Beauty Buyers Pick Their Favorite Products From IBE Dallas 2019

Beauty buyers representing more than 100 retailers—from luxury department store company Neiman Marcus to natural grocer Whole Foods Market and trendy online destination Revolve to clean beauty specialist Credo—descended upon event space Sixty Five Hundred for the third annual Indie Beauty Expo Dallas to scope out the newest beauty, wellness and personal care offerings from 71 exhibitors. Beauty Independent tasked a handful of discerning ones from Anderson Plastic Surgery & Medspa, Field BotanicalsInside Outer Beauty Market and Aura Spa + Beauty Studio to share the products at IBE Dallas that made stellar first impressions.

Katherine Anderson of Anderson Plastic Surgery & Medspa

Katherine Anderson with Kusshi co-founder and CEO Jessica Andreola Parker

1. Tru Hair Root Powder

“Hair loss, especially in women, can be embarrassing and damage your self-esteem. It’s wonderful to find a product that can be used in conjunction with treatments to help people feel better about their hair. A friend of mine now wants to wear her hair down for her wedding after discovering how great her hair looks after using the root powder.”

2. Erbaviva Spray Deodorant

“Natural deodorant seems to be everywhere, but it’s rare that it works as well as the Erbaviva spray. It even holds up to the Texas heat, and it smells divine. It’s rare to find quality organic products designed just for new mothers and baby’s that actually smell like luxury cosmetics. Their products smell wonderful, and they are safe and effective for sensitive skin.”

3. Nomad Tokyo Eyeshadow Palette

“All of the palettes in the Nomad line are highly-pigmented in gorgeous colors, and in beautifully designed packaging. I’m very excited about the Tokyo palette, which features five pastel colors in a matte, satin and holographic glitter finish.”

4. The Good Patch by La Mend Sleep Well, Period and Hangover Patches

“Besides the pretty packaging and easy counter display, I love that my clients can get cost effective health solutions without having to swallow another supplement. In particular, the Sleep Well, Period and Hangover patches will fly off our shelves.”

5. Dame Eva II Vibrator

“All of the Dame products are sleek and very well-designed. The Eva II caught my attention in particular because you can use it with a partner. It’s wonderful to see products at events like IBE that will help destigmatize discussions around sexual pleasure.”

6. Realher Be Your Own Kind Of Beauty Eyeshadow Palette and Eye Am Beautiful Mascara

“The message behind the Realher products is incredibly uplifting, and the colors and formulas will make you just as happy. I was particularly intrigued by the eyeshadow palettes and the incredible mascara formula.”

7. Kusshi Leather Makeup Bags

“I travel for work quite a bit and being able to fully open my makeup bag on the counter saves me a lot of time. All of the bags are incredibly well made, and I love that I can just drop them in the wash when something inevitably explodes. Though I love the bright blue, the leather is so luxurious that my makeup routine somehow seems elevated now.”

Brittany Los of Field Botanicals

Brittany Los Rosebud Dallas IBS buyer
Brittany Los from Field Botanicals learning about Rosebud’s range of feminine care products.

1. Ikoo Dry Shampoo Foam

“I had never used a foam dry shampoo, and I was excited to give this one a try. I haven’t had the best experience with powder ones with my super dark hair. What I like about Ikoo’s dry shampoo is that it leaves my hair with volume and feeling soft versus tacky and dulling my hair color. It’s easy to apply and the cute packaging makes it a no-brainer for our store.”

2. The Good Patch by La Mend Hangover and Period Patches

“Everyone is curious about CBD right now, and this brand makes for a nice introduction to the newbie looking to dip their toes in. These patches address a variety of issues, and we’re looking at their Hangover and Period ones in particular. This could make for a fun gift, and the price points can’t be beat.”

3. Rosebud Arouse Serum

“We now have an entire space in our store dedicated to celebrating vaginas. Rosebud’s Arouse Serum is designed to amp up the female experience. Not only will our clients feel stimulated down there from this vegan lubricant, but Rosebud donates a portion of every sale toward female empowerment nonprofits. Now, that’s something that’ll make you feel good.”

4. Otto Skin Goods The Fresh Start Face Oil

“If you’re busy and, honestly, who isn’t, [Otto Skin Goods’] three-step-system takes the guess work out of your daily routine. Vitamin C has been a favorite of our clients, and Otto’s Fresh Start serum will fit right in. I spoke with Otto founder, Sarah Otto, in depth and fell in love with her and her radiant and balanced skin.”

