Beauty Brand Founders Share What They Think Will Be Important Trends In 2021

In this edition of Beauty Independent’s ongoing series posing questions to beauty entrepreneurs, we ask 37 founders and executives: What indie beauty trends do you think will be big in 2021?

Fiona Scrymgeour Chief Marketing Officer, INIKA Organic

Wellness and good mental health have been not only a top priority, but a necessity in 2020, and I see that carrying through to 2021 and beyond. We’ll see this reflected through several niche beauty trends. Muted (real look) skin and “glass” complexions (think hydration and low-shimmer glow) are here in a big way. Smudged lips with low-res definition will rule over the bold lip, which takes us on to the trend for glossy, tinted lips, lids and cheeks. We want to feel a bit rosy in the New Year: fresh and healthy.

The whole look is easygoing and thrown together, but through self-care, not carelessness. It’s low coverage with confidence. Similarly, this is why natural-looking fluffy brows and lashes are staying put. More effort will go into keeping your dresser a curated space for self-care rituals. The impact from your beauty look will come from bold nails, instead such as a negative space French manicure.

Kasper Kubica Co-Founder and COO, Carpe

The big product shift that I've been seeing over the last few years is the trend of starting conversations about "unsexy" issues and delivering solutions for them: i.e., body hair, menstrual care, excessive sweating all over the body, etc. In my eyes, the biggest shakeup here has come from companies like Roman and Hims, which shined a light on ED and hair loss as experienced by guys in their 20s and 30s. 

They did this with a lot of venture funding and a massive target, i.e., lowering access barriers to prescription drugs, but I expect that this movement will grow quite big in indie beauty through 2021 as opportunities that don't require huge amounts of capital become increasingly apparent, and people begin recognizing that beauty is a lot more than cosmetics. Ultimately, beauty includes addressing any personal care concerns that make a person feel less than all they can be.

Ann Somma Founder, Undone Beauty

The continued growth of micro entrepreneurs selling items like customized lip gloss from their living rooms. Why buy from the big brands when you can support an entrepreneur you follow on social? I think there will be a rethinking of extensive skincare and makeup routines in favor of simpler, streamlined rituals with products that really work for your skin and enhance your natural beauty.

A desire to buy and use “raw” materials like oils, butters, rose water and essential oils instead of finished products. From high-end indie brands like Kindred Black to sellers on Amazon, there are a lot of opportunities to buy pure skin and body care without the markup.

A trend I hope for is more access to capital, business training and retail opportunities for BIPOC entrepreneurs, especially women who have great insight into the needs of their markets and can change the product offerings and industry for the better!

Nichole Wright Founder and CEO, Satrell

I think that skincare, lip care and eye makeup will be big in 2021. These are a few trends that will continue to rise into next year because less makeup is being worn. People are more interested in making sure that their skincare regimen is up to par along with maintaining healthy lips.

Also, since we are stuck with wearing masks for a while, eye makeup is on the rise because that’s the first thing people are going to see and that’s another way to bring out your personality. These trends will be beneficial for indie brands to consider as they (including myself) are figuring out ways to invest time and money expanding their brand based on their creativity and being conscious of the foreseen changes in the beauty industry.

Sebastien Tardif Co-Founder, Veil Cosmetics

2021 beauty trends will continue to see a big focus on skincare products and quality ingredients, which goes hand in hand with the no-makeup makeup look and less-is-more trends. Low maintenance makeup and skincare will dominate the beauty space, offering easy alternatives with staying power and long-wear formulas as an answer to the challenging face mask wear.  

Let’s be honest, indie brands have, since the beginning, been behind the cleaner, vegan and cruelty-free movement as much as the online retailing business model as makeup giants left little room in the department stores or brick-and-mortar space. These giants are always following closely what indie brands have to offer and that is a trend in and of itself that will continue in 2021.

