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  • Roundtable — episode 64

    Niche Beauty E-Tailers

    Launching in hundreds of doors with big box chain or pure play retailer is often what a founder dreams about, but many brands find more...
  • Roundtable — episode 62

    The Great M&A Retail Shakeup

    The tide is rising for beauty retail. Beauty insiders have been abuzz over the recent movement in the retail segment—Sephora acquiring...
  • Roundtable — episode 61

    Winning Retail Strategies

    Direct to consumer brands may have proliferated in recent years, but working with physical and digital retail partners is the key to ensuring...
  • Roundtable — episode 56

    Lessons In European And UK Product Compliance

    The shift to digital has enabled consumers from all over the globe to discover new beauty brands, increasing the desire for US-based brands to...
  • Roundtable — episode 51

    Beauty In China

    China, the world’s second largest beauty market in terms of revenue and consumption value behind the US, is ripe with growth opportunity. And...
  • Roundtable — episode 45

    Selling On Amazon

    Beauty Independent conducted surveys of independent brands in 2019 (pre-pandemic) and 2020 (post-pandemic) to explore the diverse experiences of...
  • Roundtable — episode 43

    Omni-Channel Retail

    Delivering a seamless digital and in-person shopping experience is crucial for leading retailers. Join IBMG co-founder Nader Naeymi-Rad and top...
  • Roundtable — episode 42

    Sex Sells: Sexual Wellness At Retail

    In 2021, you can buy lube at Nordstrom, shop vibrators at Holt Renfrew and browse arousal oils at Urban Outfitters. Sex sells, now more than...
  • Roundtable — episode 38

    Maximizing Amazon

    For emerging beauty brands, Amazon is perhaps the biggest opportunity in commerce, but it is an enormous and oftentimes perilous portal to...
  • Roundtable — episode 36

    Beauty Retail’s Evolution

    To say shopping for beauty and wellness changed in 2020 would be an understatement. But nimble retailers are embracing this as time to innovate...
  • Roundtable — episode 29

    Quarterly Data Snapshot Q3 ’20

    Join us for the first installment of our ongoing roundtable bringing together the best and most respected providers and research from around the...
  • Roundtable — episode 18

    Niche Retailers

    In this episode, some of the most prestigious indie beauty retailers gather for a panel on meeting unmet consumer needs and what they look for...
  • Roundtable — episode 14

    Cosmetics & Skincare Retail Leaders

    The heads of three of the most highly desirable boutiques for beauty entrepreneurs sit on a panel to shed light on their perspective of...
  • Roundtable — episode 7

    Post-COVID Retail Models

    Stores with walls aren’t dead, agreed the four retail experts and strategists during the In Conversation webinar about the retail models of...
  • Roundtable — episode 6

    Department Stores: Is There A Future?

    The pandemic didn’t cause department stores’ struggles. It did, however, speed up the consequences of those struggles. In this webinar, four...
  • Roundtable — episode 3

    Beauty Retailers

    There’s no roadmap for operating beauty stores during a pandemic. The challenge for retailers? Sorting through how to allow and urge shopping...