5. Enmarie Sisal Dry Brush

“It’s obvious the amount of care and thought that went into creating these brushes. Not only are they handcrafted and beautiful, but the Sisal Dry Brush is made of agave cactus fiber and aligns with our vegan philosophy.”

Dixie Lincoln-Nichols of Inside Outer Beauty Market

IBE Dallas 2019 buyer picks
Dixie Lincoln-Nichols, founder of Inside Outer Beauty Market, speaking on BeautyX Retail Summit in Dallas.

1. Moon Bath New Moon Botanical Bath Teas

“These are beautifully packaged, which sets the mood for any restorative ritual. I love that they are aligned with the phases of the moon, and infuse fragrances and herbs meant to connect you to the lunar cycle to help tap into the abundant energy that’s available. We also love that they are a 1% For The Planet member.”

2. The Good Patch by La Mend Nite Nite Patch

“These patches are certainly ingenious. From period to hangover to calming to sleeping,to vitamins and pain, the patches are designed to seamlessly deliver hemp and plant-based nutrients to cells to amplify health and wellness from the outside in. Without adequate rest, the body’s cells and organs will not function optimally, and that can affect our overall health. The valerian, melatonin and hops in the Nite Nite patch are ideal for those nights when a good night’s rest is required, but hard to come by. I also love the B12 vitamin patch because it’s important for the liver detoxification phase one process.”

3. NHCO Botanical Bodycare Botanical Powders

“NHCO has an amazing selection of handcrafted products, which look and smell delightful. The founder’s struggle with PCOS and infertility were the impetus for creating this line, so the ingredients are all natural and support women’s hormonal health.”

4. Lashes In A Box No 21 Lashes

“Prior to last year, I wore faux lashes twice, but I’ve been experimenting and having fun with them lately. So, it was exciting to discover Lashes In A Box. Their lashes are vegan and cruelty-free. The strip that holds the lashes is made of cotton, and the glue is latex-free and made to support sensitive eyes.”

5. Minimo Lumen Serum Dark Spot Corrector

“I fell for this serum because it’s packed with vitamins and extracts that specifically address hyperpigmentation and scarring from acne, which are huge pain points for women.”

Katerina Lane, Kelsey Rowray and Kathya Salazar of Aura Spa + Beauty Studio  

Kelsey Rowray, Kathya Salazar and Katerina Lane from Aura Spa + Beauty Studio talking with Joanna Montesano, founder and CEO of Saint.

1. Field Botanicals Smell My Feet

Kathya: “The concept behind Field’s concept is intriguing, and it makes sense that, just like our hair, it is not good to shower daily and strip our skin of its natural oils. Also, everyone knows someone who has terrible foot smell or smelly shoes, and their smelly feet spray is a product that actually works. It would be easy to use and take with you in your gym bag.”

Kelsey: “I liked Field’s presentation and how informational it was. I learned a lot, but also liked how her products smelled.”

2. Saint Flawless Radiance Skincare Foundation, 24K Glow Highlighter And Amplified Lip Lacquer

Kathya: “We loved Saint’s products automatically after swatching [and] testing them on our skin. Their coverage can compete with big name makeup brands, and the pigment in their highlighters and blushes is very impressive for being a natural makeup line.”

Katerina: “Saint had beautiful foundations and lip glosses that can double as a cheek tint. Saint has great powders that come in many blush colors and foundations. The foundation powders give a high coverage without looking cakey and letting your skin breathe.”

3. Erbaviva Stretch Mark Oil

Kathya: “I loved Erbaviva’s mom and baby lines, and feel that it is important for brands to be formulating products for children. Their skin is so sensitive, and mothers also need to be cautious of what they use and consume during pregnancy. The Stretch Mark Oil is awesome because it’s not only for moms. Anyone can use it. It works. It lasts. And the oil doesn’t leave you feeling greasy.”

Kelsey: “I like that it caters to moms in a natural way to help with their changing bodies.”

4. Yenisi Hair Balm

Kathya: “We loved the hair balm because it was a multifunctional all-in-one product. If your hair is dry, oily or needs repair, this product would be great for you, especially men who don’t want to have a complicated beauty routine. Plus, it smells amazing.”

Kelsey: “I liked the hair balm, especially having dry hair. I like how you can use it as a mask or heated up or just as an everyday frizz tamer.”

Katerina: “I loved the Yenisi brand because the hair oil is versatile. You can use it as an oil, hair masque, hot oil treatment or beard oil. The products smelled amazing and were very hydrating.”