Venture Capitalists

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Roundtable — episode 87

Funding curious? Join Nader Naeymi-Rad and three top venture capitalists who have invested in and nurtured beauty and wellness standouts like Alleyoop, Dame, Bubble, WelleCo, and Grown Alchemist, as they discuss how new waves of COVID-19 and rising inflation will affect current and future M&A activity, the specific attributes they look for in brands before investing and what categories are ripe for growth.


  • Nader Naeymi-Rad

    Founder & Publisher,
    Beauty Independent


  • Ransley Carpio

    Head of Venture Investments,
    Fortress Brand
  • Claire Chang

    Founding Partner,
    lIgnite XL Ventures
  • Sid Jawahar

    Founder & Managing Partner,
    Swiftarc Ventures