Beauty Investors

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Roundtable — episode 4

In this edition of In Conversation, four beauty investors with proven track records reach the consensus that a V-shaped recovery is unlikely due to unemployment numbers and the continued uncertainty in consumer markets. Based on the beauty industry’s performance in past recessions, the investors provide reasons to be optimistic beauty will remain relatively healthy in this downturn: the strength of e-commerce, increased levels of social media interactions between consumers and brands, and sales spikes for certain segments such as haircare. Notable quote: “For anyone that is innovative, there’s still some great opportunities for startups.”


  • Nader Naeymi-Rad



  • Michel Brousset

    Founder & CEO,
  • Rich Gersten

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner,
    True Beauty Ventures
  • Janet Gurwitch

    Operating Partner,
    Advent International
  • Joël Palix

    Palix Unlimited