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  • Roundtable — episode 85

    Quarterly Data Snapshot Q1 ’22

    Join us for our ongoing roundtable bringing together the best and most respected providers and research from around the industry....
  • Roundtable — episode 75

    Beauty’s Big Deals

    Beauty brands continued to be hot commodities as 2021 came to a close— Procter & Gamble snapped up three brands in a matter of months with...
  • Roundtable — episode 72

    Finding Funding: BIPOC Founders

    The amount of institutional capital given to BIPOC-founders was up in 2021, but in total, the money flowing into BIPOC-owned businesses remains...
  • Roundtable — episode 66

    Small Growth Investors

    Spotting potential in nascent brands is what growth investors do best and it seems institutional funding is finding its way to beauty and...
  • Roundtable — episode 62

    The Great M&A Retail Shakeup

    The tide is rising for beauty retail. Beauty insiders have been abuzz over the recent movement in the retail segment—Sephora acquiring...
  • Roundtable — episode 58

    Founders On Funding: Seed Rounds

    Getting outside funding at any stage can be a challenging road to navigate, but landing those first dollars of investment can prove to be the...
  • Roundtable — episode 44

    The SPAC Phenomenon

    The beauty industry has become a magnet for all manner of investors—from angels to family offices, venture funds, private equity firms and now...
  • Roundtable — episode 29

    Quarterly Data Snapshot Q3 ’20

    Join us for the first installment of our ongoing roundtable bringing together the best and most respected providers and research from around the...
  • Roundtable — episode 23

    Disruptive Capital

    It takes more than a good product and robust social following to convince beauty backers to write massive checks, according to three leading...
  • Roundtable — episode 9

    Venture Capital For Successful Startups

    What compels seasoned investors to write a $1 million check, a life-changing amount for most indie beauty entrepreneurs, for one brand versus...
  • Roundtable — episode 4

    Beauty Investors

    In this edition of In Conversation, four beauty investors with proven track records reach the consensus that a V-shaped recovery is unlikely due...