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  • Roundtable — episode 111

    The New Guard

    From driving industry trends to securing major retail placements— there is no doubt about it, U Beauty, Nécessaire, Shani Darden Skin Care...
  • Roundtable — episode 21

    Male-Centric Beauty

    Men’s grooming is in the process of a makeover. Once a one-note segment centered on basic hygiene products, a new crop of independent...
  • Roundtable — episode 20

    Conscious Beauty

    The idea of conscious beauty is spreading across the beauty industry, from brands to retailers. From products to business practices, the...
  • Roundtable — episode 16

    Plant-Based Powerhouses

    By developing plant-driven formulas to contend with—and best—their legacy competitors the founders of Pai, Vintner’s Daughter and Honey...
  • Roundtable — episode 10

    Beyond Inclusivity

    The racial wealth gap undermines the wellbeing and financial security of Black Americans, and it impedes U.S. economic growth. Four Black...