Small Growth Investors

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Roundtable — episode 66

Spotting potential in nascent brands is what growth investors do best and it seems institutional funding is finding its way to beauty and wellness brands earlier than ever before. Join Nader Naeymi-Rad and Pat Robinson, Managing Director of CircleUp Growth Partners, Tina Bou-Saba, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Verity Venture Partners and Odile Roujol, Founder of Fab Ventures, to understand what makes top investors want to throw their weight behind a young brand, how to lay the foundation towards becoming a breakout brand, and specific categories they are betting big on in 2022 and beyond.


  • Nader Naeymi-Rad



  • Tina Bou-Saba

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner,
    Verity Venture Partners
  • Pat Robinson

    Managing Director,
    CircleUp Growth Partners
  • Odile Roujol

    Founding Partner,
    Fab Ventures