Conor Riley CEO, Luxie Beauty

2021 is going to be all about healthy dewy radiant skin. I think we are going to see a continued focus on skincare with minimal makeup. A natural complexion and healthy skin is what it's all about. I think that eye looks will continue to evolve with more and more variety. We all saw the bold eye looks of 2020 with blues, oranges and bright colors. I think that will be around. I love the artistry and detail. It just goes to show that people want to express themselves, even while we all wear masks.

Daniel A Roescheisen Founder, PAPR

I think that we are going to experience big changes in consumer consciousness and the way people shop for products. More and more people are waking up to the fact that consumption at current levels is not sustainable. To clean up your beauty routine and your bathroom in general is actually becoming easier. With that shifting consciousness, customers will look more for natural products that work for them and for ways to phase out single-use plastics.

Also, the past year has leapfrogged the e-commerce space, and every brand is doubling down on it. I think that will create a lot more competition, so your products and customer experience have to stand out in order to be successful.

Lisa Creaven Dentist and Co-Founder, Spotlight Oral Care

We see oral care trends following what skincare trends looked like a few years ago. Like skincare, there’s a move towards individualized needs. We predict that consumers will move away from multitasking, generic products, as seen from both our patients and consumers, and turn to oral care products that are targeted to specific and individual needs. 

The natural space is being reconsidered as patients find that natural oral care products are leading to increased oral disease. Consumers will instead lean into clinically effective oral care products. The ongoing consideration for the environment will continue to grow. We predict consumers will follow trends in other industries by not only looking at packaging, but also formulations in terms of cleaner ingredients. Animal testing is still a huge issue in oral care, which is going to come under more scrutiny.

MK Menikheim Founder, The Well Organics

The creativity that will emerge from a world that spent much of 2020 sheltered in place will be exciting to see. We’ll see this innovation play out in 2021 beauty trends. Wellness will play an integral role in 2021 as consumers will seek products that not only make them look beautiful yet also feel beautiful, centered and balanced. The mind-body-beauty connection will allow for unique collaborations and integrated partnerships based on connections to core values and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

SHALOM LLOYD Founder, Naturally Tribal Skincare

Clean beauty will continue to be a trend in 2021 where consumer savviness will prevail through education plus the demand for purpose-led indie brands will see brands who have impact in their DNA continue to rise. The tug between nature versus science I believe will spill into 2021 with creativity, innovation and personalization bridging the gap.

Consumers' search appetite for meaningful, personal and direct relationships with brands and brand owners will continue to lift indie brands, particularly in the skincare sector. Technology and digitalization in 2021 will increase the one-to-one relationship with customers and indie brands. Lastly, indie brands will continue to focus on sustainability, ethical sourcing and love for our planet, ensuring that we never return to what was.

Emily H. Rudman Founder, Emilie Heathe

As a small business, we are always looking at micro and macro trends in the industry. We also recognize that things are cyclical. For example, the nail polish category had been on a decline for a long time and, then, it was starting to increase again even before the pandemic hit. Right now, I would say skincare is leading the pack in beauty. It's been a growing category for years, but, with the pandemic, people are more aware of their skin and features on camera and virtual calls. Also, they are taking more care of their skin since they are wearing less makeup. 

Treatment and care products will continue to grow, and at-home DIY for services you would normally go to a salon or spa for will continue to increase. Tools in the nail category have been on the rise and will continue to trend upward along with tech as brands find new and innovative ways to connect with customers virtually. I can attest that. as a small brand, we are pivoting some of our launches, pushing our some color products to later and trying to get out our skincare and nail care and accessories items out faster. 

The pandemic does make this hard, so we are always playing the development long game. For example, we had wanted to create a candle for years, but, this year, we pushed it out ahead of some other previously planned launches because people were buying more of them and at home, so it made sense for a small business. I think you will continue to see new and exciting products, but I think people do not want a ton of products. They want curated, select and effective products that are worth the money.

EVELYN SUBRAMANIAM Founder, Bija Essence

2020 will be the catalyst and 2021 will be the change to traditional, holistic and medicinal ingredients (adaptogens, Ayurvedic materials). People will gravitate to all-natural, organic, sustainable, nontoxic, cruelty-free, transparent brands and products. 

