The Big Opportunity In The Mom & Baby Category

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Roundtable — episode 86

The mom-and-baby category is ramping up as prenatal and postpartum care products—think nipple or stretch mark creams as well as scar ointments and hair growth supplements—are proving to be highly relevant to brands and retailers’ core audience. Join Nader Naeymi-Rad, private label Europelab’s Manon Pilon, founder of retailer Pretty Well Beauty, Jazmin Alvarez, and Nessa Skincare founder Fiona Toomey as they discuss formulation safety and developing products in this universe, whitespace in the category, navigating third-party certifications and what attributes shoppers care most about.


  • Nader Naeymi-Rad

    Founder & Publisher,
    Beauty Independent


  • Jazmin Alvarez

    Founder & Chief Curator,
    Pretty Well Beauty
  • Manon Pilon

    Derme & Co.
  • Fiona Toomey

    Founder & CEO,

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