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Roundtable — episode 49

Having an audience that keeps up with the happenings of a brand or its founder on social media is invaluable. But gaining loyalty like that doesn’t happen over night. Join social media stars Marianna Hewitt, Lauren Ireland, and Sarah Cheung and Moon Juice’s Amanda Chantal Bacon, an entrepreneur who became an influencer in her own right, as they discuss how to get potential customers to hit that follow button, why tapping into audience insights fuels innovation, and share practical advice on how anyone can translate storytelling into sales.


  • Nader Naeymi-Rad

    Founder & Publisher,
    Beauty Independent


  • Amanda Chantal Bacon

    Founder & CEO,
    Moon Juice
  • Sarah Cheung

    Sacheu Beauty
  • Marianna Hewitt & Lauren Ireland

    Summer Fridays