Hindsight Is 20/20: Expensive Mistakes And How Brands Learn
In this edition of Beauty Independent’s ongoing series posing questions to beauty entrepreneurs, we ask 11 brand founders and executives: What expense did you shell out for at the start of your brand that you wish you hadn’t shelled out for? 
Hullosam’s Sammie Kolk Is The Friendliest Influencer On Instagram
When social media is at its best, it introduces the world to relatable personalities the Hollywood machine with its handled shellacked goddesses couldn’t possibly produce. Sammie Kolk is such a personality. Your steadfast bestie with perhaps cooler hair, any girl would feel comfortable turning to Kolk for lipstick tips. “Being friendly is a huge ...
The Indie Beauty Take On Fragrance Ingredient Disclosure
Like many beauty entrepreneurs, Lite + Cycle founder Kristi Head’s penchant for design and love for quality products influenced her decision to launch a brand. Unlike many beauty entrepreneurs, anger played a role in the decision, too. “Because of experiences working with fragrance businesses, I started to learn what the word ...
Sense Of Smell Drives Consumer Experiences At Perfumariē’s Discovery Studio
Perfumariē knows the nose knows. The online-offline concept encourages fragrance shoppers to consider scents at Discovery Studio, a wine bar of sorts for perfume, with their sense of smell before they purchase. The 600-square-foot New York space opening next month houses 30 taps of numbered fragrances described in 500 characters or less with no brand ...
Samudra Squad Could Teach Taylor Swift’s Squad A Few Lessons In Badassery
Social media influencers and celebrities aren’t the be-all and end-all for beauty spokespeople. Samudra Skin & Sea picked its brand ambassadors based on their fearlessness rather than Instagram followers or IMDB credits. Together, the four ambassadors – Josie Iselin, nature photographer and author, Anna Douglas, co-founder of