The pandemic has brought us back to basics, simplicity and old human traditions, if you will. No more office, instead home. No more business lunches, instead homemade salads. No more full makeup, instead no makeup. No more spas, instead home spa. Income and spending? Many people are more conscious of spending after job losses, cuts or insecurity. People may be focusing on the inside out. What they consume internally will be more important as being out and exposed is out of the formula. 

Thanks to COVID-19, we will follow trends and purchase beauty items such as pure essential oils to go into diffusers to destress us and find calm in homes, spa beauty products such as natural face masks or vegetable homemade masks, anti-aging serums, 1-2-3 step nail care, easy and natural home haircare or leaving gray, all-natural body oils with therapeutic values to find calm, relaxation, energy and/or focus. We will support sustainable brands that don’t harm us and the environment. We will turn back to basics and incorporate traditional medicine much more into our lifestyles.

SELMIN KARATAS Co-Founder and CEO, Kazani

I think 2021 will continue to grow with cleaning products that contain alcohol. Hand sanitizers will have multiple features, which not only sanitize, but also moisturize and maybe some firms will even go so far as to add in anti-aging ingredients. It would be a win-win situation.

Self-care is growing as more people are staying home, and people are taking care of themselves. Hair serums will be on the rise as people can pour serum into the scalp and sleep until the following day and wash it since we have more time to stay in. Skincare will also continue as it is part of self-care. Another self-care ritual might be the rise of vitamins in beauty companies as the pandemic is not stopping and is continuing to rise. Elderberry is a very good ingredient for a vitamin. By staying home, candles with fragrances might continue to rise as well.

Brian Oh CEO and Co-Founder, Venn Skincare

There are strong indications that microbiome skincare will be a big trend next year. Skin microbiome refers to an ecosystem of living microorganisms on our skin (there are billions of them). It is really the skin’s first line of defense. Studies have shown that a healthy, balanced skin microbiome can help achieve healthier and younger skin. We’ve seen skincare products using prebiotics or probiotics to help improve the skin microbiome. Now, we are beginning to see products that combine probiotics and prebiotics (i.e., synbiotics) to more effectively address the skin microbiome.

Another big skincare trend, I predict, will be natural actives with strong anti-inflammatory properties that are also considered alternatives to very popular active ingredients like vitamin C and retinol. With COVID-19 and breakouts from having to wear a mask, people are already very interested in ingredients that help strengthen, hydrate and soothe skin. Niacinamide, hence, has recently become one of trending ingredients. Ginsenoside Compound K from Panax ginseng is one of very rare ingredients that is very rich with anti-inflammatory properties and is also comparable to vitamin C in terms of its skin benefits. Such new actives that can meet the people’s needs and are also comparable or alternatives to familiar and popular active ingredients will be a big trend.

Triniti Gawthrop Founder, Ami Wellness

Gut health awareness has been on the rise, but the pandemic has really brought that gut/immune system to the forefront. This trend will continue to grow as brands educate consumers and create hybrid brands that focus on both gut health and immunity.

Sleep: It is the foundation of health and the surge in mattress companies and pajamas shows we love it and invest in it. A round two for consumers will be sleep add-ons and sleep aids, preferably all-natural plant-based.

Finding balance: Self-care, emotional well-being, and healthy choices will all come into balance to create a new meaning of wellness. Brands will have to address the whole problem and show consumers how to use their products to create balance.

Quality value-driven wellness brands: An increased focus on health is triggering considerable consumer growth in the wellness sector, but concerns about joblessness and the economy that are likely to amplify as the pandemic creates a second surge will increase a need for quality value brands that will most likely blast beyond the pandemic. Many of these may pop up as value pricing luxury-positioned DTC.

E-commerce trends will go both offline with pop-ups as the world open ups as brands yearn to connect directly to consumers and, then, even more tech-focused as smart assistants and AI help consumers shop and help connect brands to consumers. Plant-based will continue to become mainstream for everything. From plant-based foods, to products, this is a trend that is only picking up momentum.

