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  • Roundtable — episode 45

    Selling On Amazon

    Beauty Independent conducted surveys of independent brands in 2019 (pre-pandemic) and 2020 (post-pandemic) to explore the diverse experiences of...
  • Roundtable — episode 43

    Omni-Channel Retail

    Delivering a seamless digital and in-person shopping experience is crucial for leading retailers. Join IBMG co-founder Nader Naeymi-Rad and top...
  • Roundtable — episode 42

    Sex Sells: Sexual Wellness At Retail

    In 2021, you can buy lube at Nordstrom, shop vibrators at Holt Renfrew and browse arousal oils at Urban Outfitters. Sex sells, now more than...
  • Roundtable — episode 38

    Maximizing Amazon

    For emerging beauty brands, Amazon is perhaps the biggest opportunity in commerce, but it is an enormous and oftentimes perilous portal to...
  • Roundtable — episode 36

    Beauty Retail’s Evolution

    To say shopping for beauty and wellness changed in 2020 would be an understatement. But nimble retailers are embracing this as time to innovate...
  • Roundtable — episode 29

    Quarterly Data Snapshot Q3 ’20

    Join us for the first installment of our ongoing roundtable bringing together the best and most respected providers and research from around the...
  • Roundtable — episode 18

    Niche Retailers

    In this episode, some of the most prestigious indie beauty retailers gather for a panel on meeting unmet consumer needs and what they look for...
  • Roundtable — episode 14

    Cosmetics & Skincare Retail Leaders

    The heads of three of the most highly desirable boutiques for beauty entrepreneurs sit on a panel to shed light on their perspective of...
  • Roundtable — episode 7

    Post-COVID Retail Models

    Stores with walls aren’t dead, agreed the four retail experts and strategists during the In Conversation webinar about the retail models of...
  • Roundtable — episode 6

    Department Stores: Is There A Future?

    The pandemic didn’t cause department stores’ struggles. It did, however, speed up the consequences of those struggles. In this webinar, four...
  • Roundtable — episode 3

    Beauty Retailers

    There’s no roadmap for operating beauty stores during a pandemic. The challenge for retailers? Sorting through how to allow and urge shopping...