When #BeautyUnites, Beauty Overcomes.

Welcome to the #BeautyUnites Resource Center, presented by Indie Beauty Media Group. Here, in addition to IBMG business resources, Beauty Independent’s editorial staff has pulled together free resources from around the web to help you better manage and hopefully overcome the challenges we all face in these unprecedented times. To learn more, you’re welcome to read the letter from our publisher.

Please, email us at beautyunites@beautyindependent.com if you have suggestions, ideas or recommendations on how we can improve the Resource Center. If you’d like to receive regular updates on breaking news or as more resources are added, sign up below.

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Move Forward

Everything you need to keep working in your career.

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Be Informed

Stay up to date as the COVID-19 crisis develops, and the beauty industry responds.

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Stay Positive

Now, more than ever, take care of your body and mind.

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