Kailey Bradt CEO and Co-Founder, OWA Haircare

Indie business is growing and not slowing down. The category highlights many female founders in the space who are innovating products around their own experiences. There is a lot more thought put into developing these products and, although they take longer to launch new products, it's really because there is so much more going into them.

Retail has been evolving. It definitely isn't dead. I see a lot of opportunities around storytelling in physical spaces. The in-store experience is changing for the better in a more thoughtful way. People are consuming more consciously, which allows for retailers to share more space to place products people will love rather than filling the shelves with as much as they can. Visual merchandising will continue to integrate with digital assets for a new experience. Spaces doing this currently are Story by Macy's, Showfields, Neighborhood Goods, Naked [and] Forum by Beta. I'm sure there will be more to come.

There's been interesting data in a post-COVID world that 98% of beauty consumers have been shopping more sustainably, immediately. It's been a conscious thought, but not a driver of consumption in beauty. Now people are making an effort to shop more green, and it can start simple: shopping refills, avoiding non-recyclable packaging and seeking new formats like waterless beauty.

Cherie Hoeger CEO and Co-Founder, Saalt

Mission-driven brands will become a consumer expectation. Every week, my inbox is flooded with resumes of people wanting to work with our company. When I ask, "Why Saalt?," the answer is always the same. Millennials don't just want a job, they want to work for a company whose corporate values align with their personal values. In 2021, millennials will represent the majority of the global workforce, and they will no longer view responsible and socially conscious businesses as an economic bonus, but an expectation. 

I believe social enterprise and the B Corp standard is decisively the way of the future. Its focus on conscious capitalism in every aspect of business—from sourcing products responsibly, paying fair wages, committing to transparency, and using business as a force for good—will prove to be both a social and economic driver in years to come. There is so much every business can do to maximize their social impact while simultaneously decreasing their environmental footprint.

More spending on sustainable and reusable products. It's during times like this current pandemic that we realize just how unsustainable our dependence on disposable products really is. It was after a phone call I had with an aunt in Venezuela who was going through a scarcity crisis that actually sparked the idea to design the Saalt Cup. I remember her describing empty grocery shelves, and people in a state of panic looking for basic commodities to care for their needs. 

This spring, we saw our families, friends and neighbors experiencing those same feelings, and we've seen the pandemic spur a lot of interest in the long-term viability of reusable options for period care. One Saalt Cup is reusable for up to 10 years and a $29 price tag also goes a long way in terms of savings over a decade. I believe 2021 will be the year that people prioritize their spending on sustainable period care products that bring long-term usability and value. 

Gender inclusive products for all menstruators will become the norm. When we started Saalt, we saw a need for products with packaging and colors that veered from the pastels and flowers you see in traditional fem-hy to offer more of an inclusive offering. Now, we hear over and over again how much our customers appreciate our more gender-neutral colors and branding. In 2021, we see gender-inclusive period products that appeal to all menstruators becoming the norm.

Courtney Somer Founder, Lake & Skye

For 2021, I think indie trends will continue to focus on wellness at home with a healthy dose of optimism. We have seen that people want simpler living to destress and even declutter, so beauty with multiple purposes that delivers a sense of escape and/or luxury will be useful and in demand. I also think this year has shown that people have switched their focus on their beauty routines from just looking good to making them feel beautiful for themselves and to feel good, joyful and hopeful from the inside out.

Deena Von Yokes Owner, Studio Savvy

The trend is to live more simply and less stressed when it comes to fashion meeting culture. Indie is a style of fabulous self-expression of the individual. It’s generally a look that most people question and may not understand at first, gently worn by a woman who is not afraid to be a free spirit. I personally believe it’s about being brave enough to beat to your drum and not really care about what others may think, not necessarily in a rebellious way, more of a friendly, happy, spiritual way. I would compare it to a more modern-day hippie. 

