Niche Retailers

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Roundtable — episode 18

In this episode, some of the most prestigious indie beauty retailers gather for a panel on meeting unmet consumer needs and what they look for in new brands. For independent beauty boutiques, business challenges are the norm. In the abnormal environment of a pandemic, the business challenges are even greater. Each of the merchants defined their current customer bases, detailed their business models, and shared the paths brands should take to become part of their selections. Pro tip for brands seeking partnerships: Don’t harass them: A follow-up email or two is acceptable. Stop after that.


  • Nader Naeymi-Rad



  • Jeannie Jarnot

    Founder & CEO,
    Beauty Heroes
  • Brittney Ogike

    Founder & CEO,
    Beauty Beez
  • Kerrilynn Pamer

    Co-founder & CEO,
    Cap Beauty
  • Jessica Richards