PMS Gummy Vitamin Brand FLO Vitamins Evolves Into Broader Company O Positiv

After rapidly achieving seven-figure sales, PMS relief gummy brand FLO Vitamins is preparing for its next stage of growth addressing a wide variety of women’s health concerns—and beyond.

It’s rebranded to O Positiv, which has the offerings FLO gummy, digestive aid GOGO, immunity booster GTFO and a new sugar-free FLO capsule, its first capsule formula, and will contain forthcoming products. The forthcoming products will take O Positiv into categories beyond period care and wellness, including beauty and skin health.

O Positiv’s current products are priced from $25 to $30 for one-month supplies. Subscribers receive 20% discounts. The new online destination will feature targeted women’s health content and a digital storefront created by award-winning graphic designer and artist Paula Scher. O Positiv intends to continue to grow as a direct-to-consumer only company for the foreseeable future.

Sister-and-brother duo Brianna and Bobby Bitton launched FLO Vitamins in December 2018 after Brianna battled painful periods. Its original gummy vitamins, which are formulated with ingredients such as dong quai, chaste berry and lemon balm to help alleviate common PMS symptoms like bloating, hormonal acne, cramps and mood swings, has amassed nearly 3,500 reviews online with an average rating of 4.3 stars.

As the Los Angeles-based company took off, the siblings had ambitions to tackle a myriad of issues women face. “We realized pretty soon that we wanted to create a parent company so that we can have an umbrella where all of these products live under,” says Brianna. “Now we solidified the brand, and it will house, FLO, GTFO, GOGO, our new gummy product that’s coming this year and the FLO pill that we just launched. All of those items will be on the same website.” 

O Positiv and siblings co-founders Bobby and Brianna Bitton

She says organic partnerships with celebrities and influencers have been effective at driving awareness. Huda Beauty founder Huda Kattan posted organically about FLO. Other celebrity fans of the products are models Molly Sims and Charlotte Mckinney.

The company raised a $1.2 million round in February 2020 and experienced 10X year-over-year revenue growth from 2019 to 2020. Brianna says O Positiv is in a “good place economically” and has no plans to raise more funding.

O Positiv’s target consumers are women 25 to 35 year old. It’s second-largest demographic group is women 18 to 25 years old. Brianna mentions FLO has also drawn women in their 40s dealing with extreme PMS and women in their early 50s in  perimenopause.  

“We plan to cover a wide range of issues that females encounter at all stages of their life cycle,” she says. “Me and a lot of our team, we’re all like, ‘OK, what are we dealing with?’ We want amazing skin, we want to reduce our cramps and period pain, we’re talking with our moms about what they’re going through with menopause. So, we’re looking at the issues that we ignore daily, trying to create products to address all of this.”