When it comes to the indie hair designs beauty trend for 2021, I see a more of a textured, tousled shaggy look. Think of it as more of a lived-in weather look. I personally think of it as more of a textured, shattered layered vibe. The type of personality that would wear it would be more of a free thinker fashion energy type. We are already seeing it here in 2020, soft loose waves with lots of texture with a curtain bang. Indie styles are always free-flowing, just like the individual who wears it!

Charlotte C Pienaar CEO and Founder, Everyday Humans

More innovative SPF that combines serious protection with skincare properties that are more accessible and affordable. (New brands [are] emerging outside of the legacy category). Growing demand for environmentally friendly and eco-conscious brands on top of clean beauty. Accessibility within clean beauty for younger shoppers at drug store channels.  

Chloe Kwak Co-Founder and Co-CEO, 107 Beauty

In 2021, I believe less will be more due to COVID. I think consumers have gained a new perspective on wellness and sustainability in all aspects of their lives. For example, I have been trying to focus more and more on the things that matter and to cut out the unnecessary clutter in my life, whether that’s another shade of lipstick or an extra can of soda. I find that I’m less stressed with less stuff and less waste. I think this perspective will carry over into beauty and skincare, from “natural” makeup to minimized skincare routines. 

ANDREW SOTOMAYOR Makeup Artist and Founder, Oracle Jayne Station

I think 2021 will be about appreciating home life more. We've been so confined for so much of 2020, and I think as the year starts anew, we'll have accepted some things and learned to appreciate others. Products that make home life enjoyable will be a major influence in all industries. 

When I created Oracle Jayne Station, I wanted to incorporate ingredients that surprise you the way a trip somewhere new surprises you. Rabbitbrush, chaparral and myrrh are just a few of the unique ingredients I used to create my perfumes that are inspired by the great outdoors of Arizona. Just because we're traveling less doesn't mean we need to feel restricted.

With the economy and job market having a long and slow recovery ahead of us, practical luxury will also be big: Luxury goods that you'll really use and won't sit in the back of your closet. Maybe some people don't feel right spending money on a new handbag or shoes they won't be wearing to parties, but an upgraded chair for working at-home, reading or watching movies is a great investment. 

In my case, I created super premium hand and body bar soaps that are beautiful to look at, feel great on your skin, and are made with super premium organic ingredients. My exfoliating scrubs are made without oil, so they aren't slippery in the shower, and they're made with an unusual blend of sugars, salts and shrubs so that you can use them not just in the shower, but also on your hands in the kitchen after cooking, or any casual moment. It's about finally feeling right at home, even when you're stuck at home.

MILA MOURSI Founder, Mila Moursi

Beauty trends come and go, just like fashion! For 2021, I think there will be a huge interest in product customization, which dates back to 30 years ago. With product customization, people like to change up their routines and personalize their products. Also, due to the pandemic, do-it-yourself customized skincare will be even bigger in 2021 as people stay home, but want to take care of their skin. Of course, nothing can replace a treatment done in a professional spa with high-tech equipment and professional aestheticians.

Lynnsee van Gordon Founder, Anese

We’ve been seeing a lot of new CBD brands, beauty tools like gua aha for facial massages, zero-waste products and packaging. With recent events, we also see an increase in beauty services you would normally go out for to now be done at home again like nails, dying your hair and facials.

Dawn Bacchi Founder, Hair Goddess by Dawn Bacchi

I think people are more interested in purchasing from smaller indie brands than ever before. I think we’ll see indie brands’ sales continue to increase in 2021. People are smart and do a lot more research now and care more about what the brand offers beyond the price and product. People want to be heard and want to trust the company and its products. Indie brands are typically more transparent about what goes into the product and how it is made as well as where it is sourced. That process creates and builds trust. The brands usually are made in smaller batches with higher quality ingredients as well. 

