How Brand Founders’ Beauty Routines Have Changed Due To COVID-19 Lockdowns

In this edition of Beauty Independent’s ongoing series posing questions to beauty entrepreneurs, we ask 11 brand founders and executives: How has your beauty or wellness routine changed during the pandemic?

Eva Eckerblad Co-Founder, Siblings

My beauty routine has become less about makeup and beauty products, and more focused on general self-care: Taking time for a relaxing bath or doing a nice face mask. I recently got one of those little electric face scrubbers, so I’ve been all about that lately. Also, I'm trying to do basic things like drink enough water, get outside for a walk every day, organize and clean the house. Home care is self-care, too.

Ali Kaminetsky Founder and CEO, Modern Picnic

During this pandemic, my beauty routine has changed in a few different ways. I have been extra mindful to wash my hands before and after applying my skincare and makeup, when I actually put it on, and have used this time to give both my skin and eyelashes a breather. Also, thanks to a much shorter commute in the morning—just a few steps away—I have definitely been getting more beauty rest.

Yangee Paik Co-Founder, Rael

These days, I deal with a lot of stress due to the uncertainty, which is impacting my skin condition negatively. I’ve always been so keen on keeping my skin hydrated and putting on SPF religiously for my daytime activities. Now, my beauty routine is primarily focused on keeping my skin moisturized all day long and doing deep cleansing on my own, which I used to get from my facialist time to time. 

Now, every three to four days, I use a mild exfoliator containing papain, an enzyme extracted from papaya, to remove all the dead cells on my skin and put on a lot of a serum and cream that contain antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. Then, every evening, I rotate between using our Moisture Melt Snowball for a hydration boost and putting on a sheet mask before going to bed. In fact, I found my sheet mask ritual at night to be such a calming experience. It gives me peace and downtime to relax at least for 15 minutes while I have the sheet mask on, which also helps provide various nutrients to my face.

Allison Howard CEO, Nollapelli

The biggest change to my routine during the pandemic has been getting more sleep. Despite being in the business of sleep, it's my personal belief that you can never get enough. Now that I don't need to get kiddos ready and off to school, that has been the most welcome change to my wellness routine.

Kim Wileman CEO of Cobuna Brands, As|if by Nassif

I have personally tried almost every mask out there! I’m letting my hair loose in its natural curly state. I definitely apply makeup for Zoom meetings. However, I may have had a day or two dressed and made up from the waist up with PJ bottoms! 

Cindy Kang Co-Founder, Hey Dewy

My beauty routine hasn't changed much during the pandemic. I'm still focused on hydration. For hydration, I use serums and creams packed with hyaluronic acid and my Hey Dewy humidifier for cool mist. I continue to deep clean my pores once a week with a home facial suction tool, and I always enjoy my soothing eye patches and face masks.  

It's actually nice not wearing makeup, and letting my skin breathe and rejuvenate. And since my hair is getting so long, I'm trying to keep it healthy, hydrated, and embrace the grey hairs that are coming in...hello natural beauty. Instead of getting my nails done every few weeks, I actually cut them short and started playing my guitar again.

Kailey Bradt CEO and Founder, OWA Haircare

My overall routine hasn't really changed as I still believe in getting myself together in the morning to get into the workplace mindset. However, I find this an excellent time to experiment with new products. Believe it or not, I hadn't gotten on the CBD skincare train yet. I had only tried CBD drops. So, I'm trying two new brands.

The first is CannukaI love the concept of the brand which takes two natural actives—manuka honey and CBD—and combines them into super products. I am currently using the CBD Nourishing Body Cream and the CBD Cleansing Body Bar as I have very sensitive skin and want to see if it helps with skin irritation. Secondly, I have some products from Urja Beauty on the way that I'm excited to work into my skincare routine. 

I also took this opportunity to experiment with applying my own gel nails. I ordered the UV lamp and all the products they have at the natural nail spa I go to in SoHo. However, I wasn't sure what cuticle oil they used, so I ordered some from Sundays Studio, which just released theirs this past week. I got the Cuticle Serum 02 Hydration – CS. 02. I figure, if I mess something up or something doesn't work for me during this time, no one will know!

Elaine Li Founder, Iremia Skincare

We have been in self-isolation since March 12 and, as a family with small children, it has had a huge impact on my routine during the work days. I don’t typically take a long time with my beauty routine as my products offer a minimalistic approach to skincare, and I don’t wear much makeup (sometimes concealer and mascara only when we were not in isolation). 

In the mornings, my routine consists of giving myself a massage with our Soothing Lotion and Restorative Facial Oil after cleansing. We have had to adjust our days to account for homeschooling and managing our toddler, so my focus has been there. Early morning walks with our dog is my way of maintaining a healthy balance and mental health as it gives me space to think and meditate before the day starts. 

The great thing about our products is that you can use them both morning and night. They’re versatile. For example, our Soothing Lotion is gentle enough to be used around your eyes, removing the need for an eye cream. My nighttime routine is the same as my morning, but I layer on our Protective Cream for extra moisture before going to bed. I occasionally mix our Restorative Facial Oil in with it to create a deeper moisturizing mask. It really simplifies things without sacrificing the care your skin gets.

Gina Nam Founder, AMYO

I always wash my face morning and night with La Roche Posay Gel Purifying cleanser. To moisturize, I apply Rubycell Stem Cell serum two times a day. In the morning, I always apply Supergoop's SPF 40 lotion, especially important for my daily walks to clear my head during quarantine. I’ve also been using sheet masks to keep my skin hydrated and to feel pampered while stuck at home. I use microdermabrasion crystals to exfoliate three times a week. Twice a month, I'll use my at-home microdermabrasion handheld machine for a deeper exfoliation.

Jen Fassino Founder, Nomad Haircare

My beauty routine has changed significantly with the stay-at-home order. Normally, I am a Milk Makeup foundation junkie and wear blush on my cheeks with slight bronzer, a full Glossier Boy Brow and a bright lip. Lately, I've switched to a very natural makeup look for my Zoom meetings.

My skin is extremely sensitive, so I have opted for using light skincare products to correct my skin texture. I am obsessed with a brand called Osea and use their Hyaluronic Sea Serum like it's going out to style! It helps with my skin texture and feels super soft. Other than that, I use the Gentle Cleanser face wash by Intraceuticals and a super thick face lotion by EmerginC called Complexion Control. I've never used a face lotion this thick before, but my facialist suggested it. It was a little hard to adjust at first, but I am loving it! This trio has been my holy grail for skincare the last few weeks. I haven't applied anything other than those products to my face. No makeup at all, which is very rare for me.

Pre-quarantine, I highlighted my hair and have been taking a break from the blow dryer as well. I air-dry only and am playing with my natural texture. Normally, I blow dry every time I wash, but I haven't touched it in weeks. I like how soft it's feeling without the heat being applied. I only use my Nomad Haircare shampoo, conditioner and serum for hair products right now and trying to learn to fishtail braid on my own hair. It's a work in progress, LOL.

Megan Roup Creator, The Sculpt Society

My beauty routine has changed slightly because I am live streaming on camera every day. I normally wear light makeup in my daily routine, but when I am filming I wear a little bit more. My wellness routine hasn't really changed. I still make time every morning to go through my morning routine: lemon water, coffee, and meditation. These rituals help set my day up for success and are especially important during this time to weave things into our day that make us feel good, whether that's meditation, movement, connecting with family over FaceTime, an evening walk, etc.

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