).

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A New Way to Connect

Connect faster with customizable digital work orders.

For brands, an Uplink Request is an efficient and easy way to contact trusted solutions providers with your project needs: Identify the deliverables you need to grow your business; Post a request; and Connect with trusted vendors to get the job done. The Uplink Request will be sent to Verified Vendors with expertise in the selected deliverables. For Verified Vendors, Uplink Requests represent a new form of lead generation that helps them partner with the rising stars of indie beauty.

Uplink Requests are only available to Beauty Independent Subscribers and Verified Vendors.

Featured on Uplink

  • Market by ROI
    $150 off Annual Membership for IBE Attendees!

    Uplink Live at Indie Beauty Expo NY attendees will enjoy $150 in savings when you sign up for a yearly membership for Market by ROI. Market is a highly curated collection of clean beauty and wellness brands across 16 categories. Buyers from retail and apothecary establishments, spa directors, salon owners, and corporate buyers can conveniently review our exciting product mix with the help of our Market Team. Our 1800+ Buyers value our years of expertise and the relationships that we have built to recommend specific brands that will be best suited for their collections.

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  • A Complete Solution for Beauty Brands
    Croda delivers innovative formulations to beauty consumers

    Croda's extensive portfolio contains market-leading actives, innovation in effect-driven ingredients and a strong heritage portfolio of formulation aids to build a total formulation. "Beyond cosmetic ingredients, we are experts in formulation development, claims substantiation, market analysis, and industry regulations. We are excited to be part of the 1st Uplink Live exhibit to have the opportunity to meet with Indie brands in a more intimate setting to understand their challenges and find ways that we can support their growth and future success."

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  • Two Shows, One Ticket
    Entry to IBE and Uplink Live with a single low price

    Beauty Independent launched Uplink as a digital platform to help brand founders source credible solutions. And now, with the introduction of Uplink Live, you can go beyond a digital connection, and meet solution providers face-to-face. Uplink Live is a companion event within Indie Beauty Expo (IBE) New York, the world’s largest exposition of independent beauty brands and the epicenter of today’s new beauty industry. One ticket gets you access to both events, and with Uplink Live, walking an incredible show floor just got even better.

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  • Giveaways for Small Brands
    Base Beauty, a Market Leading Omnichannel Creative Agency

    Base Beauty will be hosting giveaways during Indie Beauty Expo + Uplink Live in New York, including a free brand audit, a spot on the Base Beauty agency’s podcast and more! Base Beauty, the omni-channel creative agency dedicated to the beauty and wellness industries, was founded in 2007 by long time industry pioneer and beauty expert, Jodi Katz. Best known for her role as the first US Creative Director of L’Occitane en Provence, Jodi built and led the global integrated creative department for four years. While at L’Occitane, she honed her brand building skills and developed a desire to collaborate with, nurture and grow innovative beauty brands.

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  • Market-Ready Products
    Solesence Drives Brand Success Through Product Innovation

    Solésence Beauty Science develops and manufactures patent-protected skin care, sun care and cosmetics products for brands. Solésence is dedicated to helping brands thrive in the beauty industry with elegant products that use cutting-edge innovations customers will see as essential for healthy skin. Whether you’re an established beauty brand looking to refine your product portfolio or a new brand looking to establish your place in the market, Solésence committed to helping you succeed.

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  • Special Pricing for Previous Exhibitors
    Past IBE exhibitors offered low-cost one and two-day tickets; plus, BeautyX!

    Have you exhibited at one of our past Indie Beauty Expos? If so, you are eligible for a low-priced ticket to IBE and Uplink Live. A two-day Previous Exhibitor pass provides access to the show floor for just $295 (that's $300 less than a standard ticket). Don't need all that time? A one-day pass, exclusive to Previous Exhibitors, is also available for just $195. To further show our appreciation, we are offering bundles of IBE/Uplink Live tickets together with a ticket to the two-day BeautyX Capital Summit preceding the show for $1,595.

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  • Fortress Brand, Unique Distinctions Join Uplink Live
    Leaders in Amazon strategy and packaging

    Uplink Live is proud to announce the addition of two dynamic brands to its exhibitor line-up. Don't let the online marketplaces dilute your brand authority, sales, reputation, and potential. Take back control with Fortress Brand. "We love Amazon so you don't have to. As a fully aligned partner with no hidden fees, we’re fully invested in your continued success. You sell us your product. We protect your digital presence and boost your sales. It really is that easy." Unique Distinctions is a North American company that brings an international perspective to the packaging industry. "Our network of manufacturing facilities provides extensive production capabilities, innovation and custom design. Our key to success is the Unique Distinctions International office strategically located in Shenzhen, PRC to administer local sourcing, network development, quality control and logistics services."

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  • Aptar Beauty & Home Indie Boutique
    Top-Selling Dispensing Products with Shorter Lead Times and Smaller MOQs

    Aptar Beauty + Home launched Indie Boutique in 2018 to provide Indie brand owners access to high-quality dispensing and full packaging solutions for their beauty and personal care packaging needs. Indie Boutique is a curated collection of our locally produced, top selling items in stock colors with low minimum order quantities and short lead times. When an indie brand partners with us they are promised the same quality and service that all of our customers receive, the additional benefit of on-site technical support and lab testing services.

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  • Indie Beauty Week Package Deal
    Attend BeautyX Capital Summit and Uplink Live at Indie Beauty Expo NY 2019 and Save!

    Capital is essential to achieving your brand’s full commercial potential. As an entrepreneur, you must have a solid understanding of your business’ capital requirements, where, when and how to source the capital you will need, and the best practices in deploying outside capital. Save big when you bundle your BeautyX Capital ticket with your Uplink Live at Indie Beauty Expo NY ticket!

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