Retail Buyers Reveal Their Favorite Finds From IBE LA 2020

Indie Beauty Media Group’s 2020 expo season kicked off last Wednesday and Thursday with the trade show IBE LA taking over the Magic Box at The Reef in downtown Los Angeles. Nearly 190 beauty, wellness and lifestyle brands covered the 100,000-square-feet event space with skincare, body care, beauty tools, and, of course, CBD everything on display. Most brands exhibit at trade shows to meet beauty buyers, and IBE LA 2020 didn’t disappoint with its retail buyer pull. Over 500 buyers poured into IBE LA from around the world looking to stack the assortments of e-tail, television and traditional store concepts such as Dermstore, The Four Seasons, Erewhon, Walmart, Ulta Beauty and QVC with the latest indie beauty offerings. Beauty Independent caught up with buyers from bi-coastal specialty store Knockout Beauty, West Coast beauty chain Planet Beauty, resort spa Sunrise Springs, and prestige beauty retailer Cos Bar to be clued into their favorite IBE LA product finds.

Knockout Beauty
Knockout Beauty founder Cayli Cavaco Reck talks hair with Yoel Vaisberg, founder and CEO of haircare brand Haielle, at the indie beauty trade show IBE LA.

Cayli Cavaco Reck of Knockout Beauty

1. Haielle Complete Recovery Complex

“This line is free of the ingredients that are generally in hair growth products that allow them to be effective. It promotes hair growth and increases the lifespan of the hair follicle. The packaging is unisex and chic.”

2. Yubi Beauty Buff Brush

“Legit the softest make up brush I have ever felt and produces a seamless blend. The skin appears flawless with this applicator. The unique design makes it very easy to use. I love the the plain white, light pink and black tools, but there is one for everyone.”

3. Luna Nectar Moon Boost Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum

“The two-week before and afters are very impressive. I can’t wait to test it myself.”

4. Cilque Headband

“Keeps your hair off your face for washing and sleeping, but maintains your blow out! Brilliant.”

5. Le Wand Point

“Looks like a facial lifting tool, but is actually for intimate use. Many thanks to Goop’s new show Goop Lab, pleasure seems to be the ultimate tool in slowing down the aging process.”

Mel Sweet of Planet Beauty shares a laugh with Popmask managing director Louisa Booth at IBE LA.

Mel Sweet of Planet Beauty

1. Popmask Starry Eyes

“I have used this before and was really impressed with the innovative thinking behind it and how it was created. Think heat packs plus eye mask. Once you put the eye mask on, it immediately heats up. The packaging is so eye-catching with the silver stars and is just screaming, ‘Use me tonight!’ After the first use, I’m totally sold on this. Within five to 10 seconds, I am already relaxing. I really think this is not only a relaxation item, but that customers will actually get more sleep from using it. That was the case for me Now, she’s created this Jet Setter as well, and it’s scented.  I mean it’s the whole package for a quick turnaround after an exhausting day.”

2. Foreo Luna Mini 2

“I’m really into innovation that makes something fast and easy to use. I love that it not only helps open pores to clean out debris, but also has a setting to help push serums and moisturizers deeper into the skin so they work that much better. And they made the settings and instructions simple enough for anyone to use without worrying if you are using it right. The minis are now battery-operated, so they are eliminating wastefulness and offer a price point for various demographics. Keep it next to your moisturizers, serums or eye cream, so you never ever ever forget to use it.  It should be a household staple for anyone who is trying to keep their skin youthful.”

3. Yon-Ka Paris Elixir Vital

“Yon-Ka has been a leader in French skincare and really stayed true to the clean movement and their values. They had a nice assortment at the show, and their team was really friendly. I’m a sucker for serums, and they showed me the Elixir Vital serum. It has a soft feel. I even patted it on top of my makeup to give me some shine and refreshment. (I’m dry!)Two things that stand out: simple light fragrances and a product line that produces a desired end result. I like that they can offer retail support in the form of education, events or store selling. This is really important for any brand wanting to get their foot in the door with potential retailers.”

4. Cinema Secrets Makeup Sanitizing Spray

“Makeup remover is not a new thing, and we all know this brand has amazing makeup remover. Now, they have a Sanitizing Spray for your actual makeup. Want to share makeup again? Share away. This is huge for the makeup industry. We are always trying to keep our makeup counters clean and user-friendly. We want a stay and play environment, but need to keep things clean and sanitary for customers, too. This is a super helpful product.”

5. Vike Beauty Makeup Melt

“I must be all about the sprays! This one was fun and original. I like that these two influencers got together and are getting their feet wet in the beauty industry, that they are at the show and presenting their product to us. I like how gentle it is on the skin and how it helps get those falsies off without irritating the eyes. Great product all-around! I actually dropped this one off at our Studio City location for the team to test, and I got this message from Tammie, the assistant manager, the very next day: ‘Hi Mel, FYI!!! This makeup melt is incredible. It melted everything off my face with a couple of sprays. It’s oil free so it works with lash extensions.'”

Jen Scott, co-owner of Sunrise Springs Spa Resort and Ojo Caliente Spa Resort, checks out Ora Organics’ offerings at IBE LA.

Jen Scott Of Sunrise Springs Spa Resort and Ojo Caliente Spa Resort

1. Haielle Complete Recovery Complex

“Haielle founder Yoel Vaisberg’s dynamic Venezuelan personality drew me in immediately. He’s overflowing with passion and knowledge that’s contagious.  Even though we don’t have a hair component at our resorts, I’m considering adding this brand to our lineup.”

2. Velettà Cleansing Oil

“Out of New Zealand, this natural, vegan brand is beautiful to display, wear and smell. Founder Sarah Bacon’s fun, fresh style drew me in like a ray of sunshine. The six-product line is well-curated and beautifully packaged.”

3. Ora Organic Golden Milk Powder

“One of my missions at this show was to search for brands to expand the range of our retail offerings with new categories. Ora, a plant-based supplement company, seemed to fit the bill. Pairing beauty from within with our current spa offerings is a match made in wellness heaven.”

4. Make & Mary Calm Cannabis Essential Oil Inhaler

“I’m looking for a few new fun finds for our spa retail area. Make & Mary was just what I was searching for. It has well-designed, unique CBD products with a healthy flare. The Calm inhaler was a favorite as was the Let Your Soul Shine palo santo and holy basil candle. The owner Yvonne Perez Emerson’s passion was evident and, hopefully, she’ll pop into our spa New Mexico on her motorcycle someday.”

Mary Guillen is buying manager at Cos Bar, which was born in Aspen in 1976 and now has almost 20 luxury beauty stores around the country.

Mary Guillen of Cos Bar

1. Solara Suncare Time Traveler Ageless Daily Face Sunscreen

“SPF is such an important part of anyone’s skincare regimen, and I love that Solara is moving the suncare space forward by offering clean, mineral-only SPF products. The Time Traveler Ageless Daily Face Sunscreen stood out to me from their line because it doesn’t feel greasy and has beneficial, anti-aging properties in the formula.”

2. Foria Basics Suppositories

“Feminine wellness is rising to center stage in the beauty industry right now. Foria is doing it right by incorporating CBD and delivering a positive message for women. Their menstrual pain-relieving product was very intriguing and a new take on treating menstrual discomfort.”

3. Soma Ayurvedic Under Eye Gel

“Soma Ayurvedic is introducing a different perspective on skincare through Ayurveda and caring for your skin holistically. Not only are the ingredients unique, but the clear, minimal packaging caught my eye as well. The Under Eye Gel feels instantly cool, and I love how it can be used on other areas of your skin that have dark spots or scars.”