I also see that the consumer wants to simplify their life. With my own brand, consumers don't want multiple different products. They want a product that has a multipurpose use that can address more than one issue, for instance, a hair oil that can be used for your skin or a candle that smells great and gives you energy while getting rid of mosquitoes. Bottom line is 2020 has created a mass amount of stress, but it has also given people the time to re-evaluate their values as well as economics, and this will result in an uprise of purchasing more effective and simple products, which is what indie brands have to offer.

Tiila Abbitt Founder, Aether Beauty

I definitely think blue beauty will be the next big clean beauty trend of 2021. That is the next iteration of clean, and it is even more stringent making sure ingredients use do not harm the environment (for example, silicone does not break down and ends up in our oceans and waterways) as well as fully recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging. 

With everything going on in the world, people have become more aware of their health, wellness and the environment, and I already see clients expecting brands to not be harming the environment with their product offerings. I'm excited to see more brands come to the table with more sustainable options with retailers like Beauty Heroes, The Detox Market and Credo leading the way.


I don’t believe in following trends when it comes to skincare. We formulate so far in advance because our process can take years. It’s really hard to predict trends. We can only hope that our products set the trends, which is something we have definitely done in the clean beauty retinol category, which was nonexistent before our first retinol product. 

Since 2020 was so stressful, I think 2021 will be focused on detoxing from all the mayhem before with a heavy focus on self-care and mental health translated across skin and wellness categories. I do think we will also continue to see more and more influencer- and celebrity-led brands across all personal care verticals pop up in 2021.


While clean, vegan and cruelty-free will continue to be important to the consumer, I think brands will shift to focus more on sustainability across packaging, formulas and production processes, and take a louder stance on doing their part for the environment. 

Given the uncertainty we face around the COVID pandemic and continued social distancing guidelines, at-home self-care as well as inner and outer skincare wellness will still be a huge focus as brands have had more time to adapt to the new normal.

Shaughnessy Otsuji Owner, Studio Sashiko

A focus on lower maintenance beauty routines, glowing skin and a move towards embracing one's natural features. This year has inspired many of us to think differently and embrace our natural features. Those who used to receive regular facial treatments, lash fills and brow shaping services are now choosing to go for a more natural look with fresh, glowing, makeup-free skin, natural lashes and fluffy, grown-out eyebrows. I'm sure this trend will continue into 2021 and beyond, and I couldn't be happier!  

As a cosmetic tattoo artist specializing in realistic, natural-looking features, I am always excited to create fluffy, textured, untamed brows for my clients, especially now that brows have become the main focus as a result of wearing masks. I foresee working on a lot more "perfectly imperfect" microbladed brow styles that blend seamlessly with existing brow hair. Natural-looking brows will always be on trend and are easily attainable with microblading.

2021 will be the year of self-care and a focus on skin will be more evident than ever. Skincare products and sunless tanners will be at the top of the priority list for most of us as we continue to wear our masks and work from home. Faux freckles have already been huge in 2020 and will continue their boom well into next year. Freckle tattoos are a great option for those who want to go makeup free and add some warmth and texture to their skin without the harmful sun exposure. A fluffy set of brows and a face full of freckles is our signature service combo.

CAROLYN LI MING GEH Founder, Li Organics

2020 has truly been a peculiar year as well as a time of reflection [on] reordering of priorities and what's truly important in life. Because of this, I think 2021, more than ever, is going to be a time where global consumer awareness around clean beauty and organic products are going to skyrocket. Areas like skin immunity and homeostasis and products that help to achieve this, fermented or probiotic skincare, and products that target inflammaging are some trends that I believe will see rapid growth in 2021. 

In addition to this, biodegradable and sustainable beauty is top of my mind as well, and we as a brand are constantly educating ourselves on how to be more sustainable, from the sourcing of our ingredients, the farmers and distillers that we choose to work with, both our primary and secondary packaging and, last but not least, in our personal and work lives, too.

Luis Merchan President of Consumer Goods, Flora Growth Corp.

