Venture Capital For Successful Startups

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Roundtable — episode 9

What compels seasoned investors to write a $1 million check, a life-changing amount for most indie beauty entrepreneurs, for one brand versus another? In Venture Capital For Successful Startups, active investors discussed their recent picks, their guardrails and guidelines, and what they look for in a winning brand model. While discussing two hypothetical brands, the analysts emphasize how early-stage brands should concentrate on margin because a lot of the margin they enjoy selling via a digital direct-to-consumer model will be given up once they enter retailers. She underscored the retail cut should be factored in from day one.


  • Nader Naeymi-Rad



  • Claire Chang

    Founding Partner,
    lIgnite XL Ventures
  • Neda Daneshzadeh

    Co-founder & Partner,
    Prelude Growth Partners
  • Cristina Nuñez

    Co-Founder & General Partner,
    True Beauty Ventures
  • Lori Perella Krebs