Bridge Mentorship: How to Become Funding Ready

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Roundtable — episode 119

Celebrating the end of another successful year with the Bridge Mentorship program in partnership with True Beauty Ventures, Nader Naeymi-Rad, True Beauty Ventures co-founders Cristina Nuñez and Rich Gersten along with the founders of the selected second cohort of brands for 2023 (DAMDAM Tokyo, Salwa Petersen and Viktor Michael) will summarize the program’s biggest takeaways including: how investors assess a brand’s potential, what founders should focus on and prioritize, and TBV’s strategic advice for building a break-through brand in beauty.


  • Nader Naeymi-Rad

    Founder & Publisher,
    Beauty Independent


  • Giselle Go & Philippe Terrien

  • Salwa Petersen

    Founder & CEO,
    Salwa Petersen
  • Nadya Kozlova & Shay Sim

    Viktor Michael
  • Rich Gersten

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner,
    True Beauty Ventures
  • Cristina Nuñez

    Co-Founder & General Partner,
    True Beauty Ventures