Non-traditional ingredients will continue to be front and center. There are incredible benefits to ingredients such as CBD, CVG, mushrooms and many others. As more research is completed, brands will incorporate these into their products and solve many concerns for skincare users. Natural, sustainable solutions that are carbon-neutral and radically transparent will continue to experience explosive growth.

Yanghee Paik Co-Founder and CEO, Rael

As a brand already active in the space, I believe pimple patches will play a bigger role in skincare next year. Now, pimple patches are not just for teenagers, but for all women dealing with maskne problems as well as hormonal breakouts. We’re likely to see even more creative solutions and applications in the pimple patch formats as the category continues to gain traction.

Another trend that has already started but will strengthen next year is the rise of vegan, but scientifically proven ingredients and the importance of self-care. Given the limited access to professional skincare services, a lot of people have been seeking more effective ingredients in their everyday skincare regimen while being more conscious about their cleanness and how they were formulated. Moreover, as people spend more time at home, I expect to see more treatment options for the night time, which can help their skin tones to be more glowy and healthy looking. 

Lastly, I’d say holistic beauty will become something big in 2021. Beauty is not just about taking care of your face and skin, but it comes from your overall approach to your lifestyle and well-being. I expect to see more holistic solutions for beauty and wellness next year.

Sylwia Wiesenberg Founder, Bawdy

The category that I see growing fast is waterless, water-activated beauty. Clean beauty is no longer enough, conscious beauty is the next step to sustainability and responsibility. Water is a commodity, and we should keep it safe.

There will be an increase in playful intimate skincare products. Direct-to-consumer is going to boom in 2021 as smaller brands have less success with larger retailers meeting their numbers while foot traffic is limited. I see it as an enormous opportunity to use your strong voice, and be exactly the brand you intended to be and speak directly to those with the same values. Beauty and retail in general is about connection and emotions, and it is time to establish that with your core customer.

Consumers will continue to spa at home. Body care is definitely on everyone's radar. COVID-19 is not leaving us yet, and your at-home beauty routine may feel like your only way to unwind, so your routine deserves something special with high-quality skincare products featuring clean, nontoxic ingredients.

Christine Martey-Ochola Co-Founder, Nuele

Waterless hair options. This is a concept in which companies are using reduced to no water to reconstitute their formulations for shampoos and conditioners, with the idea of reducing toxic preservatives, but also reducing package size so that they can be more environmentally conscious from a waste production perspective.

Biodegradable packaging will be on the rise, [and there will be] increased use of biodegradable packaging from mushroom, wood, paper, etc. Fruit-and plant-based hair dyes will emerge. Fruit- and plant-based hair dyes are catching on pretty fast in Europe, but haven't grown significantly in the U.S. market.

Kayla Juan Founder and Creative Director, J Beverly Hills

I predict, in 2021, we're going to see thoughtful, curated beauty regimens and simplified hair routines that focus on high-quality products. People are being more intentional with their products and clearing out the clutter. Self-care is going to be very important as we are spending more time at home than in the past and we want to pamper ourselves with things like at-home spa days and hair treatments. 

As creative director at J Beverly Hills, maintaining a professional appearance for virtual meetings is important to me. Despite limited in-person meetings and contact, I still want to look good and feel good as well as make a good first impression when showing up for virtual meetings.

Heather Wilson Director of Brand Development, InstaNatural

2020 redirected a lot of focus to facial skincare routines as consumers were spending less time applying makeup and more time battling mask-related skin conditions. With that, I see a lot of that attention shifting to body care routines. Not only are consumers looking for ways to relax and manage stress, they are also looking to improve the appearance of the skin on their body. This category has typically been dominated with body scrubs and moisturizers, but I anticipate seeing more robust formulas enter the market.

Ben Johnson Founder and CEO, Osmosis Beauty

2021 trends will focus again on inner beauty. Understanding that mask use will continue through the year, there will be less emphasis on makeup and more emphasis on maskne and strengthening the immune system. The focus needs to be on removing the 1 million estimated toxins our body endures everyday and building viral fighting capacity as much as we can.

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