Ty Haney’s Community Platform TYB Enters Sexual Wellness With New Brand Rompy

Gen Z-focused sexual wellness brand Rompy has launched on Try Your Best, the web3 community-building platform established by Outdoor Voices founder Ty Haney last year.

Rompy is the first sexual wellness brand on TYB, which incentivizes consumers to interact with brands and weigh in on the direction of their businesses. Though Rompy is the first, co-founders and sisters Blakely and Savannah Spoor believe many more sexual wellness brands will follow it onto TYB.

“There’s a huge potential there for brands in the sexual wellness industry because it’s nearly impossible to reach your consumer on social media,” says Blakely. “Posts get deleted, Instagram ads never run. There’s all sorts of unfair regulations around it. TYB eliminates that middleman, and we can have a direct line of communication with our community.”

Try Your Best

Haney agrees, saying, “TYB has always been about giving brands a space to co-create with their community. Our collaboration with Rompy perfectly aligns with our values, and we are happy to provide a platform where sexual wellness brands can build engaging and rewarding conversations, experiences and education for gen Z.”

Rompy co-founders Savannah and Blakely Spoor Sarah Spoor

Because sexual wellness brands face scrutiny and barriers to spreading their message on social media networks with restrictive policies governing sexual language and imagery, they’re hunting for alternative routes for marketing and community building. Web3-based platforms erected on the blockchain offer them an end-around social media networks to connect with consumers. TYB is built on the decentralized, open-source Avalanche blockchain. Blockchain is a database mechanism permitting information sharing. 

TYB has a multi-pronged approach to community building. “It’s a group chat in a way, but also combined with Instagram. You can do polls, you can vote on things,” says Blakely. “It has elements like that where it can ask a multiple choice question like on options for color ways: ‘Vote on your favorite color and you’ll get 10 coins.’ Over time, you can stack up those coins and then redeem them for discounts on the actual products on our website.” Savannah says, “We can host Zoom cocktail hours before we start doing IRL events, and then when we start doing IRL events, you can actually get rewarded through the TYB platform for attending.” 

Brands like Rompy partnering with TYB pay annual fees to the platform. Rompy’s community members, affectionately known as “Rompers,” participate in the evolution of the brand through product co-creation, content direction and exclusive online and digital in-person events. The Spoors are interested in the community Rompy amasses on TYB guiding the brand along with them. That guidance is intended to go beyond the topics the brand should explore in content to what products it should develop.

Rompy is the first sexual wellness brand on TYB, but the platform has drawn many buzzy beauty brands, including The Outset, Topicals, Bread, 54 Thrones and Ceremonia as well as stylish beverage brand Figlia, pet care specialist Maev and Haney’s athletic wellness brand Joggy.

The twentysomething Spoor sisters may be on the younger end for entrepreneurs, but sexual wellness is a family affair. Their parents are owners of the Las Vegas luxury sex store Pepper. Rompy’s TYB debut is a soft launch of sorts for the brand. While Rompy merch is currently available, its sexual wellness products won’t be for sale until next year. The plan is for the brand to start with two sexual wellness products: one for vaginas, one for penises. All Rompy products will retail for $60 or less.