Department Stores: Is There A Future?

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Roundtable — episode 6

The pandemic didn’t cause department stores’ struggles. It did, however, speed up the consequences of those struggles. In this webinar, four retail veterans come together to detail how pure-play beauty retailers and the rise of e-commerce dealt devastating blows to the department store model. Even today, a key objective and a key roadblock in a department store is figuring out how to get customers shopping across various categories. Gussied up beauty departments don’t necessarily appeal to younger beauty consumers, who prefer to peruse multiple brands rather than depend on an expert tied to a single brand—but onboarding indie brands can help.


  • Nader Naeymi-Rad



  • Wendy Gottfried

    Former VP & DMM, Beauty,
    Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Clare Horner

    Former Senior Beauty Buyer,
  • Jennifer Miles

    Former SVP & DMM,
  • Kelly St. John

    Former VP & DMM, Beauty,
    Neiman Marcus