Podcast Power: Indie Beauty Brand Founders Discuss The Spoken Word Medium

In this edition of Beauty Independent’s ongoing series posing questions to beauty entrepreneurs, we ask 10 founders and executives: Have you ever been on a podcast, and would you recommend it?

Erika Shumate CEO and Co-Founder, Pinrose

I have had the honor of being interviewed by Fat Mascara, a beauty-focused podcast hosted by Hearst beauty editors Jessica Matlin and Jen Goldstein. It was amazing, and I would definitely recommend trying this kind of medium. Not only did I learn a lot from Jenn and Jessica during my interview, but I also had the opportunity to tell our brand story in an organic and relaxed format.

Podcasts, when hosted by smart, engaging people, can really help highlight the passion and story behind your brand in an approachable and relatable way. You also get access to a captive audience that respects the expertise of the hosts and guests of the show.

Matthew Stillman Founder, Primal Derma

To date, Primal Derma has been on three podcasts: Where Brains Meet Beauty, a beauty podcast run by Jodi Katz; A Sustainable Mind, a big outlet for wide ranging discussions about sustainability more broadly with Marjorie Alexander; and Evryman, a great podcast about men’s work run by Dan Doty.

We pitch to podcasts regularly using the approach we learned from Brigitte Lyons of B Think Forwardwho has a great podcast pitching course. If you have an interesting story to tell there are so many venues to share your insights and perspectives if you see your story as more than beauty.

Andrew Glass Founder, Non Gender Specific

I participate in a weekly podcast that airs every Thursday called the Indie Beauty House Podcast. During these shows that I host with the founder of Indie Beauty House, Daniela Garcia, we share insights, discuss the indie beauty market, hot topics from that week, new brand updates, etc. I also share updates on Non Gender Specific.

I’d definitely recommend getting involved with a podcast. It’s a great way to learn industry updates, share ideas and gain new relationships. And Indie Beauty House is always looking for guests on the show.

Dennis Gross Founder, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

I was featured on The Skinny Confidential's Him & Her Show. I loved it and would highly recommend it. It is a great platform to connect with people.

As of 2017, at least 112 million Americans have listened to podcasts. They are great because they allow listeners to get a break from the screen and listen to a genuine conversation between people. They’re even better if you have a long commute to work.

Lauren Haynes Founder, Wooden Spoon Herbs

As a huge fan of podcasts, I would definitely recommend being a guest. I've been on Self Care Club with Natalie Ross, So You Wanna Be a Witch with Sarah Chappell, and Raw Milk with Beth Kirby. Being on these podcasts was helpful for boosting my brand awareness as it's so important these days to get to know and trust brand founders.

Jo Mortensen Founder and Director, Joji

I am working with a podcaster, Nicole, who is launching Sounds Sustainable, which features the best sustainable products to help people live a more conscious lifestyle. Her content will focus on businesses that are symbiotic in some form from being at an early stage in the launch to being a side hustler and, of course, having a matching interest in ethical, conscious consumerism.

The one aspect of launching a business that has been completely mind-blowing for me is the requirement to be "all singing, all dancing" and the necessity to quickly acquire a skill in an emerging area such as social media, vlogging, or podcasting. It means growing in so many ways.

Not only are you following this passion to create a product, but you also need to be agile enough and aware enough to spot how to reach your customers. And this area moves very quickly. It pushes your comfort zone because all of the sudden your face or your voice are at the center of your brand.

People are very in touch with the human behind an indie brand, which is absolutely fantastic. It also means pushing to deliver content and formats that I didn't envisage at the start of my journey. I think collaborations offer the opportunity to expand your reach and share strengths without having to become the expert. It is a more efficient use of the finite time and resources a solopreneur has.

Jennifer Freitas Founder and CEO, The Truth Beauty Company

I have been on a few podcasts and find them super fun, probably because I really love discussion and sharing my opinion. They have been local podcasts, but you never know who is listening so I would for sure do more.

Personally, I love listening to the Glowing Up girls or to Estee Lalonde. I find them uber relatable and that makes them even more inspirational. If they can live this amazing life and have similar life experiences, then I can really achieve anything I put my mind to. Plus, I happen to find them hilarious, and I learn so much at the same time.

Justin Silver Co-Founder and President, Aavrani

I was on a podcast for my undergrad [institution] in a Where R.A. Now? series. Aavrani is also lined up to speak on the StartU podcast featuring brands that have grown out of university ventures. Podcasts are a great opportunity to tell your story in an authentic way and really get the details from the founder. I would definitely recommend getting your story out there in order to grow brand awareness. The flip side is that you probably won’t see a ton of sales from your appearance. It’s not a high conversion activity, but a great brand-building one.

Jessica Kizovski Founder and Lead Formulator, Veriphy

I have been on a podcast, but it was unrelated to the brand at the time since Veriphy didn’t exist yet. It was a great experience.  A podcast is an interview or conversation that feels more natural, but you need to make sure you don’t get too relaxed because you are representing yourself and your brand. It’s also a great way to showcase your personality as a brand and brand founder.

Natasha Jay Founder, Pump Haircare

I would love to one day be on NPR's How I Built This with Guy Raz. It’s a podcast about business startups that has inspired and motivated me since I started my business. I remember hearing other people’s stories of how hard it was in the beginning and thinking, “Oh, I'm so glad it's not just me that feels this way.”

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